Hot Wheels Pinball – Deep Dive

Hot Wheels Pinball – Deep Dive

Hot Wheels Pinball – Deep Dive 1600 435 GAD Vending

What a deep dive into the newest American Pinball Hot Wheels machine?

Here’s an excerpt from This Week In Pinball Deep Dive:

Hot Wheel Multiball Modes

Six multiball modes are featured in Hot Wheels pinball:


Shots to the Track Builder lane build increasingly more complex tracks. Build a complete track to start Track Multiball. This is the easiest multiball to achieve, as it only takes four shots to start it (the first time). Track Multiball starts as a 2-ball multiball, but if you shoot the right saucer in time, it becomes a more lucrative 3-ball multiball.


Race your way from 13th place to 1st place and it’s off to the races for Victory Lap Multiball. Build the Super Jackpot all the way up before collecting it for some seriously lucrative points!

There are four main shots used to advance through the race, each with an arrow insert and three race position inserts. The value of each of the four shots increases as each shot is made; 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, and adds that value to the Super Jackpot. The Super Jackpot has its own multiplier, which is based on the highest shot level each by all four of the main shots, so if you have made two shots on each main shot, then the Super Jackpot multiplier is 4X. Complete the next on each, and the Super Jackpot multiplier is 5X.

One unique feature is that the main game music soundtrack is tied to racing. As you advance race positions, the music advances with you, and additional musical elements of the soundtrack are added, making for a more dramatic and suspenseful gameplay experience – a very nice touch!


A heart-pumping timed 4-ball multiball with unlimited ball save time in which the goal is to complete all lit mode shots before the timer expires. When Redline Mania ends, your car will shift up a gear, increasing the value of the Tach for the remainder of the game. The color of the Tach inserts reflects the gear (white, green, yellow, orange, red).

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