The perfect profitable addition to the cash side of your business.

GAD Knows How To Make ATM = ROI for Your Business

Think high cash, high traffic areas = high ROI

Own a business with lots of foot traffic and in need of customer access to cash? Prefer your customers pay you and tip in cash – instead of paying out credit card fees plus get the profit?

The profitable, simplistic formula is to add ATM’s!

Opportunities to look for include:

  1. Is your customer cash-based business and/or have lots of games?
  2. Is your customer getting asked where the nearest ATM is?
  3. Are there at least 150 people through the doors daily? Or for every customer there is a cash option (discount for cash).
  4. Is this a tip based business that staff prefers in cash?
  5. Is the business owner complaining about credit card processing fees? And can give a discount for cash?

Types of business good for ATM’s: game rooms, arcades, malls, nail salons, coin laundry, convenience stores, etc.

The keys to a successful ATM business are customer use month after month. Greater America Distributing is your full service ATM provider. GAD knows ATM from programming to install, and can train you how to watch your ATM so it stays stocked.

GAD helps you find the best fit for you and your customers. Start upselling ATM to your route today!

GAD Knows ATM Disinfection

ATM’s Disinfection and Antimicrobial Coatings Instill Customer Confidence


Even though the “pandemic is over”, cleanliness and disinfection is still a priority. Our Hyosung ATM’s have disinfectant systems built in and can be retrofitted.

If you have not done so yet, disinfection upgrade kits are available for Hyosung ATMs. We have chosen to address customer safety with installation services and LED lights. Each disinfection upgrade kit will be installed by certified technicians and include the following features:

  • Silver Ion Antimicrobial Touchscreen
  • Silver Ion Antimicrobial Keypad (plus function keys if required)
  • Violet Blue LED Sterilization Lights

Utilizing silver ion technology, which provides a 99.9% microbe growth reduction rate, Hyosung’s antimicrobial touchscreen and keypad upgrades are made from EPA-approved products that provide permanent protection by continuously inhibiting the growth of microbes such as bacteria, fungi and viruses.

For further protection, the upgrade kit also features violet blue LED lights to disinfect the most common ATM touch points including the touchscreen and keypad providing 99% sterilization. Violet blue LED light was selected because unlike UV light, it is harmless to humans and is already commonly used as a disinfectant in the medical field. This unique two-step approach provides superior protection for Hyosung ATM users.


In addition to the disinfection upgrade kits, Hyosung is announcing a new service for existing ATMs to apply an antimicrobial coating that will protect ATM surfaces. Certified technicians will apply the coating to ensure the ATM continues to function properly and recommend reapplying after six months.

Unlike solutions promoted by others, Hyosung’s disinfection solutions are easily implemented and do not change how the user interacts with the ATM. Offering the broadest coverage and longest-lasting protection, Hyosung has developed the most comprehensive approach for ATM safety in the industry.

Please contact Certified Dealer, GAD to determine which options are right for you.

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GAD Knows New and Used ATM Equipment


But we just don’t get used ATM machines often. Once an ATM is in a performing location, there is little reason to exchange the full machine. Pricing for new and used ATM is available on request. Please call us about ATM machines in inventory.

Are You Ready?

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