8 Pointers for Pinball Profits

8 Pointers for Pinball Profits

8 Pointers for Pinball Profits 652 844 GAD Vending

Pinball games have been a favorite entertainment machine since its introduction in 1931. “Pinball” came from the steel silver ball traveling across wooden pins. Since, pinball has inspired an entire industry and a pop culture phenomenon.

To buy a new pinball machine is an investment. Whether for your commercial arcade, bar or restaurant – or your home game room, a pinball game comes in various levels from lots of manufacturers at a variety of costs. The final cost is dependent on the game title itself, shipping, delivery, sales tax and payment acceptance system. Payment systems include the basic coin acceptors to the newest digital payment acceptance. GAD can help you determine the best payment system for your environment.

GAD Knows Pinball Pricing. Ask us for a firm quote that includes all your costs.

To maximize your pinball game profit:

  1. Brighten – energize a dark corner (and make sure there are no bright glare to make game play annoying).
  2. Patron building – Use pinball machines to draw patrons deeper into your bar and keep them longer.
  3. No broken machines – make sure you have a regular maintenance schedule with GAD Vending. GAD can help you diagnose, get the parts and when needed do the repairs – many of our pinball customers prefer to do their own repairs (YouTube videos are an excellent resource). As a stocking authorized distributor, we have the common parts to keep your machines playing.
  4. Quarters – place an ATM and/or a coin changer near your pinball machines. GAD know tips for securing your money handling equipment.
  5. Variety – swap your pinball machines regularly. GAD occasionally has used pinball machines or can help you with creative ways to rotate your pinball machines.
  6. Pinball Junkies – don’t wipe high scores! Pinball players are competitive and want to show off their scores. Go even further and host pinball tournaments. Stern Army and the IFPA have resource to assist you in setting up and running tournaments.
  7. Cleanliness – keep pinball machines clean – especially the glass. Make sure you check with GAD for the right kinds of cleaners so you don’t damage the graphics.
  8. Free Game – let players enjoy a free game!

When you are thinking of new pinball machines in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and South Dakota – give your local GAD Vending sales rep a call (or our main office at 402-553-2812).