Stern’s Insider Connected App

Stern’s Insider Connected App

Stern’s Insider Connected App 494 315 GAD Vending

Go in depth with George Gomez as he explains our newest innovation: STERN INSIDER CONNECTED!

Engage with pinball in a whole new way; track your progress, discover new ways to play your favorite games, unlock exclusive content, and so much more!

Stern Connected Games aren’t your typical pinball machines. They’re super-powered. They have state-of-the-art hardware that allows them to recognize players, connect to the internet, and track player scores and activities. Combined with a companion app, Stern Insider is a completely new online gaming system built specifically for and by pinball players.

Each Insider Connected Game has a QR Code scanner built into the bottom arch of the game. Insider Connected players can log into any connected game using their unique QR Code and instantly begin tracking their scores, earning achievements and exploring a new world of connected pinball.

Connected Games connect to a local network in one of two ways: wirelessly over Wi-Fi or through an Ethernet port. While connected to the internet, each machine will track and sync scores and game play activity to your account. The Insider Connected app is your gateway to the universe of Insider Connected. It works in any browser and is also optimized for your phone.

Use the app to create a player profile, view scores, and connect with other players. You’re just one tap away from displaying your unique player code and logging into a machine.

Connect with GAD if you have questions how to set up your Stern Pinball game to Insider Connected in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Kansas City.