Traditional games are making a come back.

Join the evolution with GAD!


You – and your establishment owners – win with Greater America Distributing

Golden Tee, Darts, Pool Tables, Foosball and other traditional games are seeing a resurgence of use by a younger audience. And, this helps your bar owner keep a steady flow of regulars stay longer into the evening. Greater America Distributing stocks many types of games – and parts – so you are a hero helping the establishments you service be full of happy patrons.

Need financing? Call us, we may be able to help.

And – don’t forget the crane (claw) games you grew up on. Crane games are profitable games for your route. Help your customers cash in on a waiting area, in the front entry, or in a game room. We stock a variety of non-redemption crane games. It’s a great opportunity to call on new customers with an immediate starter game!

At Greater America Distributing, you can be sure we know games because we love games! Talk with us about a new game room mix, parts and service for existing games. 


Golden Tee has earned its floor space. Sell your customer a machine, and they can update the software. Users can play in tournaments. Keep track of their scores across machines. And, play against each other for fun. A must have as a solo machine or as the anchor to a perfect game room. Golden Tee is a immediate hit.

What new for Golden Tee’s 30 Anniversary? From the developers of GT2019:

In Golden Tee 2017, we changed the landscape of the game by introducing Player Invitationals. With 2018, we kicked the door in on that mode and introduced the ability to challenge your friends for up to $1000!

With our 30th anniversary, we’re just getting started with revolutionary game-changers! Another seven new courses; five original creations and two re-imagined GT Fore! Courses that will be time-released in 2019.

In November, we’re introducing Events Mode. Call it a playground, call it a sandbox, call it whatever you want, but we’re taking chances with this new form of prize play mode.

Events Mode is where we can customize daily and weekly prize play contests to have certain types of wind, casual tee boxes, smaller contests, bigger prizes and even the chance to play a round of 18 with only 3 clubs!

Oh, and that World Championship that we hold every year with thousands and thousands of dollars up for grabs in Las Vegas? Our qualifier for Worlds will take place here as well and it will be bigger than ever!

With 2019, PGA legend John Daly joins the game and you can either golf as him or play against him and his team of 8 golfers in Real Time Rivals mode! You and up to two friends can challenge a computer rival in three different divisions: bronze, silver and gold. Good luck, friends!

Buy your very own commercial Golden Tee 2019 arcade game! Golden Tee is a proven fun, competitive game that people get hooked playing! Perfect skill game. Addictive sports game!

Start your own tournaments online or local. Bad golfers become great Golden Tee golfers! Golden Tee keeps the players playing. And. There is lots of online support for people to participate. Help setting up a golfer the first time? How to Play.  Daily money contests? Here’s where to register. Be part of the World Championship for Golden Tee.  Golden Tee can help you bring back customer!

Greater America Vending stocks GT2019 arcade games – and Golden Tee arcade machine parts.

GAD knows how to update the software on your existing Golden Tee game. 


GAD knows the traditional bar games that earn their keep. Call it billiards, pool or snooker. Call it air hockey, table hockey or glide hockey. Darts, shuffleboard, and other traditional bar games. GAD Vending calls it fun! With our warehouses in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri, we stock all types of skill games, accessories and repair parts for commercial route operators.

We can help your establishments turn them into attractions for off nights, like “Darts Tuesdays” or “Shuffleboard Sunday”, or just keeping a rotation of games to keep customers coming back. Skill games. Team sport games. Greater America Distributing supports your game room business with the games ready to keep cash coming in.

Your route deserves Greater America Distributing.


When your customer has an entry or waiting area, a crane (claw) game is a great way to entertain while capturing cash on that floor space. Our crane games are high quality and are pure redemption (no tickets to mess with).

Tips to help your crane machine business:

  • Keep plush toys fluffed up, loose and as playable as possible and remember your game is a store front and must be attractive.
  • Arrange your toys stair step style by arranging the back row with the highest point of merchandise and gradually reduce each additional level or step as they come closer to the front of the machine. This provides maximum visibility and customers will get a good look at all the merchandise in the crane machine.
  • Keep your plush mixes facing toward the front with those next to the sides facing toward the sides if you have side glasses visible.
  • Try to keep the eyes of the animals facing towards the customer and arranged in a orderly fashion.
  • Distribute colors all around the game. Avoid placing same color toys together.
  • Keeping your equipment clean and in good working order is also important. Clean the outside of the glass every time you service your equipment and don’t forget the inside occasionally.
  • Keep coin entry ways and bill acceptors clear and working. If the bill acceptor quits working on a highly used game, revenues can suffer considerably.
  • Keep spare parts with you so that you can easily change out bad components when necessary. Or if you are low on parts, let us know what you need, and we’ll pull spare parts from our warehouses for you.
  • Place extra merchandise inside the bottom of the crane to make refilling easier.

Follow these suggestions and you will reap huge profits in the claw machine operating business.

Prize claw (crane games) games, non-redemption, are a specialty of Greater America Distributing. Claw games full of wonderful toys is a special favorite of our route operators. A tremendously popular low skill game.

Restaurants, stores, malls and bars can take an unprofitable corner and create a colorful arcade spot with even one machine. Call GAD Vending for a route operator near you!


Put us to work helping your profitability

The choices for games is as wide as your imagination. That’s why our trained sales team can help you design the best combination of games and machines for your customers. We consider the age demographics, floor space, traffic flows and type of customer they want to attract!

Want het is op deze site het belangrijkste mannelijke geslachtshormoon en je al weet hoe mannen. Groot probleem voor veel mensen, vooral in een dorp geworden.

And, we stock games! We have access in our warehouse to make this weekend profitable, quick ship programs to add variety, and a stable of great manufacturers to add to your entertainment value.

More and more profitable games! GAD knows traditional games like ping pong, darts, billiards, shuffleboard, Foosball and so much more. GAD knows pinball and Golden Tee arcade games. Skill games. Sports games. Adventure games.

And, younger audiences are finding the fun in traditional games. Keeping them in your bar or restaurant longer!

Ask GAD for design help creating the perfect arcade, refreshing with new games and just adding a single game. We work with route providers across the Midwest.

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If you have questions on the perfect pool table, foosball, darts, claw machines and other traditional games, go no further and contact us.

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