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Newsmax: The 12 Best Products Made in America

Newsmax: The 12 Best Products Made in America 300 268 GAD Vending

Best Made in America Products According to Newmax:

Many U.S. consumers want to buy products made in their home country to support job creation, fair wages, and more. But you don’t have to buy U.S.-made products just for those reasons: Some of the best products in the world are made here at home.

From Crayola crayons to Jack Daniel’s whiskey — there are dozens of top products made in the U.S., Cheapism.com took a look at some of those…

#11. On the cusp of dying, Stern Pinball helped revive the pinball craze with its games produced in Chicago. Originally founded 40 years ago, the company rebuilt itself to the local empire it is in 1999.



Stern Pinball Announces New Avengers: Infinity Quest Pinball Machines

Stern Pinball Announces New Avengers: Infinity Quest Pinball Machines 956 635 GAD Vending

CHICAGO, IL – Press Release -September 2, 2020 – Stern Pinball, Inc., a global lifestyle brand based on the iconic and outrageously fun modern American game of pinball, announced today the availability of a new line of pinball machines based on the Super Heroes and Super Villains featured in Marvel Comics’ hit comic book series Avengers.  The Avengers: Infinity Quest pinball machines will be available in Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition (LE) models.

For over 50 years the Avengers have delighted fans through comic books, television series and movies.  In this pinball adventure, players will transform into their favorite Super Heroes as they battle Thanos and his minions across the cosmos.  On his unrelenting quest for intergalactic omnipotent power, it’s a race to hunt down and recover the six Infinity Gems before Thanos gets his hands on them.  It’s up to the player to stop Thanos and the Black Order from succeeding in this action-packed pinball experience.

“Like the Avengers, our team of designers, programmers, artists, and engineers have assembled to bring this universe to life in pinball form through incredible artwork, design, visuals, and sounds.  This comic book universe has remained a staple in pop culture since first appearing in 1963.  Through Avengers: Infinity Quest pinball machines, that tradition will carry on for current and future generations of fans,” said Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc.

The Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models all feature an interactive Dr. Strange spinning kinetic sling ring disc with dual direction velocity detection, aiding players on their journey to opening portals and starting Infinity Gem quests.  All models feature a gravity defying Avengers Tower magnetic lock ramp with gravitational vari-target and magnet hold, capturing pinballs in midair as players unlock Iron Man Multiball.  In addition to distinct hand-drawn artwork, all models feature an Avengers Computer Bingo grid 3-target drop bank, a Thor captive ball, Hulk spinning target, custom intricate wireform ramps, and 3 full size flippers.

The Premium and Limited Edition models feature an interactive Dr. Strange motorized pop-up disc scoop, transporting pinballs into an underground Portal, a visible subway capable of holding and staging up to 3 balls through custom playfield windows accentuated with dynamic RGB lighting effects.  These models also include a custom sculpted Thanos Infinity Gauntlet integrated with atmospheric light-up gems, a Captain Marvel inverse gravity custom wireform ramp, and a Pym Laboratories vertical up-kicker.

The LE model is limited to 500 units globally.  This limited version includes additional unique features such as an exclusive mirrored backglass, exclusive custom themed cabinet artwork, a custom autographed bottom arch, exclusive custom art blades, upgraded audio system, anti-reflection pinball glass, a shaker motor, and a sequentially numbered plaque.

Pricing and Availability:

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price:

MSRP for sales to USA end-users, before any VAT, GST, Sales Tax, Duties, or other taxes.                                   

Pro Model:                                                       $US 6,199

Premium Model:                                              $US 7,799

Limited Edition Model:                                     $US 9,199

Avengers: Infinity Quest pinball machines are available through authorized Stern Pinball distributors and dealers around the world.

About Stern Pinball, Inc.

Stern Pinball, Inc. is a global lifestyle brand based on the iconic and outrageously fun modern American game of pinball.  Headquartered minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in the heart of North America, the company creates, designs, engineers, manufactures, markets, and distributes a full line of technologically advanced terrestrial and digital pinball games, parts, accessories, and merchandise.  Stern Pinball serves digital, consumer, commercial, and corporate markets around the globe.

Recent Stern Pinball titles include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stranger Things, Elvira’s House of Horrors, Jurassic Park, Black Knight: Sword of Rage, The Munsters, The Beatles, Deadpool, Iron Maiden, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Aerosmith, Ghostbusters, KISS, Metallica, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, AC/DC, Batman, and Spider-Man.  A broad range of players enjoy Stern Pinball’s games from professional pinball players who compete in high-stakes competitions around the globe to novice players who are discovering the allure of the silver ball for the first time.  To join the fun and learn more, please visit www.sternpinball.com.

Want to Buy Pinball? Here’s Answers to a Few Common Questions…..

Want to Buy Pinball? Here’s Answers to a Few Common Questions….. 2083 2083 GAD Vending

Pinball is a unique hobby that in the digital age, is a physical game that is an immersive experience. Lights, music, action that everyone easily can enjoy. Find the pinball hobby as a socially distancing activity!

GAD Vending gets questions daily about pinball for home. How to participate locally in tournaments. Where to play pinball – adult and with the family. What pinball do we stock, and why!

Where to play pinball?

There are several pinball simulators and video games, such as The Pinball Arcade.  You can download these onto your phone or tablet and they are great ways to get access to a lot of machines to figure out what types of games you enjoy.

However, nothing is better than playing a real machine.  To find some near you, a couple resources you can use are the Pinball Map app for your phone, or you can look at the Pin Map on pinside.com.

I think I found a machine for my house – but I’ve never played pinball before.

So you found a machine, or even better, a group of machines to try.  Once you’ve found the locations of these games – just put your money or tokens in, or if it is a fancy place you can pay with your phone.  Most machines have a start button on the front of the machine, push it and play!  Want to play against friends or a random person you just met?  Put in enough money for two credits (or three or four) and push the start button twice (or thrice, or four times).  For one credit, on most modern machines you will play three balls per game, while older games are typically a set to five balls.

How many different pinball machines exist?

Thousands.  Check out the Internet Pinball Database to find specific machines.  There are a few different eras of pinball machines:

  • Electro-mechanical (EM): 1947ish-1978ish
  • Solid State (SS): 1979ish-1989ish
  • Dot Matrix Display (DMD): 1990ish-2012ish
  • Colorized Displays: 2013ish-current

The years aren’t exact because different pinball manufacturers implement changes at different times. But you get the general idea.

How do I go about buying a pinball machine?

Decided on the game for you? That’s great! Figure out your budget, where you’re going to put the machine, and how you’re going to move the machine.

Like a car, newer machines (or machines with less play) will require less maintenance than older machines.  That isn’t always true, but is a good rule of thumb.

So, how much does a pinball machine cost?

Somewhere between $25 and $25,000.  As a point of reference though, brand new machines cost $5,000 and up, and you can find nice DMD/solid state games for about $1000 at the low end.

Call GAD Vending. We are able to price multiple machines, the various versions available and give you options on what you want.  We generally sell new machines and service existing games. If we have something used in stock, we post it online and we’ll let you know what we have available.

Internet game options

Play Together, Apart

Play Together, Apart 2083 2083 GAD Vending

Miss your leagues? Dart league? Golden Tee competitions? Playing pinball with your friends?

COVID has changed the way we socialize, at least for now. With the internet we can adapt to a wonderful way to get our competition without compromising our health. And, GAD Vending has a number of great games that connect to your internet for hours of fun with others.


The G3 Fire Dart Board is available to connect to your internet for remote play with friends or to join a remote league. All from the safety and comfort of your home.

Tournament King software is already on the G3 series dart boards. Learn more here. 

And, we stock many of the dart models for you to choose from – and pick up! Call us to discuss options and pricing.


So many great options popping up for pinball users to connect!

  1. IFPA – going strong with crowning a champion: https://www.ifpapinball.com/icr/standings/
  2. Deadflip – the channel for all things pinball on Twich TV: https://www.twitch.tv/deadflip
  3. Stern Insider – join Stern’s insider program ($29.99 a year – what a deal!) and get up-to-date information on what’s going on: https://sternpinball.com/stern-insider/
  4. Pinball Promoters Database – an extensive list of podcasts: https://www.thisweekinpinball.com/pinball-promoters/
  5. To play remote tournaments, there are a couple options available or coming soon. Talk with GAD Vending about your options on new machines and retrofitting.

Golden Tee

A long history of remote tournament play! Golden Tee has offered various tournament play across machines versions for years.

GAD Vending has the home version as well as commercial games available for home purchase. And – Golden Tee is very strong at software updates. Buy your equipment today, upgrade as needed. GAD Vending stocks the common parts for Golden tee to keep you playing!

Endorsements and Cautions

GAD Vending does not endorse any particular tournament or provider of internet competitions. We are happy to talk with our equipment owners about our personal  experiences and help you find associations and remote tournament directors.

GAD Vending also suggests supervision of children while playing live on the internet. Please help prevent cyber bullying and other cyber crimes.

Just Say “Stern” to Save $100

Just Say “Stern” to Save $100 1261 553 GAD Vending

Just say “Stern” (as in Stern Pinball) to save $100 on any game available through GAD Vending.

Sales on for any of our pinball games – including from Stern, American and Chicago. Includes all our games – including our popular Classic-Cade and shuffleboard. And our digital darts.

Your choice of one game for $100 off, two games at $200 off, you get the idea….

Check out our current inventory in our warehouses in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas  City. Or call us for quick ship options.

Offer ends 7/4/2020


Up Your Home Gameroom

Up Your Home Gameroom 2083 2083 GAD Vending

When the entire family is looking bored – and looking bored at you – what to do? Up your gameroom!

Many families think that buying a game at a discount box store is the best, cheapest way to entertain the family. But the price, hassle for getting to your home, and assembly can all be challenging. Not to mention that many home version games are not built for long term use and abuse.

At GAD Vending, we sell to the public.

Our commercial table games are developed for establishments that get the most abuse. And, if they can hold up to that they can stand your family.

GAD Vending can disable the payment mode and set to free play. However, we have also set games to a pay setting so family members have to earn they play time.

With so many table games in stock, we can help you determine what fits your family ages, desire to play together and/or remote play, and what size space your have for games.

Choices include, but not limited to:

Foosball, Pool, Shuffleboard, Electronic Darts, Pinball, Arcade Games and more!

And, GAD Vending has a large stock of parts with trained service personnel. Our staff is located in Kansas City, Des Moines and Omaha. If your game does break, we are here to help.

So, up your game(room) with GAD Vending!

Why Your Home Gameroom is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

Why Your Home Gameroom is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It) 2083 2083 GAD Vending

Many families assume the only thing kids want to do is exercise their thumbs on video games – when so many times an interactive game with the family is the ticket to the ultimate family fun night!

Look critically at your gameroom. Is the only feature a sofa facing a TV? The only opportunity for interaction when someone breaks for the kitchen? Why not choose games that the entire family can participate in!

Stay Together. Play Together.

So many opportunities for fun! But understanding the age, room size, player ability, and longevity of the games is important. And, GAD Vending is here to answer your questions to create the ultimate gameroom for your family.


Foosball is naturally a game that gets the family playing – and competing together. Play one on one. Play two on two. Play tournaments. Play round-robin. Hours of fun!

A commercial foosball game is more expensive but the years of gaming fun is what our residential buyers are looking for.

Golden Tee Home Edition

The Golden Tee Home Edition is the exact same game- arcade-style cabinet and all- that you have played and adored at bars and pubs for 30 years. Tailored to home use, Golden Tee comes equipped with dozens of courses and a wide variety of features and formats that make it a must-have item for every basement or man cave.

Golden Tee maintains players standing and stats. Allows for individual play, or create private tournaments. Your family can also play online.


Pinball is available in a wide variety of titles. And, even the youngest players are attracted to the lights and sounds of a great pinball machine! Years and years of fun.

Family friendly pinball games include:

Stranger Things, Zombie Baseball, The Addams Family, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Attack from Mars, and The Munsters

Pinball machines vary greatly in price. The pinball manufacturers set the MRSP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) that we are required by contract to adhere to. Price also includes: shipping, delivery, and sales tax where applicable. GAD Vending’s policy is to disclose the total price prior to sale. Credit cards, cash or check is accepted.

Pinball can be set by GAD Vending for free play prior to pick-up or delivery.

GAD Vending helps families with home gamerooms from our offices in Des Moines, Kansas City and Omaha. We can are open to the public by appointment (during COVID restrictions).