Turn Your Food Service Around – with Automation

Turn Your Food Service Around – with Automation

Turn Your Food Service Around – with Automation 1098 588 GAD Vending

Increase fresh food delivery to customers, decrease employee interaction time to zero –  and drive new revenue with Crane Shopper Vending Machines

The Crane Shopper offers users up to 225 items to choose from. Up to a 9″ platter. All fresh, cold and ready to eat!

How can this work for you? 

Imagine. Fill your Crane Shopper in the morning with fresh selections. Let customers browse at their leisure and use their credit card to purchase. No employees needed to serve and accept payment!

The Crane Shopper allows you to monitor the cabinet temperature remotely to remain in health and safety guidelines for fresh food, and monitor inventory on especially busy days.

Merchandise food offerings over a Five Zone partitioned drum system to allow maximum merchandise and easy customer selection. Exclusive “Prefer Max” function automatically returns the drum to the view with the most product for sale.

The Crane Shopper is:

  • Designed to accommodate over 225 unique sales items.
  • Meets new ADA requirements.
  • Integrates with touchless payment systems.
  • Designed for 24 hour refreshment service.
  • Ideal for workplace, hospital or other places open 24 hours for unattended, fresh food service.

The Crane Shopper has select options for sales promotions. Discount certain items with time-of-day functions. Scrolling message display communications promotions/special events to customers.

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