Park. Tap. Charge.

Park. Tap. Charge.

Park. Tap. Charge. 2048 1366 GAD Vending

GAD has been on the forefront of cashless payment solutions through our manufacturer, Crane Vending.

With CPI payment systems, GAD has been installing, training and servicing cashless payment solutions in both attended and unattended solutions. GAD has been installing and servicing vending, change machines and ATM’s for decades.

The newest craze is EV Charging Stations. With so many EV’s coming to highways in the US, many are not finding convenient and easy to pay stations. But the solutions from Crane make it easy.

Tap and pay solutions make it really a Park, Tap and Charge solution. If this is what your business is looking into for your retail parking lot, employee EV charging stations or for a food establishment give the GAD sales team a call. We can help you with determine the best unattended or attended payment solution for you.