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5 Tips for Selecting the Right Vending Management System

5 Tips for Selecting the Right Vending Management System 1800 1200 GAD Vending

Succeeding with Vending Management System

While most vending operators are well aware of the importance of a good vending management system (VMS), when it comes to continued investment in new technology, making the right choices can be tricky. With an ever-expanding field of providers and experts, operators face a lot of decisions. We break down the best way for operators to shop when they’re looking to add new features and functionality to their VMS.

1.    Pick an Open Platform Solution

When it comes to making a new investment, the last thing you’ll want to have to worry about is migrating data. Look for solutions that provide an open platform with multiple integration options data sharing between your VMS and other business systems.

2.   Pick a solution that is intuitive

New technology means time spent onboarding employees both new and seasoned. When it comes to investing in add-ons to their VMS, operators should focus on platforms that are intuitive and user-friendly to maximize employee use and minimize training needs.

3.    Pick a solution that allows employees to use their own devices

An investment in new technology seems expensive, especially when hardware is considered, but with a focus on mobile technology, these expenses can be negated. Operators should seek solutions that are mobile-friendly (across both Apple and Android operating systems) and ideally allow associates to access software tools right from their own mobile devices or tablets. Additionally, technologies that are compatible with cloud-based systems that allow for the dissolution of location-based servers.

4.    Prioritize real-time data

Data means actionable insights, but only if you have it when you need it. Prioritize live data that can be shared between drivers in the field and supervisors in the office to increase efficiency in every route visit.

5.    Pick a solution that allows phased upgrades

For operators with large workforces, the idea of having to update everyone’s devices can be daunting. Operators should look for platforms that allow for phased upgrades, enabling them to update as they replace old devices. This means you can follow an upgrade path that is modular and can be executed in phase.

The Takeaway

As you continue to update and invest in your Vending Management System, ask us how you can implement smart, economical solutions that maximize efficiency in your operation.


Self Check Out Solutions

Self Check Out Solutions 750 520 GAD Vending

GAD Knows Self Check-Out

GAD is a proud authorized distributor for Crane CPI solutions.

Think self check out is a solution for your business? Any size business can benefit with flexible and cost effective self-checkout solutions. We work for retailers, bars, restaurants, gas stations – anyone that needs help with quick checkout.

Self checkout satisfies grab and go, multi-payment solutions and self checkout. GAD offers turnkey solutions, custom solutions and creative payment solutions.

Don’t loose customers to lines. 81% of customers avoid stores with long lines.

Adding a Coin Counter is Smart Business

Adding a Coin Counter is Smart Business 1009 818 GAD Vending

The fastest, most reliable and highly accurate coin counter machine. Coinmax™ is a self-service coin counting machine which is fast, highly accurate, easy to use and best of all…affordably priced.

Make the most of coin-saving habits and leverage the high demand for coin redemption by adding a coin counting machine to your business.

  • Financial institutions benefit from increased branch traffic, enhanced customer loyalty and improved teller line efficiencies.
  • Grocery stores can make more profit as well as improve customer service by adding a reliable and easy-to-use coin counting machine to their storefront.
  • Gaming establishments can free-up cashiers, generate incremental revenue and recycle coin in-house.

All models feature:

  • Against the wall or through the wall configurations
  • DIP card reader for direct deposit options at credit unions or banks
  • On-screen advertising for promotions and up-selling with sound and video


  • Bin or bag-style coin collection options:

– Single bin – 70,000 mixed coin capacity

– Dual bin – 140,000 mixed coin capacity

– Bag capture with 8 or 16 sorted bags

– 78,000 coins total in 16 bags

– 36,000 coins total in 8 bags

– Bag capture with 16 mixed bags – 80,000 coins total

  • Enhanced coin discrimination: suspect coins are uncounted and diverted to a coin-return cup instantly with no interruption to sorting. Accuracy is a critical component in coin processing. When properly operated and maintained Coinmax™’s high-precision coin discrimination technology differentiates coin more precisely, providing more accurate totals.
  • Advanced debris management: non-coin debris such as paper clips, screws, bolts and bent coin are diverted to a debris cup for easy disposal, preventing interference with coin processing.
  • Efficient bag management: simpler, more intuitive bag management screens present full bags to the attendant without reaching into the machine for access. Enables faster bag changing making less work for attendant and machine is back in service quickly.
  • Multiple user fee options: provide multiple levels of consumer-defined user fees.  Includes the ability to waive fees for account holders, assess fees for non-account holders and set transaction limit amounts to determine when user fees are applied.
  • Extensive transaction reporting: allows for the monitoring of tasks performed, transaction histories, usage and machine statistics for management reports.
  • Multiple languages: allows custom tailoring of language to your consumers.
  • Customizable transaction receipt: your logo or message can be printed on the top and bottom of the consumer receipt.
  • Coin program options: flexible coin program options let you buy, leaserent or place a self-service coin counter in your store, branch, or casino.

Payback Math

While every business has a different payback calculation, this is just an example of what a grocery store could experience. Depending on leasing the coin counting machine or purchasing, expected payback on $2,800 a week in coin volume and a user fee of 11.9%, the years to payback are under 2.1 years.

Coin recycling is also critical. Business’ can reduce their purchased coin spend by recycling what comes through the coin counting machines.

This is the fastest, most reliable and highly accurate coin counter machine around. CoinMax is a self service solution and is fast, highly accurate and affordably priced.

GAD is a certified Crane Coinmax distributor. Our sales team can help you with the best locations for this machine and security tips and tricks.

How Vending Can Solve Fourth Wall Revenue

How Vending Can Solve Fourth Wall Revenue 2048 1011 GAD Vending

Most retailers have dead space that isn’t earning as much revenue as it should. Smart, large box retailers look at every inch to make sure they maximize not only customer experience but also profitability. And so should you.

Vending is an excellent way to achieve this.

First, vending machines aren’t cheap but they are unattended, use very little floor space and can be changed out to various uses as demand dictates. For example, who would have thought 6 years ago we’d be outfitting PPE solution vending machines? But the pandemic changed that.

Vending machines payment solutions have changed with the times as well. While cash is accepted, there are touchless solutions available as well. There are apps as well so returning customers can program their favorites in for quick ordering. The apps also help the vending owner with inventory control, out of service issues and so much more!

Plus vending machines can be so easily branded to your business. Give your customer added flexibility to choose what they want, when they want it.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking how a specialty vending machine can satisfy your customer and increase your cash flow:

  • Give the bartender a helping hand! Bars are using vending machines to vend individual drink options like champagne, canned drinks and beer. (Visit your state’s liquor license requirements first.) These drink vending machines are also popular at festivals, entertainment zones, concerts and other venues with a closed area, high traffic and a party waiting to happen!
  • Put a vending machine near a swimming pool. Load it with sunscreen, inflatables and water wings.
  • In a school, vending machines can have office supplies, binders and all types of classroom necessities.
  • Showroom samples are easily branded in a vending machine.
  • Employee vending machines can have a mini store stocked with over the counter medications, simple safety items, and more.
  • Put in a Crane coffee vending machine with a whole bean grinder to replace a coffee station or expensive k-cup machine.
  • A beauty vending machine has many possibilities to maximize floor space. Try in a mall, airport or hotel – wherever they is high foot traffic.
  • Add a utility payment kiosk.
  • A coin changer machines are a popular machine. It helps your customer redeem their coins and gives you a source of change for your establishment.
  • Create an electronics vending machine with headphones, chargers and other electronics to create a shoplifting secure, unattended solution.

For more ideas, take a look at Crane’s LookBook here. Contact GAD for more ideas, brainstorming and information.

GAD Knows Vending

4 Ways Vending Operators Can Get Smart About New Payment Options

4 Ways Vending Operators Can Get Smart About New Payment Options 750 520 GAD Vending

Vending: the Current State

It’s a familiar scene for anyone in the vending industry: a machine with so many payment peripherals that it’s hard for the eyes to focus. Coin acceptance, note acceptance, card acceptance, media screen, keypad, possibly even an additional device for cashless or closed loop acceptance. What the customer doesn’t know but the operator is well aware of: inside there are countless more devices supporting payment, including a telemeter, audit master, maybe even a diagnostic tool.

Not only does the current market offering of payment technology for vending mean multiple devices from multiple vendors and multiple service protocols, but also yields an unpleasant user and visual experience for customers.

So, how can vending move towards a more streamlined payment model? Crane CPI compiled our top recommendations for the future of vending payment systems to keep machines simple and users happy.

1. Don’t Count Out Cash

Cash continues to play an important role in the vending market. Not only do a majority of consumers prefer cash for purchases under $5 (the vending sweet spot), but cash payment systems have advanced to do more than just count coins.

What does the future of the coin changer look like? Think a changer that acts as an MBD master, can accept closed loop payment, and can even diagnose its own device problems.

What’s more? Having cash in your machine costs you nothing after the initial purchase. No upkeep fees, no connection costs, no processing fees, all while giving your customers the payment flexibility they expect.

2. Streamline With An All-In-One Device

One stone, many birds: the beauty of installing an all-in-one device. Looking at vending payment systems, opting for an all-in-one ePayment terminal provides operators with a streamlined way to eliminate multiple customer touchpoints, as well as reduce service costs associated with having multiple payment devices.

Look for devices that include a screen, all elements of cashless acceptance (closed loop reader, magstripe reader, chip and PIN acceptance, contactless and mobile acceptance, and telemeter). Even better? A card reader that fits directly over your bill validator to accommodate cash and ePayment acceptance in a single payment terminal. With future models incorporating a built-in antenna, operators can even avoid needing to drill additional holes in the machine, all while cutting down on installation time.

The future of payment will rely heavily on new technology trends like mobile and Bluetooth payment, so it’s important for operators to look at future ready solutions that can accommodate these payment types with a simple software upgrade.

3. Think Modular

Not ready to go all in with an all in one device? Think about purchasing payment systems that allow you to add on modularly. This can mean starting with coin, closed loop acceptance and telemetry, and adding on a card reader when you’re ready. Not ready to commit to a card reader? Look for a closed loop system that can also accommodate cashless payment via mobile app.

4. Don’t forget about software

Effective payment doesn’t stop at the point of sale. Especially in countries with audit laws, monitoring and proper payment reporting is critical. By opting for a single supplier, you can ensure that all of your payment devices are managed, upgraded, and monitored from a single platform.

The Takeaway

As payment continues to evolve, particularly in the ever-flexible vending space, it’s important for operators to realize that payment is not a one-size fits all game. Customer needs and demands are constantly evolving, and the most effective approach continues to be to accept whatever is in the customer’s wallet—rather than dictate how the customer should pay.

Whatever your payment strategy looks like, GAD Vending is able to work directly with operators to customize solutions to accommodate your best payment solution.