Reimagine Vending Coffee

Reimagine Vending Coffee

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Reimage Changing Your Brand Loyalty in 6 Square Feet

It’s hard to compete with Big Coffee when they have a shop on every street corner and a box on every grocery store shelf, but it doesn’t have to
be. Instead, colonize the corner of every car dealership, bakery, gym, and
daycare drop off with custom, bean grinding coffee machines. Your brew is there to earn new loyalists whenever, wherever they feel the urge for caffeine. Our COTI customizable self-service coffee machine lets you design your
experience. When your customers want a cup of coffee, you’ll be the first
brand they see.

Gone are the days of instant coffee. If you think self-service can’t offer a premium selection, luxury experience and high-end taste, think again. We
build and fill per your requirements. Want to offer specialty drinks? Want to have a coffee plus other hot beverages? Want the fresh ground bean experience? Just tell us what you want.

If you’re ready to promote your brand, open new revenue streams, and keep your propriety blends top of mind and palate for everyone, talk to us.