What’s Coming From Stern?

What’s Coming From Stern?

What’s Coming From Stern? 940 788 GAD Vending

Stern is constantly adding new games to their portfolio. But we don’t know what’s the next game quite yet.

We do have lots of Stern in inventory and more on the way.

Here’s just an idea of what we normally have in stock:

  • The Mandalorian Pro and Premium (just in time for Season 3)
  • James Bond Pro and Premium
  • Star Wars
    • Star Wars Premium
    • Star Wars Home Edition
  • TMNT Pro and Premium
  • Led Zeppelin Pro and Premium
  • Jurassic Park Home Edition
  • Godzilla Premium
  • Elvira House of Horrors

It’s an amazing list of Stern greatness. So, how do you choose the pinball game right for you and your family? Here’s a few things to consider.

Price. Always. Consider this…

  • Pinball games for home don’t have money acceptors. While this may not sound like much, it adds considerably to the price.
  • Some areas we deliver for free. If you aren’t in those areas, consider picking up yourself. We support phone set up.
  • Home editions are just that. Games designed for home use. Affordable options with innovative game play. Sized and set up to be easier for the home user. All the Stern commercial game quality with the home user in play.
    • Unboxed size: 70″ H x 28″W x 53″ D
  • Play the game before you buy the game. Some of the home edition games are available at our showrooms. Contact us to find out what games you can come play. All the Stern commercial games are available to play near you.
  • With Stern’s Insider Connected, you are always in the know. Code updates. Tournaments. Team competitions. And, so much more is coming.

Game Longevity

Stern has been creating games for decades. Gary Stern is still involved with the company but recently brought in a new CEO to be the active day-to-day head. And, we are already seeing great things. Stern is producing the best of its classic games – Elvira House of Horrors is a perfect example. GAD staff (talk about pinball wizards) is very impressed with the new Stern Connected Updates and upcoming features. Plus, we consistently have new code updates on games – that’s serious commitment. Now’s a great time to own your own Stern.


We’ve noticed that our home game owners are very picky. They shop and kick the tires on their first game for a long time. But once they have one, there is a rush to fill every square inch with games! We generally see home game users buy a pinball, then darts. Then the split – add a Multicade, Golden Tee PGA Home Edition or more pinball? Either way lots of fun for the family and friends.

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