The Perfect Vending Experience

The Perfect Vending Experience

The Perfect Vending Experience 919 703 GAD Vending

What difference does the MEDIA platform make?

Developing the most intuitive vending machines on the market today was not just the intention, it was the result. Designed with the expertise of Crane Merchandising Systems, the MEDIA platform revolutionized unattended retail.

The MEDIA platform offers an enhanced user experience through customizable graphics, a touch screen user interface, interactive promotions and a virtual shopping cart. These differences transform a typical interaction with a vending machine into an experience that connects people to their way of living.

Why Choose Crane and Greater America Distributing Vending?

  • One Platform
  • Focus on Innovation and Connectivity
  • Superior User Experience and Interface
  • Global Company, Greater America Distributing Local Support
  • Sustainability is at the Core of the Business