Get Hooked with the Full Line of JAWS Pinball Machine Accessories from Stern Pinball

Get Hooked with the Full Line of JAWS Pinball Machine Accessories from Stern Pinball

Get Hooked with the Full Line of JAWS Pinball Machine Accessories from Stern Pinball 1039 539 GAD Vending

CHICAGO, IL – June 11, 2024 Press Release –Stern Pinball, Inc., announces a full line of JAWS pinball machine accessories compatible with the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition (LE) models.  Stern Pinball’s monster hit game JAWS just got better with these newly available upgrades that will take your game to the next level.

Right from the plunge, dive straight into action with a custom sculpted Orca Barrel Shooter Knob as you go shark hunting and bounty collecting.

Fully dress up the inside of your game with the official JAWS Inside Art Blades. Featuring stunning and distinctive hand-drawn artwork by Michael Barnard, these art blades add an entirely new dimension inside this world under glass pinball experience highlighting iconic shark beach attack scenes.

Protect yourself and your game from shark attacks with the official JAWS Shark Bite Side Armor. Featuring the iconic JAWS logo and a laser cut shark bite, you’ll feel safe going back into your gameroom.

Make your game pop with the official Speaker Lighting System accessory. With intelligent RGB LED lighting, your speakers will light up and flash as you go shark hunting, fully integrated and dynamically responsive to game events.

And lastly, get fully immersed into the JAWS universe with the Amity Island Billboard Topper accessory. Featuring a backlit lenticular effect and choreographed lightshows, players can grab their harpoons and help Amity Island save the 4th of July!

“The JAWS pinball accessories will bring out the best of you and your pinball playing experience,” said Seth Davis, President and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc.  “Become the apex predator with these officially licensed items on your quest to conquer JAWS!”

Pricing and Availability:

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: 

Amity Island Billboard Topper                                       $US     999.99

Orca Barrel Shooter Knob                                                 $US     149.99

JAWS Shark Bite Side Armor                                           $US     249.99

Speaker Lighting System                                                    $US     199.99

JAWS Inside Art Blades                                                      $US       99.99

MSRP for sales to USA end-users, before any VAT, GST, Sales Tax, Duties, or other taxes.                 

JAWS pinball machines and accessories are available now through authorized Stern Pinball distributors and dealers around the world.

About JAWS Pinball    

Stern’s JAWS pinball games will have players grabbing their harpoons and playing as Quint, Hooper, and Brody to save Amity Island’s residents and the Fourth of July!  As the grizzled fishermen, tackle the most dangerous ocean creatures on the planet.  Tension mounts as you see “blood in the water” from our animated lighting effects.  Fire pinballs at the motorized “Shark Fin” target swimming across the playfield.  Anticipation builds as you navigate the “Orca Boat” upper playfield, featuring a “Lookout Tower” ramp, a ship’s wheel horizontal spinner on the deck, and a “Radio” stand-up target to call for help.  Lookout!  A motorized custom sculpted “Great White Shark” bash toy comes crashing through the bottom of a fishing boat, terrorizing players in this thrilling pinball odyssey.  Will you survive JAWS?!! Learn more about JAWS Pinball here

About Insider Connected

Insider Connected is a comprehensive technology initiative to connect the universe of Stern pinball machines. The platform is designed to enhance and extend player engagement with the games across both home and commercial environments. It also presents professional operators of the pinball machines a robust set of tools to drive location play, build player loyalty, analyze performance, make adjustments remotely, and maintain the machines.

Registration for Insider Connected is available at Players can also register at a connected game by scanning a registration QR code on the machine. Once a player registers, they are issued a unique QR Code that can be used to identify that player at any connected Stern pinball machine anywhere in the world. When a player scans into the machine, they can track progress, earn new game specific achievements, engage with the player community, and participate in promotions and Challenge Quests.

“Insider Connected is transforming how players interact with pinball machines. Operators are benefiting from new tools that drive repeat play and help maintain games remotely while players can earn special entertainment location badges,” said Seth Davis, President and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc.

About Stern Pinball, Inc.

Stern Pinball, Inc. creates compelling entertainment that inspires a lifetime love of games, sparks passion, forges friendships, and connects people everywhere through fun, innovative, technologically advanced pinball games, and experiences.  Headquartered minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in the heart of North America, the company creates, designs, engineers, manufactures, markets, and distributes a full line of technologically advanced terrestrial and digital pinball games, parts, accessories, and merchandise. Stern Pinball serves digital, consumer, commercial, and corporate markets around the globe.

Recent Stern Pinball titles include John Wick, JAWS, Venom, Foo Fighters, James Bond 007, Rush, Godzilla, The Mandalorian, Led Zeppelin, Avengers: Infinity Quest, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stranger Things, Elvira’s House of Horrors, Jurassic Park, Black Knight: Sword of Rage, The Munsters, The Beatles, Deadpool, Iron Maiden, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Aerosmith, Ghostbusters, KISS, Metallica, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, AC/DC, Batman, and Spider-Man. A broad range of players enjoy Stern Pinball’s games from professional pinball players who compete in high-stakes competitions around the globe to novice players who are discovering the allure of the silver ball for the first time. To join the fun and learn more, please visit


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