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Galaxy 3 Plus – In Stock

Galaxy 3 Plus – In Stock 390 503 GAD Vending

The newest Galaxy 3 Plus (and Galaxy 3) are in stock and ready for pick up.

An easy game to add to your home game room. Great stand alone game for all ages or adds easily to a game room full of pinball and Golden Tee.

The Galaxy 3 Plus has all the great features plus:

  • Larger 24″ Monitor
  • Enhanced Camera
  • Automatic Target Flip
  • New Games
  • Compatible with all G3’s
  • Live, remote play

An excellent game to add to your family game night.

Darts – Not Just One Game to Play

Darts – Not Just One Game to Play 400 400 GAD Vending

Darts have been popular since, well, forever. An easy game to explain but a difficult game to master.

If you want to learn more about how to play G3 Fire darts, learn from the experts. “How to Play Our Games” is a 50 page tutorial on everything darts.

Learn the basic from set up to how to use the G3 Fire. Then move on to various games – how to play, rules and scoring. From Cricket games to Speed Games and many more. This will wow your friends with new games to play.

GAD has electronic darts in stock available in both new and refurbished games.


Get These Games Before They’re Gone….

Get These Games Before They’re Gone…. 400 401 GAD Vending

Great games are coming in all of the time from our various, creative gamers but there are also some we are sorry to see go.

Here’s a few you want to get before they are gone.

Golden Tee Live 2021

Golden Tee Live 2021 commercial version is being replaced with Golden Tee PGA Tour with shipments starting to arrive in August. This game console is designed for commercial arcade, bar, restaurant and business use – and can be purchased for home game rooms.

GAD has the Home Version Golden Tee 2021 arriving in September.

Call GAD for a conversation about the unique differences in these games, pricing and exact deliver schedules.

Digital Darts

With the Arachnid Galaxy 3 Fire’s in stock, GAD also has some used Galaxy 3 and refurbished Galaxy 2.5’s coming in. There are features available with the G3 Fire for tournament, commercial and heavy users will appreciate. For general or home use, the Arachnid Galaxy 2.5 may be at a better value.


Stern’s catalog has gotten large over the pandemic, so we expect to see a few models beginning to be phased out. The latest announcement is Stranger Things Pro in final run. We may still have stock/and or orders coming in. Check with your GAD representative to find out more.

Check our games inventory for monthly updates. GAD is always happy to give a complete price – pick up, delivery, sales tax, etc. – quote on request.