What’s new in soda vending machines? Technology

Crane Bevmax Vending Machine

What’s new in soda vending machines? Technology

What’s new in soda vending machines? Technology 750 702 Gad Vending

Cold Drink Vending Performance & Delivery Speed

Whether vending sodas, water, milk, tea, iced coffee, energy drinks or anything in cans, plastic or glass bottles, you can rely on the state-of-art Crane BevMAX line of cold drink vending machines.


GAD Vending helps our customers create engaging graphics that attract new customers to use our BevMAX. Promote cashless and touchless features.


Change out digital advertising to continually promote a variety of specials. Promote mobile app use for touchless ordering.

Using a common “shopping cart” feature integrates ordering, recurring preferences and payment. Delivers to the vending user a touchless option that is not available in many retailers.


Consumers mobile app can access nutritional information. Recurring orders. Touchless payment solutions.

Vending route operators and equipment owners can access online reporting, receive inventory restock alerts and check the vending machines health. Use digital advertising to sell down inventory, incent customers into more usage, and test unique product selections.

The Crane BEVMax Media Vending machines are available, usually in stock, at GAD Vending.