Crane BevMax Vending

Crane BevMax Vending

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Looking to increase sales to the people that come through your doors? Want to satisfy the need to deliver soft drinks without employees? Want to reduce shoplifting while increasing profits? Crane Vending BevMax 4 takes cold drinks vending to the Max!

Vending machines aren’t just about delivering a cold drink. Vending machines reduce employee time. Vending machines reduce shop lifting. Vending machines can be managed with a smart phone app for low stock alerts, sales data, etc.

With a fast, smooth product delivery system, Crane’s BevMax delivers.

  • Fast and accurate X-Y product delivery mechanism is able to vend virtually any permutation of cans, PET and glass bottles.
  • Delivery cup smoothly retrieves each vended product with little or no agitation.
  • The system provides total control throughout the vend cycle, eliminating the possibility of product tipping from the tray during or after the vend.
  • Delivery hopper rotates and opens automatically when a product is dispensed into it
  • delivery port is vandal resistant, preventing pilfering from the cabinet.

Features a large, illuminated shopping window. Energy efficiency. Maximum reliability. Increased profitability.

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