Pinball Tournaments Bring In Customers. Learn How!

Pinball Tournaments Bring In Customers. Learn How! 850 545 GAD Vending

Hosting a pinball tournament is an excellent way to build foot traffic. This is the type of event that has become much easier with internet products like Stern’s Insider connected. This is something easy to set up for Memorial Day 2023 to test how well this will work for your establishment.

Step 1 – When

Create an event calendar that you can promote two or three events at one time. You may want to have a Golden Tee tournament, a pinball tournament and a dart league in the second half of 2023. Include the idea of quick knowledge or trivia tournaments with your AMI digital music system.

Start with a busy holiday weekend like Memorial Day to get people to sign up for summer leagues.

Step 2 – How

Have you ever wanted to run your own pinball tournament, but not sure how? This is a great way to grow the pinball community at your location and the Stern Army is here to help! We’ll show you how easy it is.

If you are looking to add a Golden Tee tournament, contact us at GAD if you have questions.

AMI digital music systems are easy and quick to set up knowledge or trivia contests to your offerings.

Step 3 – Marketing

The key to any event is awareness marketing.

  • Promote in your establishment.
  • Have nice flyers created to distribute –
    • In the shopping area around you.
    • Post on coffee shop bulletin boards.
    • Ask your staff to promote to their influence groups.
    • Hand out to your regulars.
  • Make sure you post your pinball tournament at the IFPA.
  • Promote on your social media.
  • Add to event calendars like 

Considering A Digital Music Solution? Choose GAD’s AMI Jukebox

Considering A Digital Music Solution? Choose GAD’s AMI Jukebox 2048 1346 GAD Vending

So much more than the tradition juke box that played a selection of music. The AMI Digital Juke Box solution can do so much more. Here’s just a few innovative ideas:

  • AMI’s background music solution add on feature keeps the music going. Let AMI seamlessly play background music until a paid selection is made. This way you reduce your human DJ needs, increase your patrons selecting their own music and have a revenue stream on top of it all.
  • AMI takes care of all your ASCAP reporting. You can program less expensive music selections in the slow parts of your day and pump it up as the busier day parts hit. This way you maximize your music spend and streamline reporting.
  • Add on your trivia games with AMI. This way you have a single solution to your week. AMI can appear on all your screens and run the game for you.
  • Advertise specials at a moments notice. Want to run a food special to keep people in your place? AMI has an app that allows your managers to have specials ready to post at a moment’s notice. This way you can anticipate your kitchen’s pace so you please both your staff with larger receipts and your customers with specials.
  • Set up incentives for you staff to use the juke box as well. This is available to sign up for on AMI’s website.
  • AMI is your partner. Once your customer has the AMI app, they are engaged to purchase music, participate in AMI contests and get rewards from AMI. This gets more out of your AMI revenue stream.

Contact GAD to find out more on how the AMI digital juke box solutions can work for you.

Your Commercial Establishment is Missing Out if You Don’t Have AMI

Your Commercial Establishment is Missing Out if You Don’t Have AMI 530 357 GAD Vending

What’s on tap? AMI ad manager for bars, venues and restaurants around the country. GAD sells AMI through various channels. You may be referred to one of our quality partners to provide your AMI Digital Jukebox.

AMI ad manager is compatible with all AMI digital systems, AMI jukeboxes and Tap TV.

AMI Ad Manager is a promotional tool that transforms your AMI products into powerful digital signage systems. It’s a great tool for businesses looking to promote their services, daily specials, or upcoming events.

You can create, edit, and schedule ads from the palm of your hand using AMI’s all-new Co-Pilot app or from your computer.

With over a thousand pre-made templates to choose from, and an easy-to-use interface, it takes just minutes for installers, business owners, or designated location staff members to build a rotation of custom digital signage.

  • Begin by choosing from a library of pre-made ad templates, easily searchable by keyword, theme, or event type
  • Personalize the messaging with your own custom text
  • Target a specific audience (families, happy hour, late night crowd, etc.) by setting its date range and hours of display
  • Publish your ad!

You can even upload and schedule your own custom-made images for display via the AMI operator website.

If you are missing AMI Ad Manager, talk with your GAD rep today. 

Are You Ready For Tap TV?

Are You Ready For Tap TV? 1274 667 GAD Vending

Tap TV Trivia reinvents the traditional game show – turning the television audience into real-time contestants. That’s right – we put YOUR customers on TV. Patrons face off against trivia fans from around the country, while earning themselves, and your business, a spot on our national leaderboards. Set up tournaments to drive patron engagement, extend dwell time and boost repeat business as customers return to improve their score and move up in the rankings!

Connect your customers with fun, fast-paced trivia action without the hassle of buying or renting tablets and other controllers.

With the Tap TV app in hand, our players use their own smartphone to answer questions that appear on in-store TVs connected to our media player. With multiple categories and tens of thousands of entertaining questions, Tap TV Trivia has a game for every type of trivia aficionado. Setting up and running trivia tournaments builds on the app’s power to keep patrons engaged.

Ask GAD how this works! GAD Knows AMI Tap TV

Looking for Digital Music? GAD Has The Solutions for You

Looking for Digital Music? GAD Has The Solutions for You 531 354 GAD Vending

AMI Co Pilot Owner App

GAD recommends the AMI Co Pilot app for our digital music venues. What can the AMI Co Pilot app do for you?

  • Check digital music revenue
  • Remote control your venue’s digital delivery systems (TV’s and sound system)
  • Program different types of music based on day parts
  • Reject songs (ie reject for offensive language in a family establishment)
  • Control bumper music when a live band comes on/takes a break
  • AMI Ad Manager Tools

Learn more and download the app at AMI. 

AMI User Music App

Make your customers’ user experience immersive! You and your patrons can control the music, vibe and playlists. This can change through the evening and is a great way to add a revenue channel to your bar, restaurant, store or arcade.

Users get ease of pay, a wide music/music video selection and AMI helps promote use through user contests and promotions. Here’s how:

  • Easy for users to pay for music – credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay.
  • A wide library of music and music videos makes this app a winner.
  • You, as the AMI owner, can limit the song selections or change the popular list.
  • AMI offers bonuses on users music purchases. Promotes user contests. And allows users to personalize their AMI experience.

Learn more and download the AMI Music App here. 

If you have questions if AMI digital music and jukeboxes are right for you, and you are located in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas, call GAD for customer service. GAD knows music.

AMI Digital Music Newest Promotion

AMI Digital Music Newest Promotion 1024 1024 GAD Vending

AMI digital music is a venue’s best friend. And here’s how:

  • Digital music
  • Adds to a live DJ
  • Tracks music for ASCAP reporting
  • Runs promotions and ads
  • Allows customers to pay for music they want to play
  • Trivia games
  • Music videos
  • And, AMI helps promote their own product with giveaways on their app

Most current promotion for July 2022:

AMI celebrates the music of Kehlani by giving away two exclusive prizes in their latest contest. The Grand Prize winner will receive a Kehlani “Altar” hoodie, an autographed art card, and Kehlani’s latest CD, Blue Water Road. One runner up will also receive a signed art card and CD, plus a Kehlani long-sleeve t-shirt. This giveaway runs July 1, 2022 through July 13, 2022. Everyone can enter using the AMI Music app, available on iOS and Android. Contest entry is also available on any participating AMI Jukebox.

Kehlani was born and raised in Oakland, California. At home, they were surrounded by R&B and soul music. Powerful female vocalists like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott are cited as some of their biggest early influences. At school, Kehlani was serious about dance and had their sights focused on studying at Julliard until being sidetracked by a knee injury. Switching gears from dancing, they were soon recruited into Poplyfe- a local singing group, at the age of 14.

Poplyfe experienced success in and around Oakland but were exposed to a national audience when they appeared on season six of the competition reality show America’s Got Talent, in 2011, where they finished fourth. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the show was judge Piers Morgan telling Kehlani “You’ve got real talent, but I don’t think you need the group.” As fate would have it, Poplyfe soon disbanded because of mismanagement and contract disputes, and Kehlani became a solo artist.

It was 2013 when Kehlani released their first single on Soundcloud. “ANTISUMMERLUV” was popular on the streaming platform, and once Nick Cannon–who was a judge on AGT–heard it, he brought them out to Los Angeles, arranged an apartment and paid for studio time. Kehlani quickly released their first mixtape–Cloud 19 in 2014. The rest of the pieces easily fell into place and by 2018, They were the opening act on Demi Lovato’s “Tell Me You Love Me” world tour. Kehlani has also been featured on chart-topping tracks with some of pop’s biggest names: Charlie Puth, Cardi B, and Justin Bieber.

Currently, their “Blue Water Road” tour kicks off on July 30th in Raleigh, North Carolina and travels across the US, then to the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. AMI is excited to offer fans the opportunity to win some signed Kehlani merchandise. For a limited time, AMI jukeboxes will also be featuring a playlist of their songs. Everyone is encouraged to check out the playlist and enter the contest using the AMI Music app or by visiting a nearby AMI jukebox venue.

Past AMI app merchandise promotions included:

  • June 2022 Warren Zeiders
  • April 2022 Fontaines D.C.
  • March 2022 Keith Richards
  • Jan 2022 Motorhead

GAD Knows AMI Entertainment. Let us help you create an immersive music experience.

NEW! AMI Co-Pilot App

NEW! AMI Co-Pilot App 469 483 GAD Vending

Designed for those that own a route with lots of AMI customers or the manager with multiple locations. This app does so much for you.

Operator Features

AMI Co-Pilot is a powerful mobile tool for operators and AV installers always on the go. Simply download the app and sign in with your AMI Operator Website credentials to view route connections, check revenue, access contact information, get driving directions, add/edit location managers, control installed systems, and more!

Venue Controls

Common actions previously done by using the remote control provided with your jukebox are now built into AMI Co-Pilot! Reject unwanted songs, power your device on and off during bands or sporting events, and even reboot your jukebox right from your own phone.

AMI Ad Manager Support

AMI Co-Pilot also includes an optimized version of our widely popular Ad Manager tool. In four quick steps, operators, installers, business owners and staff can create and schedule digital signage promoting their own goods and services! Ads created on your phone appear within minutes on your AMI equipment.

Want a demo? Need more information? GAD knows AMI!

Bar Tournaments to Drive Bar Traffic

Bar Tournaments to Drive Bar Traffic 617 360 GAD Vending

COVID is brutal on getting consistent foot traffic. Taking aside the new protocols, here’s ideas (some new – some reinforcing) to better repeat traffic in your bar, restaurant or barcade.


Trivia made easy with AMI digital music systems. The digital game master has lots of great games to choose from. Run on every screen in the house for easy social distancing.

AMI also helps you by running contests on to users. This encourages app usage for both gaming and music playing. You, as the owner, has lots of options what to charge for and what’s free.


Want to turn your slowest night into your busiest? Looking to attracting a competitive audience? Near a gym and want to capture the post-workout crowd? How about a tournament?

Darts are a good one to start with. The G3-Fire can be connected to the internet to create a league with even a few people to start. The G3-Fire is a brilliant red to brighten even the darkest corner.

Billiards – what more can we say? Pool is a favorite with lots of variations to tournament, team or individual play.

Golden Tee also has internet leagues, contests and other built in games. Or work to create your own league. The new Golden Tee PGA is just shipping now, so this is a brand new game for the Golden Tee fan.

Pinball games are getting in the action by adding new internet capabilities. You can run a tournament. Join Stern Army. But always, and we mean always, keep the high scores on the game!

Tournaments should have some type of prize. Check with your local jurisdiction as to what you can and can not award!

Tournament Play Control

If you aren’t using some of the preset internet leagues, try an app like Match Play to control your tournament. Players can enter their score, with you controlling the official approval. You choose the games from head-to-head, round robin, elimination, best score, ladder brackets…. This allows you to run tournaments over time. Change the type of tournament to entertain your audience. And – extend the contest so everyone who wants can participate.

If you want a simple, manual bracket game – try printing a large format bracket. Or use chalkboard paint on a wall and draw or paint a bracket.


Think ahead to make the game approachable. Everyone likes to participate and win!

  • Grand “Prize”
  • Best Fan Club
  • Make it a team sport
  • Announce winners across your TV screens with AMI Ad Manager
  • Consolation prizes are always a hit – worse ball, best flipper, etc.
  • Prizes can be money, trophies, medals, gift cards, bar swag (free advertising!), or other prizes

Don’t Drag It Out – But Maybe You Can

Pay attention to how long your tournament will last. You don’t want people to get too bored and leave. Or a tournament you can’t finish within last call.

Think about your tournament running over multiple evenings or on a particular week day. Invite players back for a “best of” tournament – along with drink/food specials.

Run a triathlon of games. Every Tuesday is a different game that accumulates points. Darts, Pinball, Golden Tee, etc. Players have 4 weeks to complete each station to their best score.

Start Your Own Pinball Tournament

Interested? Looking for more resources?

  1. Professional and Amateur Pinball Association ( guidelines.
  2. Stern Army
  3. International Flipper Pinball Association
  4. Bullshooter Dart League Downloadable Ads

Call GAD Vending office closest to you or our Omaha office at (402) 553-2812. Our staff has extensive knowledge in tournament resources

*The suggestions in this article are general. Make sure you check your local NE, SD, KS, MO or IO laws about gaming, awards and tournament rules before you choose the tournament type and rules that work for you. GAD Knows and Sells Games, Pinball, Pool and Arcade.

What’s New? AMI NGX Mini 3

What’s New? AMI NGX Mini 3 278 198 GAD Vending

Choosing a new jukebox to add to your route doesn’t have to be a complicated decision. Today, there are lots of similarities across brands – from great lighting and sound, to mobile integration, to having all the music that matters most.

How is AMI different? That’s easy! AMI generates better profitability with both song AND music video plays, simplifies your life with one set of parts, and provides the same level of friendly and helpful support to all customers, regardless of their size. The NGX Mini 3 replaces the NGX 2.

Businesses that operate AMI earn more while spending less. The compact NGX Mini 3 gives you great sound, unbeatable music, and dynamic lighting effects to entertain any crowd.

  • Connect customers of all ages with the artists and genres they love the most – all searchable through a simple & straightforward menu.
  • Offer patrons access to over a million songs stored online, or block the display of artists, songs, or genres that aren’t quite right for your location.
  • Kick your jukebox experience into high gear with thousands of music videos that play on one or more connected TVs. (HDMI cable required).
  • Change the default language preference from English to Spanish and tap into AMI’s robust collection of Latin American music.
  • Tap into hundreds of thousands of fanatic AMI mobile app users. Our app not only allows patrons to play the jukebox, it also allows them to carry unused credits from venue to venue.
  • Use AMI Ad Manager to build and schedule your very own ads that display on the jukebox. Choose from one of our ready-made templates or upload an image you’ve already designed.
  • Get peace of mind with unbeatable first-in-class tech support.
  • AMI’s friendly and knowledgeable staff can resolve many issues right over the phone. Or contact the service department at GAD for support.

With an easy-to-use interface, reliable hardware that won’t leave you hanging, and revenue-boosting add-ons like music video, it’s easy to see why the NGX Mini 3 is the right fit for your location.


  • HD 18.5″ wide touchscreen display.
  • Illuminated frame and dynamic equalizer move to the beat of the music or can be set to the color and brightness of your liking.
  • Pascal 1,000 Watt, 2 Channel Amp System.
  • Solid-state hard drive pre-installed with selectable music genre collections to fit any type of location.
  • Core computer package includes hard drive, motherboard, power supply, and I/O controller.
  • Wired and IR wireless remote controls.
  • Credit card reader and CPI BA with 700 bill capacity.


AMI Ad Manager lets you transform the upper half of your NGX Mini 3 Jukebox into powerful digital signage. Whether you’re promoting what’s happening right now or what’s coming up soon, there are hundreds of ways to put AMI Ad Manager to work for your business.

  • Promote your own products and services – advertise a rewards program, gift cards, seasonal discounts, upcoming events, and more.
  • Promote daily and nightly specials! With AMI Ad Manager, you can schedule promotions in advance by selecting the times and dates your ads will display on the jukebox. Best of all, you can create, update and schedule your ads right from your smartphone or tablet via
  • Use AMI Ad Manager in combination with Free Play Mode – a pay-by-the-hour service for venues that lets patrons play music free of charge. Schedule and promote “free jukebox nights” in lieu of karaoke or a DJ.
  • Build your online following – promote your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages using AMI Ad Manager’s suite of social media templates.
  • AMI Ad Manager offers more than 1,700 custom templates to choose from – with everything from general announcements and seasonal promotions to food, wine, and beer lists.


Simply connect your NGX Mini 3 to a television using an HDMI cable – or to multiple TVs using a splitter! Ads scheduled through AMI Ad Manager will appear on TVs connected to your jukebox – allowing you to provide not only a new form of revenue through music video, but also a powerful
digital signage solution!

GAD knows digital music. And – we have the latest NGX Mini 3 coming in to our warehouses for your bar, restaurant, or other digital music location.

As you see more customers returning to your establishment, they are demanding pay-and-play music options. From their smart phone, they can access the AMI app to select music and videos at your location. Consumers are savvy and want to enjoy their music where they choose to be. Let them! This adds no only to your atmosphere but also to your bottom line.

AMI Remote Jukebox Smartphone App

AMI Remote Jukebox Smartphone App 516 438 GAD Vending

It’s been a long year but AMI has been busy getting ready for bars, dance venues, restaurants and everywhere digital music plays.

Whether they’re blasting classic rock anthems at the bar around the corner or pumping out hits at the hottest club in town, you’ll find AMI jukeboxes anywhere people gather to have a great time. Our music catalog spans every musical genre known to science and is jam-packed with more current and classic hits than you can shake a stick at.

With AMI BarLink, it’s never been easier to find the right music for your own epic night out. Browse the catalog, purchase credits, and select music right from your smartphone! And – find out where to find an AMI Jukebox near you!

Download the app: