GAD Vending distributes, sells and services AMI NGX Jukebox in Omaha, Des Moines and Kansas City.

Why is the AMI NGX Ultra the Top Selling Music Video Jukebox?

Why is the AMI NGX Ultra the Top Selling Music Video Jukebox? 1014 743 Gad Vending


With robust entertainment content, a sleek package that will fit any wall, powerful promotional reach, and revenue boosting features like music video, the AMI NGX Curve is the next-generation jukebox that the bars in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska look to for earning its own way.

The NGX Ultra is the ultimate next generation jukebox, delivering hit songs, whole albums, music videos, mobile control, and on-demand digital signage in a sleek and innovative package that rocks the house.

  • Captivate and entertain guests with thousands of selectable music videos that play on the Ultra’s integrated 32” widescreen display.
  • Offer additional music selections from our audio library featuring complete albums and over one million song choices.
  • Block the availability of music choices that aren’t quite right for your location using advanced music filtering systems.
  • Track music played so you only pay licensing fees on what you have to. Play non-license required music during the slow day parts to save money to rock the night with music. All with digital download reports to satisfy the music licencing fees.
  • Use AMI Ad Manager to build and schedule your very own ads that display on the Ultra’s two screens. The NGX Ultra is the ultimate next generation jukebox, delivering hit songs, whole albums, music videos, mobile control, and on-demand digital signage in a sleek and innovative package that rocks the house.

With robust entertainment, revenue-boosting features,and powerful promotional capabilities, the NGX Ultra takes the jukebox experience to a whole new level.


  • When a patron selects a song with an available video, our user-friendly UI suggests they upgrade their selection with an accompanying music video.
  • Patrons pay a small up-charge for video selections.
  • Video selections made on the jukebox or through AMI’s mobile appare played on the Ultra’s upper 32” widescreen display.
  • Locations can expand video viewing to additional TVs inside their venue by using an HDMI cable (not included) and connecting it to the provided video port


AMI Ad Manager lets you transform both screens of the NGX Ultra, as well as any other TVs connected to the jukebox, into powerful digital signage. Whether you’re promoting what’s happening right now or what’s coming up soon, there are hundreds of ways to put AMI Ad Manager to work for your business.

  •  Advertise rewards programs, special discounts, upcoming events and more by accessing the AMI Ad Manager tool on with your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Upload your own logo to customize existing templates or use your own pre-made digital advertisement. Pre-made ads must be in jpeg format and pre-sized to 1280×720 pixels.
  • Use AMI Ad Manager to advertise leagues, holiday promotions, birthdays and special events.
  • Have a cross promotion partner? Charge advertising to run on your screens during agreed upon times.
  • Promote daily and nightly specials! Schedule promotions in advance by selecting times and dates for ads to display on the jukebox and on connected TVs.
  • Try on-the-fly Pop Up promotions. Traffic thinning out? Run a quick special to keep patrons texting for their friends to come your way!

AMI’s distributor in Omaha, Des Moines and Kansas City is GAD Vending. We work for bars, retailers, arcades

and restaurants on any digital music needs. GAD Vending knows how to set up AMI NGX Digital Jukeboxes, program to your TV’s, and add commercial speakers anywhere in the establishment. Need speakers outside? Speakers in the bathrooms or gameroom? Call us for help lowering expenses and increasing revenues – and let the party music play on.

AMI – It all begins with great music!

AMI – It all begins with great music! 431 284 Gad Vending

 AMI Introduces Online Tech Support Chat for Operators

Faster Access to Resolve Issues

May 07, 2020  AMI Entertainment is pleased to announce a new, online Chat feature for operators in need of tech support. The service is available on the AMI Operator Website and through the Co-Pilot mobile app. It allows operators to chat with the tech support team, providing another way for operators to access AMI’s best-in-class service. Traditional phone support is still available, as always.

The chat feature connects operators to a live agent for real-time communication. It’s perfect for a quick resolution to common and smaller issues. In addition to solving problems faster, chat also allows operators to avoid long wait times that can occur when calling in during peak hours. AMI still encourages operators to call in with complex issues, especially those that require rebooting the jukebox.

AMI’s Chat service is powered by Zendesk, a leading CRM company. This helps ensure reliable and robust support through chat. The interface is simple to use and similar to existing chat services. Operators can access the chat feature on the lower right-hand corner of the operator website or the Account page in the Co-Pilot app. It is hosted entirely online, so operators don’t need to connect using a phone number, nor does it use SMS text.

This new feature is part of AMI’s commitment to providing the best service possible. It gives a fast, reliable, and friendly service to all operators. AMI is proud to offer the Chat feature.

GAD Vending is a stocking and servicing dealer for AMI. For equipment, service or questions in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa, contact GAD Vending.