GAD Knows Vending, Pinball and Games

Take advantage of GAD’s expertise in sales and service of vending machines, commercial games, ATM machines, digital music solutions and pinball games.

GAD inventories vending machines, ATM’s, commercial pool tables, digital music and speakers. GAD has equipment inventory of claw machines, arcade games and pinball.

Our service department has parts. Fix the equipment we deploy. Change your cash acceptors to accept both cash and cards. Reconfigure your vending machines. Replace worn pinball parts.

Our offices are located in Omaha, Des Moines and Kansas City. Please call 1-800-798-2812 for current equipment availability, parts and service.

GAD Knows Vending, Games, Music and Pinball

Smart business owners know Greater America Distributing (GAD) for the professional sales and support of games, vending, pinball, commercial music delivery and ATM. GAD stocks the highest quality equipment from the best of class manufacturers. GAD technicians are factory trained and have access to common parts in our warehouses to complete repairs timely. And, GAD knows the newest technology solutions for payment acceptance, machine management text alerts and smart phone management reports.

Our offices and showrooms are open to commercial and residential customers.

Especially when employee help is limited, automation of services is key. Call us if you need vending, ATM or cash exchangers. We have new machine pick up and delivery available.

If your equipment needs servicing, please call us at 1-800-798-2812. We support our customers with phone support, service calls, parts curbside pick-up or mail order parts.

When you work with GAD, you can expect the best.

GAD Knows Customer Service.

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GAD Knows Vending

The sales, distribution and service of vending machines is a key business of Greater America Distributing (GAD). We stock the industry leading vending machines in our warehouses strategically located in Omaha, Des Moines and Kansas City. Our service department has an inventory of parts to fix vending machines, change product configurations and the upgrade payment options to digital solutions. At GAD, our sales and technical teams are working across a four state area to service you better.

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GAD Knows Games and Pinball

People love skill games, team games and tournaments. And they are re-discovering these games are fun. From the newest digital darts to pinball, Golden Tee to pool tables – commercial games help you keep people staying longer in your establishment.

GAD can help you determine the best games for your floor space, age you want to attract and the best mix to keep people coming back. GAD knows tournaments, remote play technology, and the best investment return. GAD can set up cash, card and advanced, digital pay technologies. And, GAD knows how to tie in your games, music, ATM to a complete, commercial solution. Or just a single game for your home.

Golden Tee PGA Tour are great stand alone games or a game room anchor producing game. Golden Tee PGA gives people an easily understood game – golf! As with the real game, Golden Tee can be played by many levels of players. Golden Tee can be played by a single player, played online against others or live with multiple players. We stock and service many game generations of Golden Tee equipment. Let us help you keep the players playing.

Pinball, especially by the ultimate name in pinball creation – Stern Pinball – is on a resurgence with a younger generation of players. New subject games (with amazing technology) like the mega hits – Foo Fighters, Rush, Disney’s The Mandalorian, Elvira House of Horrors, and Godzilla – creates an amazing tie in for all age of players.

Don’t forget entertaining the entire family! Claw (crane) games are a perfect edition to a waiting area, lobby, or dreary corner. Try shuffleboard, foosball, air hockey and other fun, traditional games to keep the family happy.

GAD knows games, arcade, billiard, pinball, darts, crane games, and more. All the fun games people love to play.

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GAD Knows What’s Happening

Incredible Stern’s James Bond 007 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 554 553 GAD Vending

Incredible Stern’s James Bond 007 60th Anniversary Limited Edition

Step Inside The Stern Studio to get a behind the scenes look at the James Bond 007 60th Anniversary Limited Edition pinball machine. Honoring a retro-inspired pinball experience with mechanical scoring reels and nostalgic sounds, the Stern Design Team highlights what makes this machine so special. GAD has been allocated (1) James Bond 007 60th…

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Top 100 Pinball – Ranked by Players 1600 914 GAD Vending

Top 100 Pinball – Ranked by Players

Pinside has a weekly user ranking for pinball games.  Pinside Pinball Top 100 User Rankings Here’s how they do it – The list is compiled weekly from all approved user ratings on solid state games (currently 147,919 ratings). A game needs to have at least 50 valid ratings from approved raters to qualify for the…

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What to get the Dad who has everything… 1037 692 GAD Vending

What to get the Dad who has everything…

All Dad’s are the Best Dad Ever! This deserves something more than another tie or aftershave – not that its bad but you can do so much better. How about Pinball?  In stock titles may include – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars Home Edition, Jurassic Park Home Edition or Toy Story LE. Call our…

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Stern Pinball Launches Full Line of Godzilla Pinball Accessories 150 150 GAD Vending

Stern Pinball Launches Full Line of Godzilla Pinball Accessories

CHICAGO, IL – May 30, 2023 –Stern Pinball, Inc., announces a full line of Godzilla pinball machine accessories compatible with the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition (LE) models.  Already one of the most sought-after pinball games in history, Stern Pinball’s award-winning Godzilla pinball machines just got better with these newly available upgrades. The Godzilla Heat…

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Reimagine Vending Coffee 988 675 GAD Vending

Reimagine Vending Coffee

Reimage Changing Your Brand Loyalty in 6 Square Feet It’s hard to compete with Big Coffee when they have a shop on every street corner and a box on every grocery store shelf, but it doesn’t have tobe. Instead, colonize the corner of every car dealership, bakery, gym, and daycare drop off with custom, bean…

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Reimagine Vending 988 675 GAD Vending

Reimagine Vending

Coming out of COVID there are new business facts many are struggling with – and reimagining vending can jump in to help your bottom line. Is your business positioned to make a sale at the exact right moment, 24/7? Are your products were your customers are? Would eliminating staff help your overall business? Take a…

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GAD Knows New and Used Games and Vending Equipment

GAD has been selling and servicing vending, games and pinball for over 30 years. With customers across NE, IA, MO and KS – we have the experience to help you with a complete break room, game room, arcade, restaurant, and home use.

A stocking distributor of vending machines from the best USA manufacturers. In inventory some of the greatest pinball, Golden Tee and games available for immediate pick up or delivery. All new in the box, ready to set up with a cash or cashless payment solution.

GAD also has some used, refurbished equipment and games available in our warehouses. Want a used pinball for your man cave? Save money on a cash change machine? GAD knows how to refurbished equipment.

GAD knows pinball, games, ATM and vending machines across the Midwest.

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call us at (+1) 800-798-2812

because Greater America Distributing cares

Accredited A+ BBB Rating

Find out about our services,
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GAD Vending Frequently Asked Questions

GAD inventories parts for a wide variety of vending machines. Our techs are trained and have years of service repairing all types of vending equipment. The techs are happy to listen and solve your issues – over the phone or with a service call when necessary. Our techs know how to reset the product mix in various models. Our techs know how to retrofit cash management solutions to high technology solutions.

Crane vending machines, for example, is the largest manufacturer of vending machines in the USA. As a distributor for Crane, GAD technicians work regularly on these machines. We stock the parts to retrofit the interior snack size distribution, cashless technology upgrades and the interior parts for Crane. We also can change out the graphics on these vending machines. Have a Crane Vending Machine? GAD Knows Crane Vending.

GAD Techs Know Vending in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

GAD Vending knows the vending machine business. GAD Vending sells and services vending machines across a 4 state region. GAD Vending does not fill vending machines. We do work with those that do. Our team is happy to refer you to vending machine route operators to work for you.

Are you looking at starting a vending machine route business? GAD sales managers are a great resource for your business plan. Our team is happy to answer questions. Educate you on the various vending machine, ATM and game opportunities. Give you insight to how a vending machine route business works.

GAD know Sales and Repair of Vending Equipment


While the majority of our work is with vending route business operators, we do sell direct to small business or homes that require a single machine. GAD Vending occasionally has used vending machines for sale. And GAD Vending can help with interior configuration, outside graphics and payment options.

We also carry the parts for repair. Many of our customers are just seeking parts to repair a single vending machine. In GAD Vending warehouses, we stock the common parts for repair and we are open to the public.

GAD trained repair technicians are located in our Omaha, Kansas City and Des Moines offices. Greater America Distributing travels to customer locations or our customers bring parts in for repair. If you have equipment in need of repair, call the office closest to you for a service technician call, to pick up parts, or to bring in your equipment for repair.

With parts available for our technicians to bring on call, we will ask you lots of questions on what’s going on with your equipment. Our technicians are professional, quick and trained on fixing machines. GAD factory trained in vending, games, ATM and pinball machines.

GAD is open to the public. If you have a pinball, commercial game or vending machine in your home, workshop or small business – GAD technicians can answer phone questions,  direct you to manufacturer assistance or sell you parts. Our service team can also repair the parts on your machine that you get to us. If a service call is required, we will give you cost estimates prior to dispatching a tech.

GAD Know Vending and Game Repair


GAD regularly sells home editions of pinball, home Golden Tee editions, commercial quality games, electronic darts and vending machines for home use. GAD represents lots of pinball game manufacturers to include Stern, America and Chicago Gaming. GAD has the most current pinball, collector pinball and unique pinball games for the entire family! Fill your basement with great pinball for family game night.

Our commercial quality games – pool tables, foosball, darts, shuffle board, etc. – are all available to the public to buy. Many pinball machines come in commercial and home versions. Golden Tee has a home version with software updates available. Our Galaxy 3 “The Fire” Digital Darts is a family favorite! Many of our games allow you to play with your buddies anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Seeking a pop machine or snack vending machine for your home, workshop or small business? Check out our vending machine inventory, call us with questions. GAD is open to the public for a single machine sale.

GAD inventory is generally new games and vending equipment but we do have a few used as we come across gently used equipment. Contact the GAD office closest to you and let us know what you are looking to buy.

GAD knows home game rooms.

Digital music and speaker systems for bars, restaurants, arcades and party rooms are an expertise of GAD. We know how to spec and install digital music solutions to integrate an immersive experience for any age audience. Put music videos on your TV’s. Add advertisements for your specials across your digital screens. Add speakers outdoors. Appeal to any age audience with an internet library of music and video.

A GAD digital solution keeps track of what music is played. This allows you to pay only when a song is played – instead of paying for music all hours you are open. Your customers win with playing music from the app on their phone. And you, as the owner, only pay for music licensing that you use. For example, you turn off your music while a sporting event is on. You are paying to play the sporting content and today you are paying for music you are not playing.

  • Let your customer be the DJ
  • Huge music and music video catalogs online
  • Use your TV screens to create a party atmosphere of dancing, music videos, trivia and karaoke
  • GAD knows how to program digital music solutions
  • Get digital reporting to only pay for music you actually play

GAD knows digital music solutions

GAD is working diligently with our manufacturer’s to find chip based equipment. Shortages have included in cash management technology, pinball and other games. Everything with a chip board has been impacted.

GAD is taking pre-orders on all equipment. Please contact your closest GAD office to get estimated lead times.

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Greater America Distributing not only is an expert at what is the right machine, we also can fix when its broken. We stock the most common parts for vending machines, pinball, games and ATM machines. Our service technicians are available by appointment to fix equipment at one of our warehouses. And, we are open to the public.