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Your Commercial Establishment is Missing Out if You Don’t Have AMI

Your Commercial Establishment is Missing Out if You Don’t Have AMI 530 357 GAD Vending

What’s on tap? AMI ad manager for bars, venues and restaurants around the country. GAD sells AMI through various channels. You may be referred to one of our quality partners to provide your AMI Digital Jukebox.

AMI ad manager is compatible with all AMI digital systems, AMI jukeboxes and Tap TV.

AMI Ad Manager is a promotional tool that transforms your AMI products into powerful digital signage systems. It’s a great tool for businesses looking to promote their services, daily specials, or upcoming events.

You can create, edit, and schedule ads from the palm of your hand using AMI’s all-new Co-Pilot app or from your computer.

With over a thousand pre-made templates to choose from, and an easy-to-use interface, it takes just minutes for installers, business owners, or designated location staff members to build a rotation of custom digital signage.

  • Begin by choosing from a library of pre-made ad templates, easily searchable by keyword, theme, or event type
  • Personalize the messaging with your own custom text
  • Target a specific audience (families, happy hour, late night crowd, etc.) by setting its date range and hours of display
  • Publish your ad!

You can even upload and schedule your own custom-made images for display via the AMI operator website.

If you are missing AMI Ad Manager, talk with your GAD rep today. 

Understanding Vending Digital Advertising

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