What Does GAD Inventory?

What Does GAD Inventory?

What Does GAD Inventory? 1800 1200 GAD Vending

With supply chain shortages continuing, GAD’s long standing relationships with our manufacturers means we are still getting the newest equipment. GAD also has limited used equipment that has been refurbished and run through our service department.

Games, ATM’s and Digital Music

Due first quarter of 2022 are the following pinball titles:

Rush, Godzilla, Avengers, Guns ‘n Roses LE, Legends of Valhalla, Hot Wheels, Oktoberfest and Houdini.

In stock pinball includes Beatles Gold, Star Wars Home Pin, Star Wars Comic Art Pina and Jurassic Park Home Pin.

Golden Tee PGA – estimated beginning of January. Golden Tee Home is in stock.

In stock are Hyosung Halo II ATM and various digital music solutions.

Vending Machines

GAD Inventories Vending Machines. As with all our equipment, our inventory depends on how our manufacturers are doing with their supply chain. Please call with questions for the vending equipment you are looking for.

All of our equipment is available for home or commercial use. We sell and service homes, arcades, game rooms, bars, pool halls, hotels, hospitals, commercial offices and break rooms. GAD sell equipment and parts and can suggest vending route sales people to upkeep your equipment.