Unattended Payment Accepted

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GAD Knows Unattended Payment Acceptance

GAD has extensive experience with unattended solutions. We’ve grown our business selling and supporting payment acceptance, and coin changers for decades.

Now with Alio™ Pro, CPI presents an All-In-One cashless hardware solution for unattended payment. With a large touchscreen and customizable user interface, operators can create an engaging user experience. Plus, Alio™ Pro’s rugged outer-casing and protective Gorilla Glass protects hardware against vandalism and daily wear-and-tear. Alio™ Pro is supported by CPI’s cashless solution, including payment processing services and our cloud-based device management platform.

With a 4.3″ display, Alio™ Pro provides a fully interactive, large-format display, plus PIN-on-glass capability. Alio™ Pro is suited for use in multiple unattended payment applications, including:

  • Off-Street Parking
  • Retail Kiosk
  • Laundry
  • Carwash
  • Metro and Train Fare Collection
  • Vending
  • Electric Vehicle Charging

Dimensions (mm)

  • H: 134mm W: 98mm D: 40mm Screen: 3.4″

EV Charging Anxiety: What Manufacturers and Operators Can Do for the End-User

EV Charging Anxiety: What Manufacturers and Operators Can Do for the End-User 2048 1366 GAD Vending

Choosing Payment Technology to Succeed in a Dynamic Market

There’s no doubt that the time for electric vehicle adoption is here. To date it is estimated that there are more than 16.5 million electric cars on the road. Furthermore, all major auto manufacturers are pushing forward updates to their leading models to integrate more EV options for consumers. Thus, sparking the opportunity for several new players to enter this space.

However, with an increase in electric vehicle adoption comes a need for drivers to have convenient locations to charge their batteries when they are on the road, providing another major opportunity for the parking industry.

Wallet-friendly payment solutions to reduce EV charge anxiety 

One obvious difference between a traditional ICE and an electric vehicle is “refueling” time. For an EV, the experience is much longer in comparison to ICE vehicles, even with fast charging technology. Therefore, charge anxiety has, to an extent, replaced range anxiety in the minds of EV drivers. Battery performance has been a major focus in recent years and ranges of more than 350 miles are being quoted on specifications of new models.2

Additionally, a need that EV drivers are facing is paying for the power to get back on the road again. Therefore, a simple, convenient, and “wallet friendly” EV charger must be a consideration since ease and flexibility in a complex world is a win. Nothing more certain to increase anxiety than not being able to charge up and go!

As a result, minimizing charge anxiety and delivering a charging experience that is consistent, reliable, and simple is your task regardless of your role – as an EV charging manufacturer or parking operator.

Easing charge anxiety with reliability and consistency  

Fortunately, the Alio Pro is here to help you meet those needs, ensuring that you’re better prepared to support your end users. With the Alio Pro, you’ll be able to:

  • Accept everything in your customer’s wallet:
    •  – We may all love an app but it’s often not feasible to expect customers to have an app already downloaded. So, Alio Pro accepts:


  • Offer your customer a reward or incentive to park at your property again:
    •  – Simply add a QR code that creates a voucher or tie in a pre-existing loyalty or bonus program
EV Charging QR - reduced
  • Ensure reliability:
    • – CPI handles 4 billion transactions weekly and is trusted by many of the world’s largest financial institutions and retailers.

So, where better to charge your vehicle than where it must be stationary! Park your car, plug in, and go about your other activities – shop, eat, work – with the assurance that your EV is ready to go when you are. Multi-tasking at its finest!

Making Self-Checkout Work for Everyone

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Leave No Customer Behind: Why Cash Options Still Matter

(CPI) At a convenience store in Pennsylvania, a self-checkout system stood near the front of the store. Brand new, with a big, bright sign announcing its presence, the equipment was ready to help customers swiftly complete their transactions and get on their way. There was only one problem – no one was using it. At 7 am, business was booming, and the cashiers were visibly becoming aware of the growing line of customers waiting to pay for a single cup of coffee – their trucks idling out front.

What went wrong? Consumer preference for self-service checkout has been proven time and time again, and yet in this case, they chose to wait in line. The store’s investment seemed to be going to waste because of an oversight. Most of these transactions were being made with cash, and the new self-checkout system didn’t accept it.

Although consumers now have an abundance of payment methods at their fingertips, they expect flexibility and convenience when it comes to their day-to-day transactions and don’t want to be limited by emerging technologies. By providing payment inclusivity, retailers can attract and retain a larger, more diverse, and more loyal customer base.

One of the most important yet commonly overlooked ways to provide flexibility and drive store revenue is by offering cash options at self-checkout. Cash acceptance ensures that self-checkout solutions fulfill the single most essential need in any retail environment – converting visitors to paying customers. Without it, retailers risk frustrated customers, cart abandonment, and worse – losing loyal patrons to the next nearest store that offers a faster, easier shopping experience.

Is Cash a Thing of the Past?

The short answer is no. Recent reports indicate that consumers use cash for 42% of all transactions valued at less than $25 , and cash is either the most used or second most used payment instrument across a wide array of spending categories.

While self-checkout becomes increasingly popular as retailers reap the benefits of reduced need for additional labor, improved customer experience and a higher bottom line, some retailers are considering shifting systems to entirely cashless or not adding cash acceptance to their self-checkout systems. The issue with this approach is that a substantial number of consumers still use (and prefer using) cash.

Cash usage isn’t just limited to older demographics either. Young consumers, who tend to opt for self-checkout over cashiers , are finding cash to be one of their preferred payment methods. According to a 2023 Credit Karma survey, “Nearly 70% of Gen Zers use cash more than they did 12 months ago. That share was higher than any other group, including Gen X, which was 47%, and Boomers at 37%.”

Limiting access to easy cash payments makes stores susceptible to alienating a significant portion of their customers. Now more than ever, consumers expect a level of convenience that they’re accustomed to in their day-to-day purchases. Not providing the quick and easy payment options that these consumers require will worsen a store’s customer experience, leaving customers to find other stores where they can easily spend their cash. This will inevitably impact a store’s revenue and ability to grow their customer base in the long run.

Having a cash automation solution ensures that retailers are retaining customers and enhancing the customer experience by allowing them the flexibility of cash options at self-checkout.

What Cash Automation Can Do for Retailers

On top of the added flexibility for consumers, providing cash acceptance at self-checkout also has a host of benefits that have a direct impact on store’s ROI and day-to-day operations. Any upfront costs associated with equipping self-checkout with cash acceptance are heavily outweighed by the potential for revenue growth by avoiding unnecessary merchant fees and decreasing cart abandonment rates.

The average value of basket items for people using self-checkout is typically lower than the those going to a cashier. Since cash remains a predominant payment method for smaller purchases, retailers will likely see more cash-using customers gravitating towards self-checkout. When these customers realize they can’t use self-checkout and instead must wait in a longer line for a cashier, stores are risking higher levels of cart abandonment along with a worsened customer experience. Utilizing cash automation solutions will enhance customer experience and ensure a steady stream of returning customers.

Another cost to consider is increased credit card merchant fees that derive from limited cash options. When retailers only provide card payments at self-checkout, credit card usage will inevitably increase, leading to a rise in merchant fees. These fees can add up over time, affecting the bottom line and ability to effectively increase revenue and growth. Using a cash automation solution heavily reduces this expenditure and nets a positive ROI for retailers.

Amidst labor shortages, it’s also important to consider the impact on employee productivity when cash payments are only accepted at the cashier. When employers automate cash acceptance, employees are freed up to do other tasks around the store like helping out customers instead of manually handling cash. This helps deliver a better customer experience and optimize daily operations while avoiding any unnecessary labor hours that are required to manually handle cash.

Paypod: Making Cash Payments Work for Everyone

As consumer needs and preferences evolve, ensuring that retailers are equipped to handle their preferred payment methods is paramount in order to drive growth and increase revenue. The cash automation solution, PaypodTM, by Crane Payment Innovations offers consumers a convenient way to pay with cash by creating an efficient and secure cash acceptance process at self-checkout. Flexibility is key in the retail environment, and with designs that fit into most retail counters and seamless integration into existing POS systems, Paypod makes cash payments more flexible and easier than ever for retailers and consumers alike.

i 2019 Findings from the Diary of Consumer Payment Choice – Cash (
ii The Federal Reserve; Understanding Consumer Cash Use: Preliminary Findings from the Diary of Consumer Payment Choice; January 2, 2018;

Self Check Out for Every Store

Self Check Out for Every Store 493 470 GAD Vending

If you think that waiting in line is an unavoidable part of the shopping experience, think again. Your customers disagree, and they aren’t waiting around for you to catch up. According to Fidelity Payment Services, 81% of customers actively avoid stores where they perceive the lines to be too long, and they aren’t afraid to abandon their loyalties and jump ship.

Add an after pandemic climate of staff shortages to an increasingly-impatient consumer base and the message is clear: it’s time to automate. According to Bloomberg, 87% of consumers prefer shopping in stores with touchless or robust self-checkout options.

Now, stores of any size can benefit from flexible and cost effective self-checkout solutions available from GAD with through our authorized relationship with Crane/CPI.

Crane/CPI provide a complete turnkey service for self-checkout. We tailor everything to your store and customers’ needs. Our turnkey options include a unit module, scanning options, weighing functionality, all payment devices including notes and coins, integration with your POS system and full installation, testing, and service contracts to ensure all your needs are fulfilled.


Design a custom solution with leading technology partners: CPI leverages our extensive network of retail partners to design the perfect solution for your store

Expand your customer service portfolio: Redeploy your staff to other activities such as buy-online-pick-up-in-store, or other value-add services to earn customer loyalty

Eliminate lines to retain customers: 40% of customers will abandon a purchase due to long lines. Protect your revenue by accepting all forms of payment in your self-checkout solution

Save time and labor costs: The average retailer spends four hours a day on manual cash reconciliation. Reduce the hours spent counting with automation technology

Call GAD to start the automation process.

Why You Should Add Vending to Your Family Entertainment Center

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Adding arcade games to a bowling alley or skating rink has been profitable must for several years. But flying under the radar is vending, especially in our current economic and social environment. Family Entertainment Centers of any type can increase profits and improve customer experience without a massive investment through unattended drink and snack vending machines.

Vending machines provide convenient snacks and beverages that customers can easily purchase; there’s no need to staff an entire kitchen or even keep your snack bar open the entire time the your business is open. Vending machines can replace staff time during slow times and provide quick drinks or snacks during busy times.

Here are some ways vending machines can serve you, your customers, and even employees.

Improve Customer Satisfaction During Labor Shortages

Labor shortages mean longer wait times for often irate customers and keep them from playing more games. While this doesn’t solve labor problems, vending machines can give customers snack and drink options without adding staff. In addition, as you and your team attend to other, immediate customer needs, a vending machine quietly offers customer support 24/7.

Extra Revenue Without Overhead

According to industry reports, the average vending machine earns $75 weekly. However, well-stocked machines in high-traffic areas can make over $500 monthly. So, no matter where your vending machine falls on that range, that’s extra profits.

You can devote that money to employee appreciation, office supplies, prizes, or anything else to improve your day-to-day operations. Vending machines are sources of extra income that don’t require training or time off and are always on time.

Inventory Control

Vending machines can come with automated apps to help you with stocking, money acceptance issues and sales reports. This helps you keep your machine stocked. You know what products are selling so you can keep ahead of demand. Buy products in bulk, save money, and easily track expenses with quick runs to Costco, BJ’s, or even Amazon deliveries.

Diverse Options

Modern vending machines can be configured to deliver many different options. Whether you are looking to split a machine up with candy, drinks and food options. Or be a healthy alternative vending machines.

Why not sell branded socks at your skating rink? How about driving gloves at your go kart rink?

Provide delicious hot drinks in the winter or in a cold skating rink. Invest in a coffee vending machine with hot chocolate, fresh ground coffee, and espresso drinks options.

Don’t forget the parents that are hanging around for their kids. Make sure the quick items they’re tempted to run out for are fully stocked. Like charging cables, headphones and pain relief. Stock up with convenience store items like feminine products and office products.

Your imagination is the limit to what you can sell in a vending machine. All unattended.

Consider Investing in Two Vending Machines to Start

Most vending machine buyers start by getting one for beverages and one for snacks. While many machines offer enough space for both, specialty vending machines can be paired together for maximum dispensing and earning potential.

Soft Drink Vending Machines

Drink machines have evolved over the years to offer all sorts of beverages. New technologies also provide suggestive selling, digital advertising, and touchless purchasing. Offer water, energy drinks, coffee beverages, soda, and more.

Snack Vending Machines

Snacks are great for grab-and-go locations, whether sugary treats, chips, or healthy options; snack machines are a moneymaker that allows you and your staff to focus on other parts of the customer experience.

With all the types of payment options out there, keep in mind that machines can accept: Cash, Credit Cards, NFC capable of tap and go, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. In addition, some vending units allow custom skins for either branding or additional signage. For example, do you want to clarify that the beverage machine carries water? Why not let us customize it with a Water sign across the top? Want to extend your brand presence throughout a facility? We can put your logo on the units with any messaging you need.

Trust GAD for Your Vending Machine Needs

If a vending machine sounds perfect for your business, GAD offers a wide range of vending machines, vending machine parts, and technical services. As a family-owned business with sales offices nationwide, we’re here to meet all your vending needs.

Our staff comes to the table with over 100 years of industry experience and will work with you to ensure you have the right product for your location and optimized for profits.

5 Tips for Selecting the Right Vending Management System

5 Tips for Selecting the Right Vending Management System 1800 1200 GAD Vending

Succeeding with Vending Management System

While most vending operators are well aware of the importance of a good vending management system (VMS), when it comes to continued investment in new technology, making the right choices can be tricky. With an ever-expanding field of providers and experts, operators face a lot of decisions. We break down the best way for operators to shop when they’re looking to add new features and functionality to their VMS.

1.    Pick an Open Platform Solution

When it comes to making a new investment, the last thing you’ll want to have to worry about is migrating data. Look for solutions that provide an open platform with multiple integration options data sharing between your VMS and other business systems.

2.   Pick a solution that is intuitive

New technology means time spent onboarding employees both new and seasoned. When it comes to investing in add-ons to their VMS, operators should focus on platforms that are intuitive and user-friendly to maximize employee use and minimize training needs.

3.    Pick a solution that allows employees to use their own devices

An investment in new technology seems expensive, especially when hardware is considered, but with a focus on mobile technology, these expenses can be negated. Operators should seek solutions that are mobile-friendly (across both Apple and Android operating systems) and ideally allow associates to access software tools right from their own mobile devices or tablets. Additionally, technologies that are compatible with cloud-based systems that allow for the dissolution of location-based servers.

4.    Prioritize real-time data

Data means actionable insights, but only if you have it when you need it. Prioritize live data that can be shared between drivers in the field and supervisors in the office to increase efficiency in every route visit.

5.    Pick a solution that allows phased upgrades

For operators with large workforces, the idea of having to update everyone’s devices can be daunting. Operators should look for platforms that allow for phased upgrades, enabling them to update as they replace old devices. This means you can follow an upgrade path that is modular and can be executed in phase.

The Takeaway

As you continue to update and invest in your Vending Management System, ask us how you can implement smart, economical solutions that maximize efficiency in your operation.


Self Check Out Solutions

Self Check Out Solutions 750 520 GAD Vending

GAD Knows Self Check-Out

GAD is a proud authorized distributor for Crane CPI solutions.

Think self check out is a solution for your business? Any size business can benefit with flexible and cost effective self-checkout solutions. We work for retailers, bars, restaurants, gas stations – anyone that needs help with quick checkout.

Self checkout satisfies grab and go, multi-payment solutions and self checkout. GAD offers turnkey solutions, custom solutions and creative payment solutions.

Don’t loose customers to lines. 81% of customers avoid stores with long lines.

Reimagine Kiosks

Reimagine Kiosks 988 675 GAD Vending

Reimagine Self Service Ordering and Payment

If it’s easy, convenient and stream line, customers and employees have learned to take care of it themselves. Sometimes a kiosk replaces a long line for ordering. A kiosk can also be places to receive payments like utilities. A kiosk can provide an immersive experience. A kiosk can be an employee portal to buying from the company store, ordering from the cafeteria, or becoming immersed in more about the company they work for with timely messaging.

Reimagine a totally seamless ordering experience where your customers’ have the time, freedom and flexibility to explore the menu, add to cart, and check out all without waiting in line, making small talk or trying to read a menu and make up their mind at the same time. Make this fantasy a reality when you engage GAD to help you achieve your self service plan.

Capitalize on reducing staff. Helping your customer with a more immersive experience then they may get on their phone. Add flexibility and service without adding employees.

Reimagine Vending

Reimagine Vending 988 675 GAD Vending

Coming out of COVID there are new business facts many are struggling with – and reimagining vending can jump in to help your bottom line.

Is your business positioned to make a sale at the exact right moment, 24/7? Are your products were your customers are? Would eliminating staff help your overall business? Take a moment and brainstorm new solutions.

Sell at the Airport

What a better place to find specialty customers that are in a hurry and will spend at a premium to get what they want when they want it.

This goes for a variety of food options, drinks, and specialty items like beauty and electronics. And, GAD can help you customize your vending machine to enhance your brand vision.

If you are a manufacturer or importer, this is an excellent place to seek new end users and bring in a new revenue stream with minimal efforts.

And, with a vending machine, you limit theft, employee costs and can automate payment processing to reduce cash.

Sell at a Festival

It takes a tremendous amount of capital investment to promote a concert, festival or outdoor event. To become a long term business, it takes keeping the immediate gratification of event goers happy.

Most events only consider food trucks – which is a great idea but sometimes they have issues from not enough food to too long cook times to breaks in the music can cause very long wait times (drags down the entire vibe). If you are looking to speed up service to your event goers and increase your profits, vending can supplement your food service.

Add vending machines with snacks, healthy food options or quick meals. Vending machines can be there to dispense quick comfort items like sunscreen, breath aides, hand sanitizer and other beauty items. A vending machine can also dispense liquids. Even alcohol if you have necessary restrictions already in place.

Sell at a School

Middle and High schools are excellent locations for vending machines.

A specialty vending machine can be stocked with all types of student supplies like folders, calculators, pens and paper. And, most students have phones so they can pay without having to bring extra money to school. Vending machines can be specially outfitted to replace a school store. Consider stocking with school colors, branded t-shirts and any specialty items for game day.

This is an excellent idea for PTA’s or student organizations to raise money. It can be used as a learning tool for the business class as it can teach inventory, cost of goods, accounting and marketing.

Sell at a Swimming Pool

What’s better in the summer than a swimming pool? But that can be easily changed to a nightmare when you forget the sunscreen.

A swimming pool – neighborhood, city park or hotel pool can be a great place for a specialty vending machine stocked not just with sunscreen but googles, water wings, absorbent towels and so much more.


The best part is, this frees up staff to be invested in safety instead of selling something.


Sell at the Gym 

What does everyone need a the gym? Sell it in a vending machine!

Vending goes so far beyond just selling healthy foods and drinks from a vending machines. Try loading with….

  • Head phones.
  • Chargers.
  • Specialty lifting gloves.
  • Microfiber towels.
  • Specialty phone armbands.
  • After workout muscle pain remedies.

Looking for more inspiration? Try the QR code below. Call GAD and we can help.

How Vending Can Solve Fourth Wall Revenue

How Vending Can Solve Fourth Wall Revenue 2048 1011 GAD Vending

Most retailers have dead space that isn’t earning as much revenue as it should. Smart, large box retailers look at every inch to make sure they maximize not only customer experience but also profitability. And so should you.

Vending is an excellent way to achieve this.

First, vending machines aren’t cheap but they are unattended, use very little floor space and can be changed out to various uses as demand dictates. For example, who would have thought 6 years ago we’d be outfitting PPE solution vending machines? But the pandemic changed that.

Vending machines payment solutions have changed with the times as well. While cash is accepted, there are touchless solutions available as well. There are apps as well so returning customers can program their favorites in for quick ordering. The apps also help the vending owner with inventory control, out of service issues and so much more!

Plus vending machines can be so easily branded to your business. Give your customer added flexibility to choose what they want, when they want it.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking how a specialty vending machine can satisfy your customer and increase your cash flow:

  • Give the bartender a helping hand! Bars are using vending machines to vend individual drink options like champagne, canned drinks and beer. (Visit your state’s liquor license requirements first.) These drink vending machines are also popular at festivals, entertainment zones, concerts and other venues with a closed area, high traffic and a party waiting to happen!
  • Put a vending machine near a swimming pool. Load it with sunscreen, inflatables and water wings.
  • In a school, vending machines can have office supplies, binders and all types of classroom necessities.
  • Showroom samples are easily branded in a vending machine.
  • Employee vending machines can have a mini store stocked with over the counter medications, simple safety items, and more.
  • Put in a Crane coffee vending machine with a whole bean grinder to replace a coffee station or expensive k-cup machine.
  • A beauty vending machine has many possibilities to maximize floor space. Try in a mall, airport or hotel – wherever they is high foot traffic.
  • Add a utility payment kiosk.
  • A coin changer machines are a popular machine. It helps your customer redeem their coins and gives you a source of change for your establishment.
  • Create an electronics vending machine with headphones, chargers and other electronics to create a shoplifting secure, unattended solution.

For more ideas, take a look at Crane’s LookBook here. Contact GAD for more ideas, brainstorming and information.

GAD Knows Vending