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Greater America Distributing (GAD) knows entertainment.

Need new pinball machines? Can do. Need the newest digital payment technology? Digital Jukebox music system? Remote cash management inventory control alerts on your ATM?  Preventative maintenance schedule? Talk with us and we’ll help you find the right solutions. And, our warehouses have new pinball machines, parts and cash management systems in stock to keep your machines entertaining your customers – not you running crazy trying to find parts on a Friday afternoon.

And, for the home game room, all of our new and used games are available for public purchase. If you are looking for arcade commercial grade equipment – AKA The Best – we have it available for pick up or arrange delivery. Many of our game creators also have home game versions available. And these are in stock too.

GAD takes trade-ins on customer entertaining equipment. Our service department knows these machines – from preventative maintenance to emergency parts. But there are times and various reasons for our customers to upgrade. GAD service techs go over these machines with a multi-point checklist and reconditioning process getting them ready for their new location.

GAD doesn’t post prices on our website because our customers generally are looking for a package of equipment, configurations, use environment, various payment systems options, shipping and installation. GAD sales team can provide firm pricing based on the project scope.

Across 5 states – Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota and Missouri – we have lots of games in service. Call us about our new pinball, arcade, games, digital music and ATM machine inventory. Shop our used list and let us know what you need. Then, keep GAD on speed dial for parts!

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Looking for the newest Stern Pinball? American Pinball, Jersey Jack and Chicago pinball? Need a new game in your arcade? Want information on ATM? Your bill changer isn’t working? Want better music with a digital catalog to entertain your crowd? Near me? Available today?