The Surprising Secrets to Making Money with Pinball Machines with a Younger Audience

Stranger Things Pinball available at GAD Vending.

The Surprising Secrets to Making Money with Pinball Machines with a Younger Audience

The Surprising Secrets to Making Money with Pinball Machines with a Younger Audience 845 498 Gad Vending

What’s not a surprise is that Pinball has been a profitable industry since 1931. What is a surprise is the resurgence of pinball with a younger generation. And, here’s why.

Engaging Games

Pinball manufacturers have responded to new, tech savvy audiences with creative pinball game formats and technology. Adding LED lighting. New technology in the gamefield. High tech scoring. Internet capabilities for remote play and tournaments. Added sound technologies to create an immersive experience. And so much more.

An excellent example is Stern Pinball’s 2020 release of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Not only is this game beautifully crafted to the Netflix hit TV show, it also has amazing graphics lighting and sound. The innovations from Stern to entertain the player absolutely come together with this game.

Social Game Opportunities

Pinball is the ultimate step up game for the millennial gamer brought up on playing video game machines in their basement. Gamers have shown if they like one type of game, they will try another. Make your pinball games attractive to play.

  • Pinball is still an individual game that can be played against the high machine score.
  • Connect your Pinball to the internet for game play against other high scores, games across locations or tournaments.
  • Pinball keeps groups of people longer – ordering more food and drinks.
  • Run a casual or professional pinball tournament.

Location, Location, Location

Look at the traffic flow in your restaurant, bar or lounge. See where your customers hang out with little to do. Evaluate the dark corners. Watch when customers get bored and are looking for a reason to get up and move around.

One, stand alone pinball machine can solve a dark, wasted corner. A couple pinball machines can draw customers to the back wall of the bar. Strategically place a pinball machine outside the rest rooms. Add a new pinball machine to mix up your current game mix. Or place a new machine and run promotions for high score, longest run or other fun incentives.

Entertainment Destination

Pinball, as a standalone profit center, may not make money. What pinball machines do is help the establishment create excitement, entertainment and keep patrons longer. Pinball machines teamed up with digital music, darts, Golden Tee and other games can give you, the owner, an entertainment arcade to become a destination.

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