Girls Just Want To Play Pinball

Girls Just Want To Play Pinball

Girls Just Want To Play Pinball 150 150 GAD Vending

Pinball began a resurgence before COVID and continued to be a popular home game purchase. As everything opens back up, pinball is a central feature in many arcades, and commercial establishments. But it’s not just men that are enjoying pinball.

In the past, pinball was considered a game guys played. Same with video games. Many pinball games are designed for the male audience with male dominated movie, music and other themes. And pinball machines are perceived to be located in smoke filled, pool halls.

Times are changing. With the release of popular games that feature a strong, female lead like Stranger Things, The Avengers: Infinity Wars and Elvira, there is a cultural changing vision. Plus, men don’t have much of a natural physical advantage in pinball. Women are getting why pinball is so much fun. This is bringing up more women to play and compete in tournaments on both a local and national level.

Owners are finding more profit in putting in pinball machines in bright areas that are female friendly. As more women discover pinball, it makes a better sport for everyone.

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