Reimagine Vending

Reimagine Vending

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Coming out of COVID there are new business facts many are struggling with – and reimagining vending can jump in to help your bottom line.

Is your business positioned to make a sale at the exact right moment, 24/7? Are your products were your customers are? Would eliminating staff help your overall business? Take a moment and brainstorm new solutions.

Sell at the Airport

What a better place to find specialty customers that are in a hurry and will spend at a premium to get what they want when they want it.

This goes for a variety of food options, drinks, and specialty items like beauty and electronics. And, GAD can help you customize your vending machine to enhance your brand vision.

If you are a manufacturer or importer, this is an excellent place to seek new end users and bring in a new revenue stream with minimal efforts.

And, with a vending machine, you limit theft, employee costs and can automate payment processing to reduce cash.

Sell at a Festival

It takes a tremendous amount of capital investment to promote a concert, festival or outdoor event. To become a long term business, it takes keeping the immediate gratification of event goers happy.

Most events only consider food trucks – which is a great idea but sometimes they have issues from not enough food to too long cook times to breaks in the music can cause very long wait times (drags down the entire vibe). If you are looking to speed up service to your event goers and increase your profits, vending can supplement your food service.

Add vending machines with snacks, healthy food options or quick meals. Vending machines can be there to dispense quick comfort items like sunscreen, breath aides, hand sanitizer and other beauty items. A vending machine can also dispense liquids. Even alcohol if you have necessary restrictions already in place.

Sell at a School

Middle and High schools are excellent locations for vending machines.

A specialty vending machine can be stocked with all types of student supplies like folders, calculators, pens and paper. And, most students have phones so they can pay without having to bring extra money to school. Vending machines can be specially outfitted to replace a school store. Consider stocking with school colors, branded t-shirts and any specialty items for game day.

This is an excellent idea for PTA’s or student organizations to raise money. It can be used as a learning tool for the business class as it can teach inventory, cost of goods, accounting and marketing.

Sell at a Swimming Pool

What’s better in the summer than a swimming pool? But that can be easily changed to a nightmare when you forget the sunscreen.

A swimming pool – neighborhood, city park or hotel pool can be a great place for a specialty vending machine stocked not just with sunscreen but googles, water wings, absorbent towels and so much more.


The best part is, this frees up staff to be invested in safety instead of selling something.


Sell at the Gym 

What does everyone need a the gym? Sell it in a vending machine!

Vending goes so far beyond just selling healthy foods and drinks from a vending machines. Try loading with….

  • Head phones.
  • Chargers.
  • Specialty lifting gloves.
  • Microfiber towels.
  • Specialty phone armbands.
  • After workout muscle pain remedies.

Looking for more inspiration? Try the QR code below. Call GAD and we can help.