How Vending Can Solve Fourth Wall Revenue

How Vending Can Solve Fourth Wall Revenue

How Vending Can Solve Fourth Wall Revenue 2048 1011 GAD Vending

Most retailers have dead space that isn’t earning as much revenue as it should. Smart, large box retailers look at every inch to make sure they maximize not only customer experience but also profitability. And so should you.

Vending is an excellent way to achieve this.

First, vending machines aren’t cheap but they are unattended, use very little floor space and can be changed out to various uses as demand dictates. For example, who would have thought 6 years ago we’d be outfitting PPE solution vending machines? But the pandemic changed that.

Vending machines payment solutions have changed with the times as well. While cash is accepted, there are touchless solutions available as well. There are apps as well so returning customers can program their favorites in for quick ordering. The apps also help the vending owner with inventory control, out of service issues and so much more!

Plus vending machines can be so easily branded to your business. Give your customer added flexibility to choose what they want, when they want it.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking how a specialty vending machine can satisfy your customer and increase your cash flow:

  • Give the bartender a helping hand! Bars are using vending machines to vend individual drink options like champagne, canned drinks and beer. (Visit your state’s liquor license requirements first.) These drink vending machines are also popular at festivals, entertainment zones, concerts and other venues with a closed area, high traffic and a party waiting to happen!
  • Put a vending machine near a swimming pool. Load it with sunscreen, inflatables and water wings.
  • In a school, vending machines can have office supplies, binders and all types of classroom necessities.
  • Showroom samples are easily branded in a vending machine.
  • Employee vending machines can have a mini store stocked with over the counter medications, simple safety items, and more.
  • Put in a Crane coffee vending machine with a whole bean grinder to replace a coffee station or expensive k-cup machine.
  • A beauty vending machine has many possibilities to maximize floor space. Try in a mall, airport or hotel – wherever they is high foot traffic.
  • Add a utility payment kiosk.
  • A coin changer machines are a popular machine. It helps your customer redeem their coins and gives you a source of change for your establishment.
  • Create an electronics vending machine with headphones, chargers and other electronics to create a shoplifting secure, unattended solution.

For more ideas, take a look at Crane’s LookBook here. Contact GAD for more ideas, brainstorming and information.

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