Pinball Tournaments Bring In Customers. Learn How!

Pinball Tournaments Bring In Customers. Learn How!

Pinball Tournaments Bring In Customers. Learn How! 850 545 GAD Vending

Hosting a pinball tournament is an excellent way to build foot traffic. This is the type of event that has become much easier with internet products like Stern’s Insider connected. This is something easy to set up for Memorial Day 2023 to test how well this will work for your establishment.

Step 1 – When

Create an event calendar that you can promote two or three events at one time. You may want to have a Golden Tee tournament, a pinball tournament and a dart league in the second half of 2023. Include the idea of quick knowledge or trivia tournaments with your AMI digital music system.

Start with a busy holiday weekend like Memorial Day to get people to sign up for summer leagues.

Step 2 – How

Have you ever wanted to run your own pinball tournament, but not sure how? This is a great way to grow the pinball community at your location and the Stern Army is here to help! We’ll show you how easy it is.

If you are looking to add a Golden Tee tournament, contact us at GAD if you have questions.

AMI digital music systems are easy and quick to set up knowledge or trivia contests to your offerings.

Step 3 – Marketing

The key to any event is awareness marketing.

  • Promote in your establishment.
  • Have nice flyers created to distribute –
    • In the shopping area around you.
    • Post on coffee shop bulletin boards.
    • Ask your staff to promote to their influence groups.
    • Hand out to your regulars.
  • Make sure you post your pinball tournament at the IFPA.
  • Promote on your social media.
  • Add to event calendars like