Up Your Game Room

Up Your Game Room

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A home game room can be as simple as the niche under the stairs or as elaborate as you can imagine.

These are some of the ideas you should consider:

  • What kind of space do you have? 
    • Basement, attic, garage, or unused dining room.
    • Adding a three season room.
  • How much space does my favorite game need? 
    • Darts require a 5′ wide x 11 ‘ long to safely play.
    • For an average pinball machine dimensions are 29″ wide x 76″ tall x 56″ deep.
      • Make sure you can fit the machine through the door and turns in the staircase.
    • Rule of thumb for shuffleboard is to add 2′ to each side of the table plus 3′ at either end to the dimensions of the table.
    • Pool Table minimum space is 14′ x 18′. (Yes, GAD has commercial grade pool tables too.)
  • How should I decide what game to buy?
    • Personal taste.
    • Who’s going to play? Adults, kids, mix?
      • Do you want all the kids in the neighborhood?
      • Do you want to be the entertainment spot for all your friends?
    • Space limitations.
    • Team vs Individual play.
  • Relax the Space
    • You should consider where the TV’s are going.
    • Sofa or other relax space.
    • Bar or fridge.
    • Consider a basketball station or other games to play between machines.
    • Make a “circuit”. Create a flow to compete with your family and friends around the room.
  • Lighting
    • Lighting can set the mood. Create excitement. Add dimension to the games.
    • Many don’t think of lighting and do a last minute rush job, but don’t! You’ll want to see the silver ball, darts or pool angles to completely enjoy your games.

At GAD we’ve seen many amazing game rooms – and we posted a few ideas on this article for you to consider. And, we are happy to help you answer the preliminary design questions before you commit to your project.

Bonus – between now and 11/22/2022 we are giving a free shaker motor, installed, to any new purchase of home pinball.