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Pre-Order Pulp Fiction Pinball

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Pulp Fiction is a retro-inspired full-featured modern pinball machine. Developed at the request of Quentin Tarantino who wanted an 1980’s style Pulp Fiction themed pinball machine for his home. Tarantino’s continued involvement throughout the project shaped the final game. Tarantino rarely licenses his intellectual property, it is a unique privilege to produce a game which pays tribute to this masterpiece.

Legendary pinball designer Mark Ritchie masterfully crafted a playfield which on its surface appears comparable to games from this era but outside of initial perception features more mechanisms and greater depth than most games produced today. David Thiel forcefully pulls the player into this world utilizing over 250 iconic lines from Pulp Fiction’s legendary cast, five licensed songs from the original movie soundtrack, and a number of original compositions. Josh Sharpe developed an approachable rule set that is both intuitive and deep enough to engage even the most skilled player. Scott Pikulski’s vintage inspired art package is both stunning and perfectly cohesive.

The game was developed in a collaboration between Play Mechanix and Chicago Gaming Company. It features original time-tested Williams standard pinball mechanisms and highly reliable Chicago Gaming Company electronics which gives us the confidence to provide the longest warranties in the industry (up to eight times longer than most manufacturers).

GAD has Pulp Fiction SE on pre-order from Chicago pinball and available to reserve!

What PINBALL Is On Your Play List for Labor Day Weekend?

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GAD has warehouses in Omaha, Kansas City and Des Moines with pinball games ready for pick up for the weekend.

Choose from titles like 007, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden and Guns ‘n Roses to name a few. Not all games are in every location, so call first to arrange your curbside pick up.

GAD is an authorized dealer for Stern, American Pinball, Jersey Jack and Chicago Gaming. And if you want to create the ultimate game room for the weekend, we also stock digital darts, Classic-cade and Golden Tee PGA.

Check out our August inventory. Call us for current available games.

Pricing for pinball includes the game, money acceptors (commercial use) and applicable sales tax.

Choose how you’d like to get your game:

  1. Free pick up
  2. Free delivery in certain markets
  3. $350 curbside delivery in continental US

Pinball Fun for Summer

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Summer is a great time for pinball

When we think of summer, we do think of outdoor activities. And we should enjoy everything about summer outdoors. But, we don’t spend every minute outside. Because of that, it’s a great time to add pinball to your home game room.

GAD has pinball for all ages. In stock. Available for home and commercial purchase.

What titles should you consider? 

Younger families could consider a wide range of pinball titles. Including Cactus Canyon Remake, Toy Story 4, TMNT, and Star Wars Home Edition.

Families with teens have lots of options. Check out The Godfather, James Bond 007, Godzilla, Jurassic Park, The Mandalorian and Avengers Infinity Quest.

Hard rock fans can play pinball with their favorite bands’ music. Foo Fighters, Rush, Guns ‘n Roses and Iron Maiden.

How can you figure out what’s best for your family? 

That’s a smart thing to do.

First, call GAD. We’ll let you know what’s on our showroom floors that you can come play. And, we can let you know where the games are near you.

Once you decide the best game options for your family, GAD can give you a firm quote on the game and what else you might want to consider.

Then, GAD can help you free delivery in some markets. Or you can pick up your pinball and we’ll support you via phone.

Enjoy your summer!

New Pinball at GAD

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Do you have what it takes to save the day? Cactus Canyon Remake puts you in the game as the future lawman of the old west town of Cactus Canyon. Save the town bank from a robbery, show off your skills as an expert marksman, even tame wild broncos and don’t forget to save Polly Peril from the train!

Cactus Canyon is the fourth game in the exciting line of remakes of the greatest Bally/Williams pinball machines.

Cactus Canyon features expanded game rules, new display art and new sounds all of which are exclusive to Cactus Canyon Remake. All new full-color display artwork, re-imagined within the framework of the original Williams display artwork at four times the resolution. Thousands of frames have been painstakingly animated to create a display that features full color and four times the number of dots as the original Williams game.

Both models feature Chicago Gaming’s 19-¼” XL Color Display which has twice the viewing area of the display utilized in the original game. Modern Electronics, LED lighting, and today’s manufacturing technology help deliver a game experience that exceeds expectations.

GAD’s order of Cactus SE and SE+ are in production. Pre-orders are encouraged as supply chain shortages continue to make inventory more and more difficult. Contact us to learn expected delivery dates on the games you are interested in.