A 5-Step Money Making Arcade Game Ideas (That Anyone Can Follow)

Playing Foosball outside for social distancing while playing games.

A 5-Step Money Making Arcade Game Ideas (That Anyone Can Follow)

A 5-Step Money Making Arcade Game Ideas (That Anyone Can Follow) 1500 1000 Gad Vending

Arcades came in to fashion in the early 1900’s with the creation of the pinball machine. But it took until the 1970’s for video games to storm the scene. Since, there has been steady evolution of arcade games and profits.

No longer are arcades limited to their physical premise. With an internet connection, gamers can play their friends anywhere in the world. A player in Omaha can direct challenge your buddy in Kansas City. Join tournaments anywhere in the world. Create accounts to follow them from home to arcade.

With the wide variety of games and the connection to the internet, practice social distancing while achieving business profits.

Step 1 Cleanliness

New after COVID, players want assurance of a clean environment to play. With contagious virus’ a global concern, make sure to clean your machines between players and deep clean before opening. But be cautious with the type of cleaning chemicals you use – some chemicals can damage the graphics. Cleaning product manufacturer suggested guidelines are available through GAD Vending.

Here are additional ideas you can use to ensure cleanliness:

  • Give out disposable button sets for each player.
  • Offer your players additional wipes for their own secondary sanitation.
  • Add Plexiglas between games
  • Spread out your games for social distancing.
  • Check with your state or local health department for current guidelines.

Step 2 Location, Location, Location

Arcade machines make revenue in two ways. One, players paying to play. And, two, people staying longer to watch play and ordering more food/drinks in your establishment.

  • Choose high traffic locations that draw players over.
  • Add a game with lots of LED’s to a dark corner.
  • Capture your own “Shots of the Week” or “High Score” and promote across your TV’s through your AMI system.
  • Choose games that others can watch game play from a safe distance.
  • Place games toward the back of the room to draw players further into your establishment.

Step 3 Consider a Table Games vs Console

When you review the floor plan for your arcade games, consider replacing a regular table with an arcade table, or creating paying space in an awkward area.

  • Playing a console table or not, it’s a table. (And, GAD’s newest Classic-Cade is over 60 games on one table.)
  • Consider adding a large table game like shuffleboard to utilize space toward the back of the room or an awkward rectangular space.
  • Add a foosball table in a space that you’d lose to social distancing regulations.

Do the math of one normal table vs. revenues from a game table. Patrons in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri tend to be active and like to play!

Step 4 Passive Income vs Active Income

Some business owners consider arcade games as a source of passive income. Or just an expensive way to entertain customers. And, that’s okay. But why not take an active approach to adding revenue and attracting repeat patrons?

  • Tournaments
    • Host a progressive tournament.
    • Golden Tee and G3 Galaxy Fire Electronic Darts run international tournaments online.
  • Leagues
  • Specials Night
  • Shot of the Week
  • Progressive Games
  • Trivia Games

Step 5 Take It Outside

Most bars and restaurants have maximized their outdoor space for eating and drinking. With social distancing, some are opening up parking lots, neighboring spaces and other creative additional spaces. How about adding games to those areas?

  • Basketball Shot Contest
  • Table Arcade Games
  • Foosball
  • Trivia Games through your AMI Jukebox System
  • Move your darts outdoors – adding wind could make it that much more challenging

As a business owner, it is essential to maximize floor space, follow health and safety guidelines and keep your patrons happy. Not an easy task but well worth the effort.

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