Considering A Digital Music Solution? Choose GAD’s AMI Jukebox

Considering A Digital Music Solution? Choose GAD’s AMI Jukebox 2048 1346 GAD Vending

So much more than the tradition juke box that played a selection of music. The AMI Digital Juke Box solution can do so much more. Here’s just a few innovative ideas:

  • AMI’s background music solution add on feature keeps the music going. Let AMI seamlessly play background music until a paid selection is made. This way you reduce your human DJ needs, increase your patrons selecting their own music and have a revenue stream on top of it all.
  • AMI takes care of all your ASCAP reporting. You can program less expensive music selections in the slow parts of your day and pump it up as the busier day parts hit. This way you maximize your music spend and streamline reporting.
  • Add on your trivia games with AMI. This way you have a single solution to your week. AMI can appear on all your screens and run the game for you.
  • Advertise specials at a moments notice. Want to run a food special to keep people in your place? AMI has an app that allows your managers to have specials ready to post at a moment’s notice. This way you can anticipate your kitchen’s pace so you please both your staff with larger receipts and your customers with specials.
  • Set up incentives for you staff to use the juke box as well. This is available to sign up for on AMI’s website.
  • AMI is your partner. Once your customer has the AMI app, they are engaged to purchase music, participate in AMI contests and get rewards from AMI. This gets more out of your AMI revenue stream.

Contact GAD to find out more on how the AMI digital juke box solutions can work for you.

Want to know more about AMI’s Ultra Music Video Jukebox?

Want to know more about AMI’s Ultra Music Video Jukebox? 955 496 GAD Vending

GAD Knows Digital Music

When you are looking for an immersive experience to change up your client’s experience – and how long they stay – talk with GAD. From AMI digital music solutions and speakers, GAD knows how to install music to all your different zones.

Maybe music in the ladies bathroom and sports in the men’s? Want background music? Want to save on music licensing fees during the slow hours? Your customers can even be the DJ all night long.

AMI digital music also has a full range of trivia, games, contests and advertising you can use to promote business. GAD knows how to train your staff how to use AMI’s dashboard to run specials, promote quick games to keep people in the bar and promote upcoming specials.

GAD knows digital music solutions.

Mick Fleetwood and Friends Celebrate the Music of Peter Green in AMI’s Latest Giveaway

Mick Fleetwood and Friends Celebrate the Music of Peter Green in AMI’s Latest Giveaway 1080 1080 GAD Vending


AMI’s Grand prize is a Mick Fleetwood and Friends deluxe edition box set.

AMI announced their most recent giveaway, in recognition of the 2020 live music event honoring guitarist Peter Green. One lucky fan will win the Mick Fleetwood and Friends Celebrate the Music of Peter Green and the Early Years of Fleetwood Mac super deluxe edition box set. The set comes with remastered audio recordings from the February 2020 concert on 4 LPs and 2 CDs. The set also includes a Blu-ray disc and 44-page book pack of images from the show. The contest is open June 11, 2021 through June 23, 2021. Music fans can enter the contest using the AMI Music app, available on iOS and Android. Contest entry is also available on any participating AMI jukebox.

Peter Green got his start in music at the age of 15, playing bass professionally in a number of cover bands in and around London. It was only after seeing how Eric Clapton expertly played his Les Paul, that he was persuaded to switch from bass to guitar. Green then got the chance of a lifetime when asked to take over lead guitar in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers when Clapton left the band. A year later, Green had assembled a new band with former Bluesbreakers Mick Fleetwood and Jeremy Spencer. Fleetwood Mac was quickly signed to their first record deal and soon after achieved their first UK #1 with their song “Albatross.”

Green officially left the band in 1970 but continued on with solo and side projects. Over the years that followed, he had multiple uncredited appearances on various Fleetwood Mac recordings, including their experimental double album, Tusk. When Mick Fleetwood began to discuss the idea of a tribute to Green and the early years of their band, he found no shortage of rock guitarists who cited Green as a major influence. Some of the big names from the project include David Gilmour, Christine McVie, Steven Tyler, Bill Wyman, Noel Gallagher, and Kirk Hammett. Said Fleetwood: “The concert is a celebration of those early blues days where we all began and it’s important to recognize the profound impact Peter and the early Fleetwood Mac had on the world of music. Peter was my greatest mentor and it gives me such joy to pay tribute to his incredible talent.”

AMI is proud to offer fans of Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood, and Fleetwood Mac a chance at winning this prize. Everyone is encouraged to enter the contest using the AMI Music app or by asking GAD where the closest AMI jukebox venue is in Nebraska, Kansas City and Iowa.

AMI Remote Jukebox Smartphone App

AMI Remote Jukebox Smartphone App 516 438 GAD Vending

It’s been a long year but AMI has been busy getting ready for bars, dance venues, restaurants and everywhere digital music plays.

Whether they’re blasting classic rock anthems at the bar around the corner or pumping out hits at the hottest club in town, you’ll find AMI jukeboxes anywhere people gather to have a great time. Our music catalog spans every musical genre known to science and is jam-packed with more current and classic hits than you can shake a stick at.

With AMI BarLink, it’s never been easier to find the right music for your own epic night out. Browse the catalog, purchase credits, and select music right from your smartphone! And – find out where to find an AMI Jukebox near you!

Download the app:



AMI Ad Manager Creates Your Own Custom Ads

AMI Ad Manager Creates Your Own Custom Ads 1015 613 GAD Vending

AMI’s Ad Manager Tool, included with any digital jukebox and Tap TV system, allows you to turn your devices into powerful digital signage. Discover how to use Ad Manager to promote your business and brand.

AMI’s Ad Manager gives you the power to reach more customers with your own custom ads. This easy- to-use digital signage tool lets you create, edit, schedule and run promotions on your AMI jukebox and connected TVs, including screens dedicated to Tap TV content. It’s perfect for promoting daily specials, limited-time offerings, upcoming events and more!

Get More Value Out of Your AMI Device

Ads you create through Ad Manager fit seamlessly into the entertainment experience. As customers enjoy the music and videos (if applicable) running in your venue, they will receive your timely offers, growing your business and increasing your revenue.

Now Available On Co-Pilot!

Using Ad Manager has never been more convenient. With AMI’s free Co-Pilot app, you can create, customize and schedule ads with a few clicks right from your phone!

With Ad Manager, you can:

  • Choose from hundreds of templates or upload your own images
  • Create your own promotional messages
  • Choose when your ads run and how often
  • Create as many ads as you need & see them displayed within minutes!

Ads run on jukebox screens and if you have the NGX Ultra or music video kit, ads will run on connected TVs for even greater reach to customers. Ask GAD how you can add Ad Manager to your business.

Affordable Interactive Trivia To Entertain Your Customers

Affordable Interactive Trivia To Entertain Your Customers 540 304 GAD Vending

Turn your existing TV’s into interactive trivia game shows. Make your customers into real time contestants.

That’s right – we can put your customers on TV. They face off against trivia fans from around the country while earning themselves and your business a spot on our national leader boards. Set up tournaments to drive patron engagement, extend dwell time at your establishment and boost repeat business as customers return to improve their score!

Connect your customers with fun, fast-paced trivia action  with the use of their smart phone!

With the Tap TV app in hand, our players use their own smartphone to answer questions that appear on in-store TVs connected to our media player. With multiple categories and tens of thousands of entertaining questions, Tap TV Trivia has a game for every type of trivia aficionado. Setting up and running trivia tournaments builds on the app’s power to keep patrons engaged.

Add trivia that matches current events. Sports to season – football, basketball, baseball. Match to your evening’s audience – Celebrity Trivia, Pop Culture, Couch Potato. To their decade – 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. Or lots of other diverse topic ranges. Fits any audience with content designed to be as diverse as you choose.

Contact your authorized GAD sales rep to learn more.

When Silence isn’t Golden, AMI Background Music to the Rescue

When Silence isn’t Golden, AMI Background Music to the Rescue 1005 707 GAD Vending

With AMI’s background music add-on service for your jukebox, you can keep the music going between patron selections. While the background music plays, your AMI jukebox will continue to do its job by attracting patrons and prompting them to play their favorite songs. It’s the perfect balance between continual music and encouraging patrons to use your jukebox – all from a single device!


  • 21 Curated Music Stations to Choose From
  • Convenient Tools to Fully Customize What Station Plays During Scheduled Times
  • Tools to Schedule Breaks Between Songs
  • Background Music That Plays While Letting Patrons Make Juke Selections
  • Fully Licensed Background Music for Commercial Use


You won’t need to deal with other equipment or worry about switching between background music and making the jukebox available. You just need to schedule your stations and let your AMI jukebox do the rest.


Our passionate music team works hard to provide great background music stations for AMI jukeboxes. We pay special attention to building out the background music stations with the right songs to set the right mood. Here’s how it works:

  • The AMI Team of Curators Hand-Pick the Songs in Each Station
  • We Use Gracenote Song Metadata to Verify Accuracy
  • Stations are customized to be in Sync with the Station Title
  • Our Team Checks Each Song Lyric for Age Appropriate Ratings
  • Your Artist & Song Lockouts on Your Jukebox Apply to Background Music


There are thousands of songs available in the AMI jukebox background music catalog. When you schedule a background music station to play at a certain time, the full station downloads to your jukebox. The catalog is updated regularly to ensure your background music is fresh and current.


You can change your background music station using the online dashboard tool, or create a station override by using AMI’s free Co-Pilot mobile app.


You can customize what background music station plays on what day and at what times. You can customize the schedule however you want to create the right mix for your venue. Ask your operator about scheduling background music stations.


Just like with paid play on your jukebox, you retain the right to reject songs that play. You can use your jukebox remote or Co-Pilot app to reject a song.

GAD Vending is an authorized dealer for Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. Contact your local office today to learn more about AMI solutions right for your business.

Open Up with a NEW AMI Jukebox to WOW Your Customers

Open Up with a NEW AMI Jukebox to WOW Your Customers 1192 1133 GAD Vending

Coming out of COVID creates an opportunity to change the way to entertain your customers. Let them control the music played and create that immersive experience.

While your customer controls their music experience, they also pay to play. Increase your revenue with their play, advertising, bar games and reduce your music ASCAP costs. All with an AMI Jukebox. Call your GAD sales rep to learn even more.

Mobile-enabled AMI Jukeboxes just get more plays.

Today’s patrons love the ability to order jukebox music using their phone. Now with enhanced features, app users have even more control over their jukebox experience.

The Easy Way to Pay to Play

With over 2.5 million downloads, the AMI Music app offers a cool, convenient, and easy way to play music on a nearby AMI jukebox. Simply create an account, add funds for credits using a credit card, Apple Pay, or PayPal, select your current venue, and choose the songs or music videos you want to hear played. With the Multi-Select option, you can even add several songs or entire playlists to the jukebox queue in one transaction.

Earn Free Bonus Credits

Many AMI venues incentivize their guests to spend more by offering free bonus credits for higher levels of spending during a visit. At these venues, the AMI Music app tracks your progress and awards these free credits for immediate use. Bonus credits can only be used where you earned them.

Personalize Your Experience

AMI Music lets you enhance and customize your app. Save your favorite songs and create your own custom playlists to always have your music at your fingertips. The app’s “Dark Mode” feature gives you the option of applying a dark theme, perfect for dimly lit bars and restaurants. Choose from different payment options and control your app notifications and preferences. Use the new Auto-Reload feature to ensure you always have credits so you can play your favorite music on the jukebox.

Enter to Win: AMI Giveaway Honors the Legendary Keith Richards

Enter to Win: AMI Giveaway Honors the Legendary Keith Richards 1080 1080 GAD Vending

 AMI Giveaway Honors the Legendary Keith Richards

– Prize Includes Live at the Hollywood Palladium Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set!

AMI announced their newest contest, celebrating guitar legend Keith Richards. One lucky entrant will win the limited release Live at the Hollywood Palladium from Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos. The deluxe box set includes remastered versions of the December 15, 1988 concert on both CD and 2x 180g LPs plus a bonus 10” vinyl of 3 previously unreleased tracks. Additionally, the box set includes a DVD of original concert footage and a 40-page hardback book featuring an essay from renowned rock writer David Fricke alongside a new interview and rare, never-before-seen photos from Richards’ own archives. Also included are reproductions of archival materials, including a setlist, dressing room sign, VIP backstage passes, tour t-shirt, guitar pick, and more. The contest is open November 13, 2020 through December 2, 2020. Music fans can enter the contest using the AMI Music app, available on iOS and Android. Contest entry is also available on any participating AMI Jukebox.

Best known as co-founder and guitarist for the groundbreaking rock and roll band, The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards has also enjoyed musical success on his own. His first foray as a solo artist came in 1988, with the critically-acclaimed Talk is Cheap. A cross-country U.S. tour accompanied the album, with a stop on December 15 at the famed Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. No stranger to the venue, Richards joked to the crowd about previously being thrown off that very stage, referring to a 1972 incident in which he tried to perform with his idol, Chuck Berry. Backing Richards on this tour were a group of musicians and friends, dubbed The X-Pensive Winos. Members included Waddy Wachtel, Ivan Neville, Bobby Keys, Sarah Dash, Charley Drayton, and Steve Jordan.

The live album, which featured several Rolling Stones songs was originally released in December, 1991 at the same time the Stones were staging their Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle comeback tour. This reissue offers an all-inclusive look back and a chance to relive the night through the music, photos, concert footage, and promotional items.

Like all music fans, AMI is eager for the return of live music, from stadiums to dive bars. AMI is proud to offer a chance at winning this exclusive box set, full of live music, memories, and memorabilia. For a limited time, AMI jukeboxes will be also be featuring a Keith Richards playlist that highlights his biggest hits with and without The Rolling Stones. All are encouraged to check out the playlist and enter the contest using the AMI Music app or by visiting a nearby AMI jukebox venue.

Contact GAD Vending to find AMI Jukeboxes in NE, KS, IA and MO to complete your registration.

AMI's new NGX Curve digital music jukebox. Available through gAD Vending.

Starting Up Your AMI Jukebox Post-Pandemic

Starting Up Your AMI Jukebox Post-Pandemic 750 504 GAD Vending


AMI is working hard to make sure both operators and venues have the information and tools they need to re-open successfully. When preparing your post-pandemic re-opening checklist, here’s a few items we’d highly recommend adding to your list of to-do’s.

1. Implement Restart Procedures 24 Hours In Advance

To ensure your AMI jukebox is fully operational for a re-opening event, it’s important to implement jukebox restart procedures at least 24 hours in advance of customer engagement. For procedure details, click here.

2. Share Cleaning Recommendations with Staff

How to Clean an AMI Touchscreen: AMI touchscreens do not include a film as is used in resistive and surface capacitive touch technologies.  The touch surface is glass and any disinfectant or cleaner recommended for glass surfaces may be used to clean and disinfect the touchscreen. 70% rubbing alcohol (ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol) can be used as a disinfectant. Always spray the disinfectant/cleaner on the cloth or towel and not directly on the touchscreen.  Glass cleaner sprayed directly on the screen could possibly leak inside and cause damage.

How to Clean an AMI Currency Panel: The door panel is made of plastic. We recommend cleaning with a mild cleaner and disinfecting with rubbing alcohol using a soft cloth to avoid scratching the surface.

3. Connect Your AMI Jukebox to Outdoor Speakers

Per CDC recommendations, many bars and restaurants are being cleared to re-open, but with outdoor seating only. It’s simple to connect our jukeboxes to outdoor speakers or sound systems and extend the jukebox experience to all customers. Please refer to the “Sound System Setup” section of your jukebox manual for guidance. Plus, with the AMI Music app, patrons can easily select music right from their seat and without touching the jukebox. Outdoor banner artwork is available for download.

4. Use Ad Manager to Promote Critical Safety Guidelines

Inform patrons of safety precautions your venues are taking to help demonstrate their compliance with CDC guidelines for COVID-19. Templates are available in the “Public Health” category via amientertainment.net and your AMI Co-Pilot app, and cover safety, health, cleanliness, and more.

5. Make Use of Promotional Material: Promote Mobile

Our mobile jukebox companion app, AMI Music, already allows patrons to use the jukebox without touching it, and helps them maintain a six-foot distance. Our jukebox promo loop features videos that promote the app’s touchless component. Posters and banners promoting the app are available for download to be printed at a vendor of your choice. Plus, mobile app promo cards give patrons free credits, encouraging new users to go mobile when playing the jukebox.

6. Set Your Jukebox to Mobile Only

Looking for a solution to limit surface touching but still allow patrons play the jukebox? Simply disconnect the touchscreen controller cable (serial or USB) as well as the bill acceptor(s). The jukebox will continue to play music, including selections made by patrons via the AMI Music mobile app, as well as background music stations. We recommend attaching one of these flyers (Option 1 and Option 2) to your jukebox UI screen to inform patrons how to make music selections by using the AMI Music app.

AMI’s music promotions will continue to run on second screens where applicable (i.e. music video jukeboxes). Please note that if you do have music video enabled on any of your jukeboxes, disconnecting the video wire connection to the UI screen can lead to disruption of video to external music video displays.

7. Send a Re-Opening Notification to Jukebox Users

Using your AMI Co-Pilot app, you or your venue’s location manager can send a customizable “we’re re-opened for business” message directly to the smartphones of every AMI Music app user that has purchased music on its jukebox since Nov. 2019! Check out the video tutorial, plus step-by-step instructions are also available in this online FAQ.

Consider upgrading your existing AMI jukeboxes to Win10. Microsoft is phasing out support of the XP operating system and highly recommends this upgrade.

AMI now offers an SSD/Win10 Upgrade Kit for refreshing your jukebox. This new operating system has faster processing speeds, more reliable performance, and will allow AMI to add new and more dynamic features in the future. Plus, the new hard drive comes enabled with Music Video On-Demand (MVOD)! This means that your jukebox will now be capable of video playback for AMI’s full library of over 25,000 music video titles. Simply connect your jukebox to a TV using an HDMI cable that connects to the on board HDMI port of the motherboard.

Other questions about your AMI Jukebox in NE, IA, KS or MO – call GAD Vending. We are authorized distributors in the Midwest and happy to help with servicing existing equipment or setting up new.