Could Axe Throwing Be Your Missing Link?

Could Axe Throwing Be Your Missing Link?

Could Axe Throwing Be Your Missing Link? 851 588 GAD Vending

Could Axe Throwing Be Your Missing Link To Bringing Customers Into Your Establishment?

Axes have been around since prehistoric times and were one of the earliest tools used by man. The first throwing axe came about in the bronze age, about 5,000 to 10,000 years ago.

Axe throwing gained popularity in the Middle Ages around 400-500 AD with German Goth tribes. Their axes were known as Franziska axes and were popular weapons in battle. Today it is a popular hobby, particularly in bars, but expanding to Family Entertainment Centers.

If you are looking for another entertainment option for your location, resurrecting the ancient art of axe throwing could be your ticket to making an epic party environment. But how can you start? Read on to find out all you need to know.

Axe Throwing Safely

You must have some safety rules for your axe-throwing contest to avoid incidents. Make sure to abide by them to ensure everything stays safe.

Have Everyone Sign a Waiver

It would be best to have everyone participating in axe throwing sign a waiver. Ensure the release says you are not liable for death or injury during axe-throwing games.

Having patrons sign a waiver will absolve you of any legal consequences resulting from an axe-throwing incident. It will also make your patrons realize the gravity of axe throwing before participating.

Hire an Axe Coach

It would be best if you had one of your staff members be well-versed in axe-throwing mechanics and theory. If no one on your staff has these capabilities, consider hiring an independent axe-throwing coach.

The primary purpose of this individual will be to instruct newbies on the proper methodology of axe throwing. They should provide a crash course on operating throwing axes, so nobody gets hurt.

Isolate the Axe Throwing Area

While you may want to make sure that your axe throwing is the centerpiece of your bar, ensure that you have an indoor arena isolated from the rest of the bar. Hanging some plexiglass so people can watch is a great idea.

An alternative is to buy an Axe Master machine arcade version of axe throwing so that people can practice their skills. This can be your only axe-throwing option or a preliminary game to see if patrons have what it takes to enter the arena. One of the benefits is that most axe throwing requires customers to be over the age of 12. So, if there is an establishment that has a younger or family demographic, this machine is a good option

Are you looking for an all-in-one system? The Lasertron Axe Throwing System may be the answer. Their Axe Throwing attraction includes target displays, scoring software, and necessary hardware, which can gamify the playing experience while significantly upscaling the overall look and feel. It integrates bar-height booth seating, bar-height tables, barstools, and black powder-coated heavy gauge steel dividers to create a high-end look and feel.

A touchscreen display interface that keeps track of the team and individual player scores. The game scores are projected onto a giant scoreboard above the Axe Target Area. The touch screen and scoreboard show the photo and name of the current player throwing in each lane and the next player up.

Building the Scenes

Try having a special axe-throwing night with deals on specialty drinks like mead. You can encourage costume-wearing or decorate the interior of your location for your special events.

Corporate Events

Once word gets out that your bar has axe-throwing potential, you should consider hosting corporate events. Corporate events can greatly engage the larger axe-throwing community and drive-up business. Axe throwing could be the missing link your location needs to get popping again or make the party grow to greater heights.