Why You Should Add Vending to Your Family Entertainment Center

Why You Should Add Vending to Your Family Entertainment Center 988 675 GAD Vending


Adding arcade games to a bowling alley or skating rink has been profitable must for several years. But flying under the radar is vending, especially in our current economic and social environment. Family Entertainment Centers of any type can increase profits and improve customer experience without a massive investment through unattended drink and snack vending machines.

Vending machines provide convenient snacks and beverages that customers can easily purchase; there’s no need to staff an entire kitchen or even keep your snack bar open the entire time the your business is open. Vending machines can replace staff time during slow times and provide quick drinks or snacks during busy times.

Here are some ways vending machines can serve you, your customers, and even employees.

Improve Customer Satisfaction During Labor Shortages

Labor shortages mean longer wait times for often irate customers and keep them from playing more games. While this doesn’t solve labor problems, vending machines can give customers snack and drink options without adding staff. In addition, as you and your team attend to other, immediate customer needs, a vending machine quietly offers customer support 24/7.

Extra Revenue Without Overhead

According to industry reports, the average vending machine earns $75 weekly. However, well-stocked machines in high-traffic areas can make over $500 monthly. So, no matter where your vending machine falls on that range, that’s extra profits.

You can devote that money to employee appreciation, office supplies, prizes, or anything else to improve your day-to-day operations. Vending machines are sources of extra income that don’t require training or time off and are always on time.

Inventory Control

Vending machines can come with automated apps to help you with stocking, money acceptance issues and sales reports. This helps you keep your machine stocked. You know what products are selling so you can keep ahead of demand. Buy products in bulk, save money, and easily track expenses with quick runs to Costco, BJ’s, or even Amazon deliveries.

Diverse Options

Modern vending machines can be configured to deliver many different options. Whether you are looking to split a machine up with candy, drinks and food options. Or be a healthy alternative vending machines.

Why not sell branded socks at your skating rink? How about driving gloves at your go kart rink?

Provide delicious hot drinks in the winter or in a cold skating rink. Invest in a coffee vending machine with hot chocolate, fresh ground coffee, and espresso drinks options.

Don’t forget the parents that are hanging around for their kids. Make sure the quick items they’re tempted to run out for are fully stocked. Like charging cables, headphones and pain relief. Stock up with convenience store items like feminine products and office products.

Your imagination is the limit to what you can sell in a vending machine. All unattended.

Consider Investing in Two Vending Machines to Start

Most vending machine buyers start by getting one for beverages and one for snacks. While many machines offer enough space for both, specialty vending machines can be paired together for maximum dispensing and earning potential.

Soft Drink Vending Machines

Drink machines have evolved over the years to offer all sorts of beverages. New technologies also provide suggestive selling, digital advertising, and touchless purchasing. Offer water, energy drinks, coffee beverages, soda, and more.

Snack Vending Machines

Snacks are great for grab-and-go locations, whether sugary treats, chips, or healthy options; snack machines are a moneymaker that allows you and your staff to focus on other parts of the customer experience.

With all the types of payment options out there, keep in mind that machines can accept: Cash, Credit Cards, NFC capable of tap and go, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. In addition, some vending units allow custom skins for either branding or additional signage. For example, do you want to clarify that the beverage machine carries water? Why not let us customize it with a Water sign across the top? Want to extend your brand presence throughout a facility? We can put your logo on the units with any messaging you need.

Trust GAD for Your Vending Machine Needs

If a vending machine sounds perfect for your business, GAD offers a wide range of vending machines, vending machine parts, and technical services. As a family-owned business with sales offices nationwide, we’re here to meet all your vending needs.

Our staff comes to the table with over 100 years of industry experience and will work with you to ensure you have the right product for your location and optimized for profits.

Reimagine Vending Coffee

Reimagine Vending Coffee 988 675 GAD Vending

Reimage Changing Your Brand Loyalty in 6 Square Feet

It’s hard to compete with Big Coffee when they have a shop on every street corner and a box on every grocery store shelf, but it doesn’t have to
be. Instead, colonize the corner of every car dealership, bakery, gym, and
daycare drop off with custom, bean grinding coffee machines. Your brew is there to earn new loyalists whenever, wherever they feel the urge for caffeine. Our COTI customizable self-service coffee machine lets you design your
experience. When your customers want a cup of coffee, you’ll be the first
brand they see.

Gone are the days of instant coffee. If you think self-service can’t offer a premium selection, luxury experience and high-end taste, think again. We
build and fill per your requirements. Want to offer specialty drinks? Want to have a coffee plus other hot beverages? Want the fresh ground bean experience? Just tell us what you want.

If you’re ready to promote your brand, open new revenue streams, and keep your propriety blends top of mind and palate for everyone, talk to us.

How Vending Can Solve Fourth Wall Revenue

How Vending Can Solve Fourth Wall Revenue 2048 1011 GAD Vending

Most retailers have dead space that isn’t earning as much revenue as it should. Smart, large box retailers look at every inch to make sure they maximize not only customer experience but also profitability. And so should you.

Vending is an excellent way to achieve this.

First, vending machines aren’t cheap but they are unattended, use very little floor space and can be changed out to various uses as demand dictates. For example, who would have thought 6 years ago we’d be outfitting PPE solution vending machines? But the pandemic changed that.

Vending machines payment solutions have changed with the times as well. While cash is accepted, there are touchless solutions available as well. There are apps as well so returning customers can program their favorites in for quick ordering. The apps also help the vending owner with inventory control, out of service issues and so much more!

Plus vending machines can be so easily branded to your business. Give your customer added flexibility to choose what they want, when they want it.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking how a specialty vending machine can satisfy your customer and increase your cash flow:

  • Give the bartender a helping hand! Bars are using vending machines to vend individual drink options like champagne, canned drinks and beer. (Visit your state’s liquor license requirements first.) These drink vending machines are also popular at festivals, entertainment zones, concerts and other venues with a closed area, high traffic and a party waiting to happen!
  • Put a vending machine near a swimming pool. Load it with sunscreen, inflatables and water wings.
  • In a school, vending machines can have office supplies, binders and all types of classroom necessities.
  • Showroom samples are easily branded in a vending machine.
  • Employee vending machines can have a mini store stocked with over the counter medications, simple safety items, and more.
  • Put in a Crane coffee vending machine with a whole bean grinder to replace a coffee station or expensive k-cup machine.
  • A beauty vending machine has many possibilities to maximize floor space. Try in a mall, airport or hotel – wherever they is high foot traffic.
  • Add a utility payment kiosk.
  • A coin changer machines are a popular machine. It helps your customer redeem their coins and gives you a source of change for your establishment.
  • Create an electronics vending machine with headphones, chargers and other electronics to create a shoplifting secure, unattended solution.

For more ideas, take a look at Crane’s LookBook here. Contact GAD for more ideas, brainstorming and information.

GAD Knows Vending

In Celebration of International Coffee Day – Give Crane Vending a Taste

In Celebration of International Coffee Day – Give Crane Vending a Taste 1800 1200 GAD Vending

Yes, we acknowledge there was a time when the jokes about vending machine coffee were very true. The original coffee vending machines were pretty bad.

But Crane has spent years perfecting their new equipment to give the best baristas a challenge on taste. In are Crane coffee vending machines with bean grinders integrated in the machines for truly fresh ground coffee. Then there is an amazing selection of quality options to create the perfect cup. Choose from a variety of flavors, frothing and sweetening options. Create your perfect cup – and the machine will remember your order for the next time.

These machines are replacing many restaurant, coffee shop and bar baristas as the quality is the same cup after cup.

If you are looking at the coffee station in your breakroom as a constant disaster, replacing the mess with a simple Crane coffee machine could be a simple solution. Or if you cater to a particularly picky coffee crowd, these units can save you time, employees and money to service your crowds.

Start with a free cup of coffee from any of our GAD sales staff. Then order your new coffee station for immediate use from our stock in Omaha, Des Moines and Kansas City.




The FUTURE of Self Service Coffee

The FUTURE of Self Service Coffee 654 691 GAD Vending

Consumer Choice After COVID

The world will not look the same after COVID. In a few short months, we’d gone from carefree to cautious, with the pandemic reshaping the way we live, learn and work. From how we shop for groceries to the way we go about getting our daily cup of coffee, we’ve all got accustomed to a different way of life—especially when it comes to retail.

While people will eventually return to a new normal with family, friends and coworkers, the new habits we’ve developed as consumers may never completely go away. This means that even after the pandemic, self-service technologies have the opportunity to flourish by offering less employee contact and more convenience for increasingly conscious customers. 

So how can self-service meet the needs of a post-COVID world? And what can office coffee service operators specifically learn from self-service retail trends as they continue to adapt their businesses?

The Value of Self-Service

Simply put, people are willing to pay a premium to avoid contact—and will continue to do so, even after the pandemic. According to McKinsey, “Post-crisis spending on in-restaurant dining is expected to be lower than pre-crisis levels, largely because consumers will still be wary of being in densely populated public spaces.” And “after the pandemic, consumers will likely spend more on food delivery, prepared foods and groceries than they did before the pandemic.”

Self-service retail models give people a way to access the goods and services they want, without contact—a choice that has become increasingly popular as of late. This is especially true in the food service industry, where restaurants and food retailers have turned to self-service to help customers minimize contact with cashiers, servers and each other.

For example, the following solutions have been widely adopted:

  • No-touch menus that can be accessed via QR codes rather than handed out on paper
  • Contactless payments like EMV cards and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • All-in-one mobile apps that allow customers to order, pay and pick up orders at curbside
  • Electronic tablets that enable customers to order and pay from their table

In addition to increasing safety, these types of self-service technologies can decrease labor costs, and ultimately, increase customer satisfaction.

And it’s likely that even long after COVID is behind us, the demand for self-service will remain—or become even stronger. As consumers become more reliant on the convenience and safety it provides, they are likely to seek out more self-service options in the future.

The Demand for Digital Experiences

Even before the pandemic, the ease and convenience of digital offerings were shifting consumer expectations. But after months of isolation and contact reduction, consumers have become even more accustomed to the perks of the digital experience online: customization, rapid payment and delivery, saved preferences, and, of course, minimal or no contact. Those expectations are driving consumers to seek out digital-driven experiences that provide those same benefits in the physical space.

To meet this demand, operators and retailers will continue to look for ways to provide safer, more convenient experiences—and self-service digital kiosks offer exactly that. Just as online platforms like Amazon and Netflix save user preferences and offer immediate gratification, a self-serve digital kiosk gives consumers a faster, easier way to access the products and services they want. That ease of use and almost infinite flexibility—with the added bonus of a nearly contactless experience—is what consumers are looking for in an increasingly digital world.

With that in mind, we expect to see retailers adapting their experiences across the board in order to serve their customers digitally—whether they’re installing touchscreens for ordering, implementing mobile apps or adding new digital payment options like mobile wallets. Customers will continue to expect a seamless digital experience with minimal contact, and with technologies evolving rapidly, operators have more ways than ever to meet those expectations.

The Benefits for Office Coffee Service Operators

The benefits of self-service retail for consumers are clear, but the trends driving this digital shift also bring considerable benefits for operators of all types. In the Office Coffee Service space, adapting operations to include more self-service options can allow operators to not only increase the hygiene of their operations, but to improve the customer experience as well. By providing modern, digital-first experiences that give people more options for their coffee and less contact during the experience, operators can increase both customer retention and loyalty.

Office Coffee Service is a microcosm of the larger digital trends we expect to see in the future: fast, seamless, intuitive digital experiences that give customers the choice of less contact, more customization, and more ways to pay. Modern free-standing self-service coffee machines with touchscreen interfaces give customers an easy way to browse beverages, customize their drink and even save their preferences. Optimizing the experience for your consumers is about more than increasing sales. It’s about meeting the needs of loyal users who expect a perfect, consistent experience in a digital-first world.

Takeaways for Operators

  1. As consumers demand faster, easier, more customized experiences with less contact, it’s never been more clear: the future of in-person retail is digital self-service. In a world where consumers have more online options than ever, it’s vital to provide an in-person option that offers the same benefits and level of service.
  2. Shifting spending patterns during the pandemic have shown that consumers will pay a premium for rapid, convenient, contactless services, and it’s likely they’ll continue to do so in the future. Now is the time to invest in providing that same experience to them in person, with modern machines and digital experiences that offer even more options while reducing touchpoints. Technologies like self-service kiosks can minimize contact with cashiers and other customers, as well as contact with shared surfaces or equipment.
  3. Self-service digital coffee machines do more than just offer a convenient and contactless experience. They also offer consumers more options for customization, allowing them to easily explore new drinks and modifications without any extra labor on the part of the operator. An expanded menu with an increased level of customization can lead to more revenue for operators—without lifting a finger.

With the increased demand for self-serve digital experiences, there has never been a greater opportunity for Office Coffee Service operators. During a time when consumers expect convenience, efficiency and fewer interactions with others, self-service kiosks are one of the easiest ways to perk up business. By giving 21st century users the experiences they’ve come to expect, you’ll increase both loyalty and sales—and that’s a sure bet for brewing success.

GAD Knows Experiential Vending Solutions

Barrista Style Coffee from a Crane Vending Machine? Take a taste test

Barrista Style Coffee from a Crane Vending Machine? Take a taste test 654 691 GAD Vending

Seriously great coffee! And many places are turning to Crane to provide fresh ground coffee drinks to their customers (and you don’t know it!)

If you have a highly particular clientele or just looking to add an update to your breakroom, Crane has coffee vending machines designed for you.

GAD stocks Crane vending machines for immediate delivery in the areas around Omaha, Des Moines and Kansas City. Tell us what you are looking for and we’ll get you the right coffee solution. We’ll even give you a taste test from a Crane vending machine…

Automate Your Coffee Delivery for International Coffee Day

Automate Your Coffee Delivery for International Coffee Day 855 687 GAD Vending

Consistently delicious coffee doesn’t happen by accident. It takes experience to farm quality beans that bring the origin, the land and unique flavor profile to the cup.

Quality is not just one particular thing, but a whole chain of events that takes place to get coffee from the farm into your cup.

Crane Vending has more than 90 years’ experience designing premium coffee machines that deliver the taste profile you would expect from the best coffee shops around the world.

We have the best-in-class brewers and grinders to ensure superb drink quality and a patented mixing system that whips the drink to create Crane’s signature coffee. These are the reasons customers around the globe choose our premium coffee machines.

Back at the Office to a COMMON Coffee Pot? Gross. Try a Crane Coffee Vending Machine. Really? You’ll Love it!

Back at the Office to a COMMON Coffee Pot? Gross. Try a Crane Coffee Vending Machine. Really? You’ll Love it! 389 651 GAD Vending

Common coffee stations – with all the pots, creamers and sugars – is a single germy touch point of employees all day. And, let’s admit it, you didn’t miss the gross coffee station during COVID.

There is a simple solution. Get your breakroom a Crane coffee vending machine. If you don’t believe us – ask your GAD Vending rep to bring you a cup of coffee.



Build a modern, hygienic coffee experience with the COTI free-standing coffee vending machine. With a large touchscreen and custom user interface, operators can engage users with a broad menu of fresh brew coffee beverages, while maintaining commonality with legacy vending machines for ease of servicing and cleaning.

  • 21” Full capacity touchscreen, with ADA compliance mode, to actively engage users
  • Extensive drink menus offering a variety of coffee, espresso, and tea drinks enabling operators to increase drink prices for higher ROI
  • Customizable beverage options with “Save my Drink” option to encourage return users
  • Reduced maintenance costs with 15-50% reduced cleaning time compared to competition
  • Flexible user interface allows operators to customize drink menu, drink names, and screen content and images, plus enable full HD video content
  • Integrates with other Crane Machines to provide a customizable, streamlined food and beverage portfolio experience

Looking at everything in the office to create a COVID free environment? Get rid of the manual pod machine. No more coffee pots that someone has to fill, clean and sanitize. And, you can get rid of all the common condiments – gone is the old creamers, sugar and powdered drink mixes. Gone is sanitizing the common break room counter between every cup of coffee from the pot. Gone is the unproductive morning coffee runs to some expensive coffee shop.

GAD Vending sells Crane COTI hot beverage vending machines in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. Call us to try a cup from a Crane COTI vending machine.

Crane Vending Provides Your Team with Premium Hot Drinks

Crane Vending Provides Your Team with Premium Hot Drinks 922 701 GAD Vending

As people continue to move back to work-from-office, they are demanding cleanliness and safety. Facility managers need to change the common coffee station from shared condiments and coffee pots to individual coffee machines with maximum flavor and minimal touch. Crane vending through Greater America Distributing can solve this thorough a variety of solutions.


Consistently delicious coffee doesn’t happen by accident. It takes experience to farm quality beans. It takes experience to properly harvest, blend and roast them. And it takes experience to develop a machine with the ability to release their optimal flavor in every single cup.

At Crane Merchandising Systems we have more than 90 years experience designing premium coffee machines that deliver the taste profile you would expect from the best cafe’s around the world.

Dependable engineering, intuitive user interfaces and amazing drink quality are the reasons customers around the globe choose our premium coffee machines. Our goal is to connect the world to coffee – one exquisite cup at a time.


All Crane coffee machines have 2-way connectivity and screens to remotely keep the menu, advertising and promotions up to date as well as monitoring usage, alerts & maintenance requirements. Our quality and consistency is in simplicity; all machines use the same components throughout our range.

Greater America Distributing is an authorized dealer for Crane Vending. Sales and service of equipment are available at any of our three Midwest offices.

Why Choose Crane and Greater America Distributing Vending?

  • One Platform
  • Focus on Innovation and Connectivity
  • Superior User Experience and Interface
  • Global Company, Greater America Distributing Local Support
  • Sustainability is at the Core of the Business

Crane Cleaning: Coffee Vending Machines

Crane Cleaning: Coffee Vending Machines 1053 643 GAD Vending

How to daily clean and fill canisters in the Crane Vending Machines: Cali, Coti and Icon.