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A GAD Favorite: Stern Comic Art Pinball (Affordable Home Pinball)

A GAD Favorite: Stern Comic Art Pinball (Affordable Home Pinball) 960 500 GAD Vending

Stern’s new Star Wars™ Comic Art Pin™ immerses players in the dynamic Star Wars™ galaxy.  The Pin™ is packed with features that provide players with an irresistible game experience including select speech and footage from the original Star Wars™ trilogy, color-changing playfield inserts, a custom sculpted Death Star, and a custom sculpted and interactive TIE fighter.

Star Wars™ Comic Art Pin™ pinball machines feature the artwork of one of today’s most popular artists, Randy Martinez.  Randy has been illustrating for over 30 years receiving countless accolades for his work.  Randy has been creating cartoons, caricatures, illustrations, paintings, and 3D art for Lucasfilm since 1999.

The easy-to-setup Star Wars™Comic Art Pin™ is reliable, built to last, and engineered with genuine Stern commercial-quality parts.  The playfield is housed in a stylish cabinet with dynamic, high definition artwork.  The all-LED playfield lighting provides optimal color and brilliant light shows.

“The Star Wars™ Comic Art Pin™ is designed to provide quality family entertainment and bring pinball fun to homes everywhere,” said Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc. “We are pleased to bring these pinball machines celebrating the Star Wars™ galaxy and adventures to our fans with beautiful new comic artwork.”

Complementing the immersive theme and exciting gameplay experience, Stern Pinball’s powerful SPIKE™ electronics hardware system enables high-definition graphics and innovative animations.  SPIKE™ reduces system complexity and energy usage, resulting in enhanced reliability and simplified servicing.

What is the quintessential man cave addition? Golden Tee

What is the quintessential man cave addition? Golden Tee 724 472 GAD Vending

Due to high demand, shipping times are currently at EXTENDED LEAD TIMES. Check with GAD Vending for current Golden Tee lead times. 

Complete your game room or man cave with the most popular arcade game ever made. Seen in more than 15,000 bars and restaurants around the world, the Golden Tee Home Edition is the same exact game that millions of players have fallen in love with over the past three decades. It comes equipped with more than 85 courses—allowing players the opportunity to compete on original, breathtaking designs around the globe. The game comes jam-packed with game modes, including the all-new Campaign feature that allows golfers to challenge PGA Tour legend John Daly. Bring your game online to access specialty equipment, monitor your stats, compete in global contests and access exclusive courses and content.

2021 Golden Tee Home Edition Features:

New Courses in Golden Tee’s Campaign Mode! Climb the ladder and become a Golden Tee Champion. Conquer Golf Legend John Daly and more than a dozen other rivals!

Events Mode gets BIGGER and BETTER for the Home Edition! Compete in Custom Contests from Your Home. 9-hole events and Money Shot events will give you even more chances to compete for prizes! (Yes, you can play for money if your state allows it!)*

10 new Freaky Friday Courses make their way to Casual Mode! Play Custom, Popular Courses Anytime You Want! New Designs Released Throughout the Year!

MORE THAN 90 COURSES! FIVE All-New, Spectacular Courses PLUS, Two More Time-Released Courses(Online) and 10 NEW Freaky Casual Courses

* Monitor not included

*AZ, NJ, SD, LA, AK are not allow per state restriction to play for prizes.

A GAD Favorite: American Pinball Houdini

A GAD Favorite: American Pinball Houdini 1007 748 GAD Vending

Houdini Premium Pinball Machine – Unlimited Pinball Machine Fun!

Explore the latest marvel of modern pinball with American Pinball’s Houdini “Master of Mystery” – a game that’s taking the pinball industry by storm—and for good reason: it embodies all of the escapes, illusions, and magic that made Houdini famous alongside the thrilling and timeless design by American Pinball. A celebration of the life and legend of Harry Houdini.

Few pinball games being manufactured today can compare with the quality and eye for detail that you’ll find when you experience Houdini Master of Mystery. It’s one of the most intriguing pinball machines ever manufactured for one of America’s most intriguing heroes. True to form, this is a pinball game you won’t easily escape from, though you’re sure to delight in trying! An interactive experience that will draw you in, Houdini Master of Mystery lets you in on the tricks, stunts, and secrets that made the master illusionist the legend he was.

Interested in Purchasing a Houdini Premium Pinball Machine?

Games are in high demand and quantities are limited. Please contact GAD Vending to get yours!



CHICAGO, IL – March 5, 2021 – Stern Pinball, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Penacho as Senior Systems Engineer. Mark brings diverse and expert level software engineering experience in systems, video, and pinball games to Stern Pinball.

Mark’s early portfolio of games includes hit pinball titles such as EarthshakerElvira and the Party MonstersHurricane, and Fish Tales.  He went on to program the video game NHL Open Ice and throughout his tenure at Williams Electronics he made significant contributions to system software, tools and display technology.  He was co-founder and lead programmer at Studio Gigante, where he gained valuable experience in Xbox console game development.  Over the course of the last 11 years, Mark has worked on the design of software and technology for high speed trading systems.

“Mark is an incredibly talented software engineer with strong leadership skills. His expertise with network programming, low latency design, and connectivity will fit in very well with our current development endeavors. We are very excited to add his talents to our studio as we grow and continue to produce the most fun and revolutionary pinball machines in the world,” said George Gomez, EVP and Chief Creative Officer.

About Stern Pinball, Inc.

Stern Pinball, Inc. is a global lifestyle brand based on the iconic and outrageously fun modern American game of pinball.  Headquartered minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in the heart of North America, the company creates, designs, engineers, manufactures, markets, and distributes a full line of technologically advanced terrestrial and digital pinball games, parts, accessories, and merchandise.  Stern Pinball serves digital, consumer, commercial, and corporate markets around the globe.

Recent Stern Pinball titles include Led Zeppelin, Avengers: Infinity Quest, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stranger Things, Elvira’s House of Horrors, Jurassic Park, Black Knight: Sword of Rage, The Munsters, The Beatles, Deadpool, Iron Maiden, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Aerosmith, Ghostbusters, KISS, Metallica, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, AC/DC, Batman, and Spider-Man.  A broad range of players enjoy Stern Pinball’s games from professional pinball players who compete in high-stakes competitions around the globe to novice players who are discovering the allure of the silver ball for the first time.  To join the fun and learn more, please visit www.sternpinball.com. To purchase or service a Stern Pinball machines, contact your local GAD office. GAD is an authorized Stern dealer for Kansas City, Nebraska and Iowa.

Coming out of COVID is a good time to re-evaluate undercapitalized space

Coming out of COVID is a good time to re-evaluate undercapitalized space 606 788 GAD Vending

Creating Arcade Game Rooms and Vending Niches in Non-Traditional Locations

In general, people love arcade games and testing their skills with pinball, crane machines or driving games. And, they are looking for refreshments that are easy and convenient. So why not take the opportunity to let your customers have some fun? People are looking to come back to normal and find some fun. Utilize PPP money to add a revenue generating source (that doesn’t require lots of employee time). Think about non-traditional locations, adding game rooms to differentiate yourself, or add revenue sources.
Whether your business operates out of a small 500 square foot storefront or a large 10,000 square foot complex, you should always be striving to maximize your financial return from every inch of your property. After all, you pay rent, taxes, and utilities on the space, so it only makes sense to use it to drive additional income to catch up on COVID missed revenues.
Pre COVID, ski resorts such as Jay Peak, Burke Mountain, and Smugglers Notch in Vermont have been adding game rooms to their lodges to keep guests entertained while they’re taking a break from the slopes. Jay Peak took a step further by adding mini-bowling, a movie theater, and a second arcade room to give guests other options if they want to take a day off from skiing and snowboarding — or giving those who are spending a few days something to do in the evenings. Keeping their guest on property, spending money.
On the other side of the country in the Seattle area, Arena Sports, a chain of indoor soccer fields, decided to turn their sports arena into a full Family Entertainment Center. The facility includes over 80 arcade & redemption games, a ropes course, a climbing wall, laser tag, bowling, and virtual reality. This family-run business started with soccer and continues to build onto its success by offering an array of family fun activities appropriate for any age.
However, activity-based locations aren’t the only ones that are getting in on the game room trend. A high-end apartment building in San Diego, CA, has seen positive responses from tenants since adding in several arcade games, Highway 66 Mini Bowling, and an HD full swing golf. They are all set on free play for tenants to enjoy right on the premises to stay socially distanced by staying on property.
Another California hospitality spot, Rancho Mission Viejo, an active 23,000 acres housing development, already offered many amenities such as a swimming pool, firepit, bocce ball courts, and more. However, they wanted to add a convenience that would be a hit with residents while still generating revenue. Since adding a mix of the best games that would work for this robust community, the arcade became a big success with younger and older residents. The revenue that was generated from the arcade’s token sales more than paid for the community’s annual lease cost within the first seven months of having the game room open.

Make the Most of Your Space

One of the best ways of accomplishing this is by adding a game room or vending break area into a previously unused or underutilized area of your building. That never-used conference room or disorganized storage space could potentially be providing your business with an additional source of income. Add a crane game to an entryway. This is particularly true if your business sees a lot of foot traffic, or you often have customers waiting in a reception area for significant periods of time.
When a customer spots a pinball machine or racing game in the next room, they are instinctively drawn to go check it out. This initial curiosity can often lead to 30 minutes or more of pure, unadulterated enjoyment on the part of your customer – and some extra money in your bank account for you and your business.
With all of the different types and styles of games available, you may be able to add games that work well with your location. Extreme Powersports in Columbus, GA, is an authorized motorsports dealer that had two Super Bikes 3 added to their showroom for when families come to see the different motorcycles and other motorsports, keeping the kids occupied and entertained. They also included a Prize Cube claw machine customized with the Extreme Powersports logo and filled with t-shirts and small motorbikes for the kids – keeping with the company’s theme.

Fun For All Ages

Unlike many other sources of additional income that your company can utilize, game rooms are fun and loved by customers all over. While customers might get annoyed if they see you charging for parking or up-selling products to make some extra cash, they will often be excited and happy to see you installing a new game room for them to enjoy – making the few extra bucks they would have to pay worth it for the additional experiences. Put simply, adding a game room to your property is truly a win-win situation.
Though creating an additional income stream is likely to be the primary benefit you receive from installing a game room, it is worth pointing out that it can have other positive effects on your business. In particular, a game room can help to drive customers into your store where they may end up spending money on your core group of products or services.

Add Convenience for Everyone

Adding vending machines can create self service for customers while they wait, keep employees satisfied with quick snacks and add revenue to pay off floor space.
Incorporating ATM’s in unusually areas like a showroom, apartment complex or restaurant can add significant revenue. The model to pay off an ATM is about foot traffic. Every transaction adds up – and helps your customers with a convenience of getting cash as they need.

Increase Time on Site

If you operate a restaurant or bar that has a game room, customers are likely to come to your establishment to “just to play some pinball for a while” or “to shoot a few hoops on the basketball game with some friends.” Before long, however, they will have worked up an appetite and will decide to grab a few more things before they leave. Had you not had the game room on-site, you would have lost out on both the gaming income as well as the food and beverage income.
Outer Orbit, based in San Francisco, brings food and fun together offering spirits and Hawaiian-inspired dishes & desserts along with nine Pinball machines available for guests to enjoy a longer and exciting stay after they’ve finished a meal or are enjoying a few cocktails. To draw a bigger crowd to their establishment, Outer Orbit also hosts Pinball tournaments (read GAD article on how to run a tournament) – each with a different theme, teaches Pinball basics classes, and generously allows a ‘Free Play Wednesday’ every Wednesday to bring in more foot traffic and gain more regulars.

Valentine’s Day: Whole Lotta Love

Valentine’s Day: Whole Lotta Love 600 608 GAD Vending

What to get the gamer in your life for Valentine’s Day? Pick them up a game at GAD!

With warehouses in Omaha, Kansas City and Des Moines – we got the Midwest covered. And, yes, we sell to home game rooms users. And, yes, this is the right gift for yourself.

Not sure what is the best option? Take a look at these, call us for suggestions, and arrange curbside pick-up.

Stern’s Led Zeppelin Pinball Game

Led Zeppelin PinballNeed we say more? This game is the newest offering from Stern Pinball. And already has won CES Awards, critic acclaim and a named a GAD classic out of the box.

The Led Zeppelin game comes in three play versions, which is common for Stern pinball releases. Pro model, which is the most basic option, is usually found in public areas like bars, bowling alleys and game rooms. The other two models are Premium and Limited Edition. These models offer added features that give the play immersive experiences. For a full comparison and stock availability, our GAD reps are happy to help.

Of course, the biggest highlight with the Led Zeppelin pinball table is the fact that the band agreed to license their IP at all. Led Zeppelin likes to keep their song catalog to themselves. But Stern’s goal of recreating a Led Zeppelin concert experience was too special to pass up. This table is complete with lights, music and even concert footage. Everything a Led Zeppelin fan could want in a pinball game.


While we could Ramble On about the innovative ruleset in the game, the Song Remains the Same for Stern’s manufacturing capabilities and attention to detail and quality in hand assembling all of Stern’s pinball machines, included in this first look video of Led Zeppelin LE’s on the line!

G3 Fire Digital Darts Game

If that special someone is missing their Darts League with COVID, why not get them a G3 Fire Internet Connectivity game for home?

The G3 is great fun to play darts at home with the family. Lots of interactive play time. And, connect to the internet to join you remote family and friends for a rousing game of darts.

  • Large 24″ monitor
  • Enhanced player camera
  • Glowing Cabinet
  • Automatic target flip rotate between 15″ dart head and a 13″ dart head

Once you are connected to the world of G3 Fire, you can practice, play a game, join a remote league or compete worldwide – all from the comfort and safety of home.

Golden Tee 2021

The Golden Tee Golfer in life missing their tee time? But Golden Tee for home is just as much fun!

Join the Golden Tee leagues. Keep track of your scores across your home machine and your favorite restaurant game. Play with the family and close friends. Play over the internet with your foursome.

Golden Tee is a proven fun, competitive game that people just can’t get enough of. And, this is the game that keeps on changing. As new courses, equipment and competitions are revealed – all the updates are available to your game console.

Start 2021 with a Golden Tee game.

Classic-Cade Game Table

How about just getting your first arcade game – and getting all the classic games in one?

Over 60 amazing classic games like Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man, Frogger, Asteroids, Mario Bros., Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Galaga, Pong and so many more!

Play as one player. Play with multi players. Create tournaments, high score and so much more!

Classic-Cade is in stock in our Omaha, Des Moines and Kansas City offices. We have both the cocktail game table and upright versions available for curbside pick-up.

Stern Pinball Stranger Things

GAD Vending sells Stern Netflix TV show Stranger Things PinballWhat is better for your honey than Stranger Things? We meant the pinball game.

The Stranger Things Pinball game takes you into the Upside Down for an immersive experience that extends the love of the hit TV show.

Experience the terrifying forces in Hawkins, Indiana that turn this small town “upside down” with supernatural elements, strange sightings, and government secrets. Stranger Things pinball machines will immerse players in a search to unravel the extraordinary mysteries and secret government experiments taking place at the Hawkins National Laboratory. The gameplay focuses on unlocking the hidden meanings of supernatural events occurring in and around the town, including the appearance of a girl known as “Eleven” with telekinetic abilities. The ball is wild as Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Joyce, and Police Chief Jim Hopper help Eleven close the dimensional gate.

Stranger Things is one of the most successful shows of all time, connecting with people around the world and across generations. This game features action, mystery, suspense, and humor; Stranger Things is a perfect fit for pinball,” said Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc.

The Premium and Limited Edition models feature a first ever video projector that displays images and animations directly on the playfield, creating dramatic interactions with gameplay action. The center of the playfield features a unique ramp that doubles as a screen and leads the player into a direct battle with the Demogorgon. These models also feature a new Eleven themed “telekinetic” magnetic ball lock.

The Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models all feature distinct hand-drawn art in addition to the custom sculpted, interactive Demogorgon bash toy, guarded by drop targets and a rotating ramp. All models include two hideout ball scoops, a Demodog spinner, three custom ramps, and game rules that will transport players into the Upside Down.

The Limited Edition model is limited to 500 units globally.  The LE model includes additional unique features such as an exclusive mirrored backglass, exclusive custom themed cabinet artwork, a custom autographed bottom arch, exclusive custom art blades, anti-reflection pinball glass, a shaker motor, and a sequentially numbered plaque.

What is this going to cost me?

New pinball and arcade games vary in price greatly. The manufacturer of our new games set the “Manufacturer Suggested Retail (MSRP)” that we are required to stay within by contract.

Price also can include – shipping, delivery, and sales tax. Before you buy, our sales team is always happy to quote a price on any of our pinball games – (402) 553-2812.

Call us. We are happy to provide you with options within your budget. Our range of arcade games and pinball machines give you lots of options. Plus we have new in the box and the occasional used (certified by our service team for playability) game available for curbside pick-up at one of our Midwest offices. 

Top 9 Games To Play on Pinball Machine(s)

Top 9 Games To Play on Pinball Machine(s) 804 401 GAD Vending

Looking for fun new games on your pinball machine(s)? Here’s 9 variations to play yourself or with family and friends (yes, COVID safety suggested!) Awesome suggestions from Fun with Bonus:


COVID Breakroom 2021

COVID Breakroom 2021 802 645 GAD Vending

Work from home will continue for awhile – and maybe be the norm for many. When working from home, positive breaks are essential.

Why not add a pinball game, digital darts and Golden Tee to your 2021 Breakroom?

According to Good Housekeeping:

How often do you get up from your desk at work, or even just change your seated position?

For most of us, the answer is shockingly low, which is worrying given that sitting still for long periods of time has been linked to being overweight, type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer and premature death.

What’s more, according to the NHS, prolonged sitting is thought to slow the metabolism, which affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down fat. Not good news…

According to osteopath Xerxes Dalal, who has worked in the City since 2002, many people also get back pain from sitting at desks all day. ‘I’ve seen so many office workers who have bad backs as a result of stress, long hours and excessive sitting’ he says.

‘Several studies have shown that ideally, you should change position 40 times per day at work’ he continues. ‘So if you have a sedentary job, get up and walk around as often as possible, and change position at your desk.

‘If you have a standing job, moving frequently and even sitting occasionally (with good posture) is advisable’ he adds.

Moving 40 times a day sounds like a lot, but if you stand up for phone calls, move away from your desk for meetings, make plenty of tea and of course go out for a walk at lunch time, it’s certainly achievable.

Other recommendations for office workers include choosing a standing desk (options such as Varidesk allow you to sit or stand) and, if you have pain on your dominant side, swapping your mouse over to the other hand – you’ll be surprised how quickly you get used to it!

What’s the Latest in Stern Pinball? Led Zeppelin

What’s the Latest in Stern Pinball? Led Zeppelin 547 899 GAD Vending

Made with a Whole Lotta Love

CHICAGO, IL  – Stern Pinball, Inc., a global lifestyle brand based on the iconic and outrageously fun modern American game of pinball, announced today a new line of pinball machines based on the legendary rock band, Led Zeppelin and its music.  The Led Zeppelin pinball machines will be available in Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition (LE) models.

Formed in London in 1968, Led Zeppelin consisted of vocalist Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham.  Together they became one of the best-selling bands with estimated record sales of 300 million units worldwide.  In 1995 Led Zeppelin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for their innovative and influential impact on the entire music industry.

In this high energy rock and roll pinball concert experience, pinball and music are fused together.  Players are transported back to Led Zeppelin’s early days and tour the world from 1968-1980. As if players were members of the band playing its music, their play updates game features at the start of each verse and chorus of ten iconic Led Zeppelin songs:

  • Good Times Bad Times
  • Whole Lotta Love
  • The Song Remains the Same
  • Rock and Roll
  • Trampled Under Foot
  • Ramble On
  • Kashmir
  • Immigrant Song
  • Black Dog
  • Communication Breakdown

“There is nothing more energizing and fun than bringing pinball and music together,” said Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc.  “Partnering with Led Zeppelin, we created a one-of-a-kind pinball experience.  It’s our dream goal to create a pinball machine with this iconic rock band.”

The Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models all feature a custom-molded Hindenburg Zeppelin toy, based on the iconic imagery from the Led Zeppelin I album.  When lit, the Zeppelin toy scores speed locks on the player’s musical journey to Zeppelin multiball.  A custom Swan Song Records trademark Icarus sculpted leaper toy takes flight when smashed by the chaotic pinball.   A 3-bank of drop targets, 3 custom steel ramps, and 3 flippers keep the pinball action rolling.

The Premium and Limited Edition models feature an innovative interactive Electric Magic™ toy.  This device is a unique motorized toy which rises from below the playfield to create different magical pinball experiences.  An optical spinner charges the Electric Magic magnet, capturing and making balls disappear.  The Electric Magic device also converts into a physical pinball bash toy capable of locking a ball or launching a ball around the playfield.


In true rock concert fashion, the Expression Lighting System™ with 96 intelligent RGB LED’s enables full color spectrum control.  Positioned in pockets cut into the cabinet sides to provide color themed full playfield illumination, this integrated playfield lighting system is synchronized to custom light shows specifically designed for every song and dynamically responsive to game events.

As an encore, these models have an additional reversing scoop and metal combo ramp, allowing players to keep the hits coming with constant adrenalized pinball action.  A back panel mounted illuminated song status board indicates which Led Zeppelin song is in play.

Only 500 Limited Edition games will be made for sale throughout the world.  This limited version includes an exclusive Icarus themed full color mirrored backglass, exclusive custom themed cabinet artwork, custom high gloss Paradise Shimmer Blue powder-coated armor, a custom autographed bottom arch, exclusive custom art blades, upgraded audio system, anti-reflection pinball glass, a shaker motor, and a sequentially numbered plaque.

Pricing and Availability:

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price:

MSRP for sales to USA end-users, before any VAT, GST, Sales Tax, Duties, or other taxes.                                   

Pro Model:                                                       $US 6,199

Premium Model:                                              $US 7,799

Limited Edition Model:                                     $US 9,199

Led Zeppelin pinball machines and accessories are available through authorized Stern Pinball distributors and dealers around the world.

About Stern Pinball, Inc.

Stern Pinball, Inc. is a global lifestyle brand based on the iconic and outrageously fun modern American game of pinball.  Headquartered minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in the heart of North America, the company creates, designs, engineers, manufactures, markets, and distributes a full line of technologically advanced terrestrial and digital pinball games, parts, accessories, and merchandise.  Stern Pinball serves digital, consumer, commercial, and corporate markets around the globe.

Recent Stern Pinball titles include Avengers: Infinity Quest, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stranger Things, Elvira’s House of Horrors, Jurassic Park, Black Knight: Sword of Rage, The Munsters, The Beatles, Deadpool, Iron Maiden, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Aerosmith, Ghostbusters, KISS, Metallica, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, AC/DC, Batman, and Spider-Man.  A broad range of players enjoy Stern Pinball’s games from professional pinball players who compete in high-stakes competitions around the globe to novice players who are discovering the allure of the silver ball for the first time.  To join the fun and learn more, please visit www.sternpinball.com.

How to Learn Competitive Pinball (During COVID, Why Not?)

How to Learn Competitive Pinball (During COVID, Why Not?) 717 920 GAD Vending

Between the last of the COVID lockdowns and winter snow, why not take the time to learn a new skill? Like how to participate in Pinball tournaments?

Many people think of pool, dart and Golden Tee as the only leagues to participate in but there is a huge number of people that play pinball for tournament play. The association is the International Flipper Pinball Association ( IFPA ). The IFPA website has lots of information, tutorials and links for rules, game play and how to participate in tournaments when they resume.

Here’s how to get started in your pinball journey:

  • There is a bit of a lag time before in person tournaments resume after COVID vaccines – and here is where they will be listed at the IFPA.
  • Check out all the tutorial videos at PAPA. Or at their YouTube channel.
  • Pintips – is a place for pinball players to share short playing tips. Players vote on the best tips so you can always see the best tips at the top.
  • Learn how to play pinball with Craig Pullen
  • Call GAD at 402-593-2812 and ask for Jerry (our resident pinball tournament guru). He’ll be able to guide you in tournament play, practice and the best games to consider owning for you practice time.

Good luck!

2020 IFPA Season Update and Beyond

As the 2020 season comes to a close, we wanted to provide updates on various IFPA-related campaigns that the IFPA Board of Directors has been discussing as we enter the 2021 season. We’ve received many emails from players on a wide variety of topics and hope to answer most of those questions below:

Last week the participants of the IFPA17 World Pinball Championship were notified that we have once again postponed the event, which had previously been rescheduled for May 2021. The new dates for IFPA17 are November 11-14, 2021, still to be held at the Pinball Asylum in Florida.

The IFPA has no plans to organize any State, Provincial or Country Championships for the 2020 season of play. This includes North America and Australia, where the IFPA collected sanctioning fees for the first 3 months of the 2020 season. We will be rolling over that prize money into the 2021 season; however, the WPPR points earned in 2020 will NOT apply to the 2021 season qualifying.

The IFPA has no plans to organize an IFPA Women’s World Championship for the 2020 season of play. We will push forward with the hope that the 2021 qualifying season will result in a championship tournament in early 2022.

With respect to the WPPR formula and the decay used to reduce the value of events over time, the IFPA has no plans to adjust that formula in any way. Our ranking system is not designed to adjust for random local or global events, and as such, no changes will be made. We continue to rebuild the rankings on about a monthly basis, so the rankings continue to show where players stand based on the rules according to our current WPPR formula.

Due to the lack of sanctioned tournament play available in the 2020 season, there wasn’t a chance for players to play their way into qualifying for the IFPA Stern Rewards Program. Thanks to the generosity of Stern Pinball, everyone who qualified for Stern Rewards based on the 2019 season will once again qualify for the 2020 season. In addition, any eligible players that moved up into the top 1000 due to the decay of past results will also qualify for the IFPA Stern Rewards Program for the 2020 season.

Most importantly, we wanted to address our process for once again sanctioning tournament and league play globally. While some regions are reopening or were not as severely impacted by the virus, we want to ensure that our plans to restart sanctioning are fair to all players. We rely on the expertise and guidance of our IFPA Country Directors and State and Province Representatives to understand the situation on a regional basis, and we are listening to their input regarding whether they feel that tournaments and leagues are possible and prudent based on the specific realities of their communities. We have been tracking this feedback from our reps and intend to wait until a majority of the world has approved moving forward with sanctioned events before we consider reopening. Currently, based on our metrics, only 12% have voted to approve resuming sanctioned tournament play.

We continue to move forward with the IFPA Challenge Rankings (ICR), with December as the final month of qualifying. We encourage players to sign up if they are looking to scratch that competitive pinball itch, with over $700 in cash and prizes available. Details on the ICR are available HERE.

Finally, we want to acknowledge that the 2020 season has been like no other in our organization’s history. We have said goodbye to iconic people, organizations, events, and locations. We have also seen pinball communities come together for support and connection, participating in the ICR and virtual tournaments, donating to fundraisers for pinball establishments, and continuing to stay connected through virtual events and livestreams. While the future is still uncertain, we feel confident that sanctioned competitive pinball will return, and together we can take it to new heights. In the meantime, stay home, stay safe, wash your hands, and wear a mask.