What Should You Add to Your Home Game Room?

What Should You Add to Your Home Game Room?

What Should You Add to Your Home Game Room? 940 788 GAD Vending

A home game room can be as simple as the niche under the stairs or as elaborate as you can imagine.

These are some of the ideas you should consider:

  • What kind of space do you have? 
    • Basement, attic, garage, bedroom, or other unused space.
  • How much space does my ultimate game need? 
    • Darts require a 5′ wide x 11 ‘ long to safely play.
    • For an average machine dimensions are 29″ wide x 76″ tall x 56″ deep. Make sure you can fit the machine through the door.
    • Rule of thumb for shuffleboard is to add 2′ to each side of the table plus 3′ at either end to the dimensions of the table.
    • Pool Table minimum space is 14′ x 18′. (Yes, GAD has commercial grade pool tables too.)
  • What game should I buy?
    • Personal taste.
    • Who’s going to play? Adults, kids, mix?
  • Relax the Space
    • You should consider where a TV is going. Or at least one TV.
    • Sofa or other relax space.
    • Bar or fridge.
    • Basketball station.
  • Lighting
    • Many don’t think of lighting or skimp, but don’t! You’ll want to see the silver ball, darts or pool angles to completely enjoy your games.

At GAD we’ve seen many amazing game rooms. And, we are happy to help you answer the preliminary design questions before you commit to your project.