Why You Should Add Vending to Your Family Entertainment Center

Why You Should Add Vending to Your Family Entertainment Center

Why You Should Add Vending to Your Family Entertainment Center 988 675 GAD Vending


Adding arcade games to a bowling alley or skating rink has been profitable must for several years. But flying under the radar is vending, especially in our current economic and social environment. Family Entertainment Centers of any type can increase profits and improve customer experience without a massive investment through unattended drink and snack vending machines.

Vending machines provide convenient snacks and beverages that customers can easily purchase; there’s no need to staff an entire kitchen or even keep your snack bar open the entire time the your business is open. Vending machines can replace staff time during slow times and provide quick drinks or snacks during busy times.

Here are some ways vending machines can serve you, your customers, and even employees.

Improve Customer Satisfaction During Labor Shortages

Labor shortages mean longer wait times for often irate customers and keep them from playing more games. While this doesn’t solve labor problems, vending machines can give customers snack and drink options without adding staff. In addition, as you and your team attend to other, immediate customer needs, a vending machine quietly offers customer support 24/7.

Extra Revenue Without Overhead

According to industry reports, the average vending machine earns $75 weekly. However, well-stocked machines in high-traffic areas can make over $500 monthly. So, no matter where your vending machine falls on that range, that’s extra profits.

You can devote that money to employee appreciation, office supplies, prizes, or anything else to improve your day-to-day operations. Vending machines are sources of extra income that don’t require training or time off and are always on time.

Inventory Control

Vending machines can come with automated apps to help you with stocking, money acceptance issues and sales reports. This helps you keep your machine stocked. You know what products are selling so you can keep ahead of demand. Buy products in bulk, save money, and easily track expenses with quick runs to Costco, BJ’s, or even Amazon deliveries.

Diverse Options

Modern vending machines can be configured to deliver many different options. Whether you are looking to split a machine up with candy, drinks and food options. Or be a healthy alternative vending machines.

Why not sell branded socks at your skating rink? How about driving gloves at your go kart rink?

Provide delicious hot drinks in the winter or in a cold skating rink. Invest in a coffee vending machine with hot chocolate, fresh ground coffee, and espresso drinks options.

Don’t forget the parents that are hanging around for their kids. Make sure the quick items they’re tempted to run out for are fully stocked. Like charging cables, headphones and pain relief. Stock up with convenience store items like feminine products and office products.

Your imagination is the limit to what you can sell in a vending machine. All unattended.

Consider Investing in Two Vending Machines to Start

Most vending machine buyers start by getting one for beverages and one for snacks. While many machines offer enough space for both, specialty vending machines can be paired together for maximum dispensing and earning potential.

Soft Drink Vending Machines

Drink machines have evolved over the years to offer all sorts of beverages. New technologies also provide suggestive selling, digital advertising, and touchless purchasing. Offer water, energy drinks, coffee beverages, soda, and more.

Snack Vending Machines

Snacks are great for grab-and-go locations, whether sugary treats, chips, or healthy options; snack machines are a moneymaker that allows you and your staff to focus on other parts of the customer experience.

With all the types of payment options out there, keep in mind that machines can accept: Cash, Credit Cards, NFC capable of tap and go, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. In addition, some vending units allow custom skins for either branding or additional signage. For example, do you want to clarify that the beverage machine carries water? Why not let us customize it with a Water sign across the top? Want to extend your brand presence throughout a facility? We can put your logo on the units with any messaging you need.

Trust GAD for Your Vending Machine Needs

If a vending machine sounds perfect for your business, GAD offers a wide range of vending machines, vending machine parts, and technical services. As a family-owned business with sales offices nationwide, we’re here to meet all your vending needs.

Our staff comes to the table with over 100 years of industry experience and will work with you to ensure you have the right product for your location and optimized for profits.