Retrofit Your Vending Machines To Go Touchless

Retrofit Your Vending Machines To Go Touchless

Retrofit Your Vending Machines To Go Touchless 767 527 GAD Vending

With COVID concerns, unattended machines may not be as appealing to consumers as they once were. Consider this – go touchless with Crane Cashless Solutions.

As people go back to their routines, we expect a few things to change. In the past, people were twice as likely to have a phone on them vs. cash. And, 1 in 5 consumers didn’t care cash at all. With COVID concerns, expect mobile pay on even the smallest purchases to increase.


The most flexible, user-friendly solution for cashless vending:

  • Vending consumer can use their mobile app to purchase and pay.
  • Powerful cloud based reporting and analytics tool enables performance tracking for cash and cashless sales.
  • Remote management of vending machines for improved operational efficiency.
  • Accessible deposits that correspond to the cashless sales for increased accountability.
  • Designed as a flexible solution capable of offering online services such as remote management of planograms, advertisements, cash discounts and promotions.
  • Connect to payment systems for major card acceptance, mobile pay and premium service options.


The most advanced retrofit telemetry device. Crane Cashless units are module for easy upgrades. And, have multiple USB ports for additional beacons and cameras.

Crane Cashless systems can be retrofitted into most vending machines, claw game machines and more.

Consumer confidence in touchless ordering and payment are worth the retrofit alone. The added management reports, inventory management and remote capabilities are the added bonus to your machine business. Ask GAD Vending for a demonstration today!