Create a friendly, unattended store for your employees and the public.


We’re passionate vending distributors with a cause. Technology is painfully absent for most of the vending world. We’re on a mission to change that by dramatically improving the ROI for Operators through low-cost hardware, increased sales, training and finding brand new revenue opportunities.

Micro markets may be considered an inevitable result of the increased productivity and lack of employees required for companies to remain successful. More and more there is a greater demand on an employee’s time with the expectation of high productivity levels to ensure that deliverables are completed in a timely manner. Micro markets have been one of the practical solutions to balancing employer/employee needs. Micro markets makes your breakroom automated – reducing employees, increasing break time satisfaction and changing a breakroom from a cost center to a profit center.

GAD designs and implements turnkey, unattended, and highly automated Micro Market self checkout technology. With, of course, technology to monitor your investment. For example, at the center of the 365 Micro Market is the 365 Kiosk, where users scan and pay for their items.

Micro Markets bring the unattended vending operator technology to increase sales, improve inventory refill and build return consumers.

And, a GAD vending solution can work for you to make this a reality. The space is evaluated for size and traffic flow. User traffic count is established. Route operator review of vend demand product is calculated, and bounced against industry standards to create a new mix and increase sales. Budget friendly with new vending machines, refurbishing existing machines with new payment technologies and used equipment can be mixed to fit the budget – finished with new signage for an appealing, customer friendly look. Plus, GAD has the extra items like condiment stands and microwaves to complete your new Micro Market. One invoice, one vendor. All this can change just a break room with vending machines into a fresh, smart phone friendly micro market concept for everyone to love!

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(Vending Marketing Watch) According to Deloitte University Press, Millennials “have recently inched past the other generations to corner the largest share of the US labor market.” For the first time in history, individuals who grew up in the digital age are bringing in new ideas and making demands on the type of work environment they thrive in. They are also the generation most likely to switch companies in 2-5 years (Deloitte, 2016), leading organizations to adopt new methods of attracting Millennials and keeping them engaged. MicroMarkets add to a company’s ability to retain Millennials because of their advanced technology, unique breakroom experience, and ability to offer diverse products. Here are 5 ways that MicroMarkets can appeal to the new generation of workers:

Strong Company Culture

Millennials are not easily “impressed by the sheer scale of a business, its age, or the general buzz that surrounds it (Deloitte, 2016).” Therefore, companies striving to attract and retain Millennials should invest in tools that will foster a strong culture, including organization transparency, technology, and food. MicroMarkets offer quality products, open layouts, multiple payment options (including fingerprint and payroll deduct), and employee discounts.

Work-Life Balance

Having a MicroMarket is a great way to show millennial employees that their employer is not only interested in work output, but their nutritional input. According to Forbes, for Millennials, “a job is no longer just a job ― it’s their life as well.” To attract and retain this type of worker, companies need to demonstrate mutual investment in their lives by offering ways to maintain the lifestyle they envision for themselves while working hard for the organization. That includes diverse product offerings, dietary foods, and the ability to make choices based on nutritional information.

Open, Collaborative Space

MicroMarkets lend themselves well to modern spaces. The open flow of the market combined with comfortable seating, such as couches or booths, gives the millennial worker a place other than the boardroom to interact and collaborate with coworkers. MicroMarkets are the new water cooler.

Healthy Food Options

Nearly 80% of Millennials say that they are using healthy foods as a preventative measure for illness and disease (USA Today, 2015). MicroMarkets can help employers capitalize on this growing trend towards healthier lifestyles by stocking nutritional foods, including gluten-free and protein-rich options. Items such as Jack Link’s beef jerky and Wonderful pistachios are simple offerings to start with. Believe it or not, many common vending products serve this purpose, if you know what to look for. KIND Bars, Sargento cheese sticks, and Orville Redenbacher popcorn are some healthier gluten-free snacks. (But be careful, as gluten-free products can vary by brand!) MicroMarkets also enable the availability of fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurt, salads, and other prepared foods.. These products can be leveraged to tie the breakroom experience into a company’s overall wellness initiatives.

Local, Sustainable Products

MicroMarkets enable stocking of locally-sourced products, thus protecting the environment and supporting the local economy. According to a 2015 Nielsen study, 66% of Millennials say they’re willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact. Millennials want to feel good about the products they’re purchasing and their impact on the world. Providing local products enhances positive experiences and loyalty with MicroMarkets.

Are You Ready for a Micro Market?

GAD vending team knows Micro Markets. A true, unattended Micro Market is very specialized to create a store like environment with the right mix of machines, security, payment systems and condiment organizers. Micro Markets allow you to create a friendlier lounge environment with customer friendly displays, varied product offerings and a store friendly feel. GAD knows how to create the environment you are looking for.