Guns ‘n Roses Pinball

Guns ‘n Roses Pinball

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GAD is an official distributor of Jersey Jack Pinball – and with their newest Guns ‘n Roses Not In This Lifetime game there is just pure fun.

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Pinball News

After much trailing over the past few weeks Jersey Jack Pinball revealed their sixth title, Guns N’ Roses, based on their Not In This Lifetime… world tour which ran from 2016-2019.

The company had avoided revealing the title of their new release although it was widely known to be a music based on the popular band featuring Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, Dizzy Reed, Richard Fortus, Frank Ferrer and Melissa Reese.

As shown in the tease images, the game is designed by Eric Meunier with assistance from GnR guitarist Slash who is a well-known pinball fan and collaborated on the original Data East Guns N’ Roses game.

As with previous JJP titles, there are three models of the new title – Standard, Limited Edition and Collectors Edition. There will be a maximum of 500 Collectors Edition machines produced while the Limited Edition is limited to 5,000 units. There’s no limit on the Standard Edition.

The Standard edition features cartoon-style cabinet artwork, while the Premium shows arrangements of tour posters. The Collectors Edition, meanwhile, returns to a cartoon design. The Limited Edition includes red cabinet trim while the Collectors Edition has a purple finish. read more

This Week In Pinball

Reviewer 166

Extremely impressed at overall execution. JJP has redefined the rock pin.

Reviewer 65

This game has really impressed me! I thought how much more can pinball have added to it that seem doesn’t seem like a gimmick or something bolted on for the sake of claiming an industry first. The introduction of Hot Rails, and seeing them implemented was amazing.

Eric Meunier has out done himself with his second game! What the entire team has put together is one of the most theme integrated games I have seen! Having a licensor that is passionate about the product has really made a difference. I really like the wire forms looking like bass strings or the drum sticks being implemented as a ramp!! There was a lot of creativity that went into this design.

Keefer and team, as always, has provided a deep rule set that will give players from all backgrounds enjoyment!

GnR has gone beyond my expectations! This is innovation done right! Congrats to all involved!