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Understanding Vending Digital Advertising

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Crane Cleaning: Coffee Vending Machines

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How to daily clean and fill canisters in the Crane Vending Machines: Cali, Coti and Icon.

Crane Coffee Vending: A Long Standing Tradition of Excellence

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COTI Coffee Machine 

Crane’s Karin Sadler, Global Product Manager for Coffee, introduces Crane’s latest free standing hot drink machine to the US market. With over 3,500 machines deployed around the world, this Crane EMS introduction is a tested winner.

GAD Vending is a distributor for Crane EMS in the Midwest. Contact us in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa for sales and service.

Fit Pick – Your Healthy Vending Options

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Fit Pick is the vending industry’s signature nutrition outreach initiative. Since its launch in 2005, FitPick machines have been available to millions of vending machine patrons. Currently, close to 15,000 American organizations – schools, hospitals, workplaces and all branches of the U.S. military – are participating in the program.

For workplaces, the Fit Pick program features new nutrition guidelines with absolute value requirements that are easy for operators and consumers to understand. Fit Pick Select, the program designed for schools, hospitals and other locations, has adopted the USDA Sart Snacks in School nutrient standards, helping ensure the program is approved in all health-oriented settings.

NAMA has tapped he Nutrition Advisory Council of outside nutrition experts, influencers from leading universities and health organizations, and its Healthy Vending and Micro Market Leadership Committee to help craft and explain the new guidelines.

New colorful graphics grab consumers’ attention and promote brand awareness.


As We Open Up – New Cleaning Standards For Your Equipment

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While many of our vending machines, digital music and ATMs have been located in essential business – many of our customers are just opening up.

Don’t go it alone! Harsh chemicals will destroy graphics and parts. If you’ve been open during the pandemic, you should be using these guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your equipment. If something is not addressed here, please contact GAD Vending for manufacturer recommendations for cleaning.

For all our route provides, end users, maintenance crews and service personnel – here are articles and video on the new level of COVID cleaning standards.


3 Ways Vending Is Providing Safer Retail – The Social Distancing Hero

How to Clean Your Crane Vending Machine: Daily Cleaning and Disinfecting

3 Additional Ways Owner/Operators Can Keep Their Machines COVID Clean

Vending Machines – A Controlled, Safe Method to Provide Food and Beverages to Consumers – Part II



New! Hyosung ATM Disinfection Kits Coming Soon


Starting Up Your AMI Jukebox Post-Pandemic



Looking to Remote Control Your Vending Machines?

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There are many new software upgrades in the remote management world of vending machines. As we move beyond COVID, there will remain residual desires to keep your equipment clean, well stocked and managed. Crane Remote Software solutions give you many options to control your vending business.

Vending Machine Coffee: Transforming the Way You Experience Coffee

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Perception meets reality. From the moment when a made-to-order selection is made from the 18 delicious selections, to choosing the most convenient method of payment, to the interactive messaging, to the delivery of a delicious finished product, VOCE MEDIA delivers a positive consumer experience. VOCE MEDIA serves barista style specialty beverages that broaden appeal to Generation Y consumers, while building consumption beyond the traditional morning day part. With the same brewing process as equipment used in the high end coffee retail channel, the VOCE MEDIA finished drink profile mirrors all of the important attributes of consistency, taste, aroma, color and appearance.

VOCE MEDIA increases daily use. Hot beverages are an essential part of our lives. They provide refreshment, enjoyment and comfort. They wake us up, keep us going, stimulate good conversation and fulfill our occasional desire for indulgence. It’s a very personal process and that’s why the VOCE MEDIA ATM user interface puts the consumer in control. Choose 18 selections; determine the strength of coffee, the amount of sugar or creamer to brew a drink specific to your taste. We’ll even give you a 4-digit PIN to order your custom drink on ensuing visits. VOCE MEDIA is a destination for great drinks, conveniently and consistently served.

We’re serving the highest quality coffees from the patented Oltre™ brewer.

The Oltre brewer is designed to exceed the highest performance standards. Brew chamber diameter, coffee cake size and peristaltic pump delivers optimum flavor extraction. The easy to clean mesh filter screen simplifies operational maintenance. Performance reliability is assured by over four million lab test vends.

Engage customers based on the innovative Crane Media Platform.

Integrate a Crane payment system. Allowing your customers to pay with cash or card. Includes built in telemetry for out of the box cashless options and remote service monitoring.

The complete Crane VOCE MEDIA solution gives you:

  • Reliable performance
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Small footprint

Contact GAD Vending to try the VOCE vending beverages for yourself – and replace your outdated, expensive and COVID problem office coffee station.

How to Clean Your Crane Vending Machine: Daily Cleaning and Disinfecting

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As a distributor of Crane Merchandising Vending machines, we’ve learned how to clean, repair and maintain vending machines. Our route sales customers rely on GAD Vending for parts, reconfiguration and retrofitting cashless solutions.

Learn More About Crane Vending Cashless Touchless Options

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Crane is the industry leader in cashless, touch-less options for vending and game machines. GAD Vending is an authorized distributor for Crane in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

How Can A Cashless Kiosk Work for You!

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crane kiosk pdf

Featuring enhanced recognition technology, faster note-to-note speed, and improved bar-code recognition, the Crane MEI® SC Advance™ offers a variety of cash box options to ensure best fit. Additional product enhancements can add functionality to this banknote validator resulting in tailored solutions for gaming, retail, financial service, or parking applications.

The SC Advance offers a lower cost of ownership with its reliable, field proven technology. Low jam rates and exceptional performance create more machine up-time resulting in higher revenue and increased user satisfaction.

Talk with GAD Vending about how the Crane Cashless Solutions can work for you!