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GAD Knows Retro Raccoons

GAD Knows Retro Raccoons 947 875 GAD Vending

What a blast to the past! Retro Raccoons takes players back – and in a great way – to past arcade games.

Retro Raccoons is a retro styled, patented arcade that entertains up to 4 players with dozens of unique minigames. Each player has their own joystick, button and cupholder. New content and minigames are added periodically to ensure gameplay stays fun and fresh. Updates require Wifi or Ethernet access.

Retro Raccoons features the patented “Cheers” mode for bar and barcade locations. Requires players to place their drinks in the cup holders to participate, ensuring customers purchase a drink. Additionally, there is a traditional Cash Mode (bill acceptor) which makes it great for family friendly arcade locations.

Features include:

  • 40+ minigames
  • 2-4 player
  • New content added periodically
  • Large cup holders for bottles, cans or glasses
  • Light up marquee
  • For bar, restaurants, arcades, family friendly locations, homes and private establishments

Retro Raccoons is made in America featuring quality parts and an Intel CPU. This game is ETL Certified for both commercial and home use.

Sensational Retro Fun For Arcades, Bars & More!

  • Installed Dimensions: H: 72″ W: 38″ D: 27.5″ Weight: 245lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: H: 79″ W:46″ D: 32″ Weight: 256lbs.
  • Electrical: 120V @ 2A, 240W
  • Condition: New
  • Manufacturer: Incredible Technologies

Stern Pinball Insider Connected Explained by George Gomez

Stern Pinball Insider Connected Explained by George Gomez 768 437 GAD Vending


This fall Stern Pinball will launch the highly anticipated initiative to connect the existing universe of Stern pinball machines and all its future games. The platform is known as Insider ConnectedTM, and it was designed as a comprehensive system with elements that address both players and operators. Stern Pinball’s Chief Creative Officer George Gomez describes the future of pinball with connectivity coming soon to Stern games everywhere!

Back to School: Game Night Can Save Your Sanity

Back to School: Game Night Can Save Your Sanity 2048 1365 GAD Vending

Spending more family time always sounded like a great idea – before COVID. Now, hopefully, all the kids are back (physically) in school. But as the novelty of school wears off again, its time to start Family Game Night.

Turn the TV off. Go to an arcade to play. Or add a game to your home. Either way, there are lots of games for all ages.

Going Out to an Arcade? 

There are lots of ways to find the games you want to play. Google, of course. Call GAD – we can give you suggestions for games that are age appropriate. Stern Pinball has their own map of Stern Pinball game locations. Try Pinball Game Map or Pinside. 

Break Up the Boredom and Up Your Game Night At Home

While board games can be fun, they generally don’t always engage the entire family. (Unless you set up an Olympic type marathon tournament that includes board games, pinball, darts, etc.) Why not find a set of games that match your family dynamic? Here are a few suggestions.

Table Classic-Cade

This is the perfect family game for all ages, genders and skill levels. With over 60 classic games, it offers hours of single play, one on one and team play fun.

Games include: Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Mario Bros, Centipede, Galaga, Pong and so many more!


A pinball game is a classic, family favorite.

Choose from titles like Hot Wheels, Ghostbusters and The Addams Family for younger audiences. Check out Stranger Things, Jurassic Park and Houdini for a junior high school + age audience. And, consider Metallica, Iron Maiden or Guns ‘N Roses for an older player.

For family favorites across all ages, check out Stern’s The Mandalorian, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Hot Wheels.

Ask us about connecting your Pinball game to the internet. Many of the newer games are internet friendly allowing for remote play against friends, family or internet tournaments!

Golden Tee

Golden Tee 2021 Home Edition is the worldwide hit bar game Golden Tee programmed for home play. With the internet, play tournaments, win best shot of the week or play against friends remote.

Golden Tee PGA is becoming the newest standard for Golden Tee lovers. If you are looking at a new game, the commercial version is available for home purchase.


Electronic darts has upped the game with electronic scoring and internet tournaments.

Our new favorite is the G3 Galaxy Fire:

  • Larger 24” Monitor
  • Automatic Target Flip
  • Live Remote Play
  • Remote Leagues
  • Glowing Cabinet
  • Made in the USA

GAD can help you figure out the best titles for the ages of your family, the size of your home game room and game selections in your budget. GAD provides quotes that are all inclusive, so you never have any surprises.

GAD Vending provides games to Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and South Dakota.

Exciting Announcements – Pinball on the way to GAD

Exciting Announcements – Pinball on the way to GAD 410 400 GAD Vending

At GAD we stock pinball games. And so many new titles, levels and various manufacturers – the inbound pinball orders are crazy! Much of what we have coming inbound is already presold. Don’t let that stop you from calling! We have lots on order and can always check with out factory’s’ for dates of production.

At GAD we give you an inclusive quote for any game. This will include the cost of the game, shipping, delivery (or pick up at one of our docks), sales tax and any other extras you need. GAD is expert in payment systems and add-ons for pinball games.

GAD claim to fame is being a quality distributor of games, has an expert service department and a wide stock of parts. While we spend most of our time with commercial customers, our home gamers appreciate the professionalism and knowledge GAD brings to home game rooms.

Here’s just a few of what we have and what’s coming: 

  • Stern  –
    • Led Zeppelin Pro – due in Aug
    • Led Zeppelin Premium – in stock
    • Avengers Pro (Premium all pre-sold) – due in Aug
    • TMNT Premium and Pro – due in Aug
    • Iron Maiden Premium and Pro – due in Aug
    • Guardians of the Galaxy Pro – due in Aug
    • Star Wars Pro and Premium – due in Aug
    • Mandalorian order for August is sold out but more LE, Premium and Pro are in production.
  • Jersey Jack
    • Guns ‘N Roses LE due soon.
  • American
    • Houdini is in stock
    • Hot Wheels and Oktoberfest are coming soon.


What’s so great about Jersey Jack Pinball? Let’s list a few…..

What’s so great about Jersey Jack Pinball? Let’s list a few….. 430 617 GAD Vending

While GAD has been a vending and game equipment distributor for over 30 years, its just recently that we’ve proudly added Jersey Jack Pinball to our authorized distribution.

Why would a successful distributor like GAD ask Jersey Jack for a distributorship? Let’s name just a few….

  1. Guns N’ Roses pinball is absolutely a smash hit! Jersey Jack has created a game unlike any other and it has made GNR fans (like us) excited for this game. Available in Collector’s, Limited and Standard Editions, GAD is committed to pre-ordering games for fans – and for inventory availability to our region.
  2. Jersey Jack is a leader in the pinball industry.
  3. Jersey Jack’s games are lots of fun for the entire family. Take Pirates of the Caribbean. There are 3.25 sextillion game play versions – and we want to play every one of them. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Wizard of Oz.
  4. GAD knows pinball – and how to fix these machines. Jersey Jack is a natural fit to our sales and service departments.

If you want pricing, to know where a Jersey Jack pinball game near you, what we have in stock or just general questions about pinball, GAD is here to answer questions. And, the first answer is YES – we sell to both commercial arcades and home buyers.

ESPN The Ocho is Back! So much to watch…..

ESPN The Ocho is Back! So much to watch….. 1161 575 GAD Vending

ESPN says “All Day Friday” – and we think they mean there’s also teaser stuff on Wednesday, Thursday but Friday is the day. Check out the schedule and schedule a work from home day. 

So many of our favorite games are actually represented – Golden Tee, Foosball, Air Hockey, and Corgi Races…..

Here’s what ESPN has to say: 

Friday, Aug. 6, will mark the return of ESPN8: The Ocho, transforming ESPN2 into the No. 1 destination for distinguishable sporting events. With everything from cow chip championships to cornhole, ESPN8 will feature 24 hours of unique programming, including fan favorites and newcomers. Throughout the week, leading up to the main event, there will be ESPN8: The Ocho preview days (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) that will give fans a taste of what is to come.

As part of this edition, The Ocho will be live from the 2021 American Cornhole League (ACL) World Championships in Rock Hill, S.C at 9 p.m. ET.  ESPN’s Ryan McGee and Marty Smith will participate in the ACL Celebrity Throwdown alongside football legends and ACL Pros.

World Chase Tag will debut live on ESPN’s YouTube channel at 2 p.m. before airing on television at 7 p.m. Additional ESPN 8: The Ocho content will be available to fans on YouTube throughout the day in the form of an Ocho playlist.

New events this year include:

  • Table Shuffleboard Crazy Eights: Competitors meet in Dallas, Texas for a variation of traditional shuffleboard that gives every player equal chance to win. The goal is to accomplish a hanger in which four points are scored – which is the maximum amount possible – and is achieved by getting the weight to hang over the end of the board.
  • Minecraft: Battle of the Boroughs: Students/players are tasked with designing and building up a virtual city in the game that empowers sustainable communities.
  • Pogopalooza: The world championship of extreme pogo, this game features the best pogo athletes as they perform innovative moves and enthrall the onlooking crowd.
  • CROSSNET Sand Series: SoCal: An emerging sport similar to four square and volleyball featuring a centrally placed net and a four-quadrant court. Players are eliminated as the game goes along and the winner is the first player in square four to 11 points.
  • Stern Heads-Up Pinball Invitational: At the Stern Pinball Invitational, players from various locations compete, trying to obtain the highest scores possible.
  • Air Hockey Invitational: At the Air Hockey Invitational, competitors work to get their puck into the opposite team’s goal, scoring enough points to eventually win the game.
  • World Championship Rototiller Races: Competitors run full speed behind a garden tiller as they race up a dirt strip with the goal of getting to the finish line as quickly as possible.
  • 2021 Corgi Races at Emerald Downs: Members of the beloved small dog breed dash down the track to see which one can cross the finish line first.
  • 52nd Annual World Championship Cow Chip Throwing Contest: Originating in Oklahoma, the Cow Chip Championship consists of contestants throwing dried cow feces to see who can make it the farthest distance.
  • 2020 USA Mullet ChampionshipsIt’s business in the front and party in the back for contestants with the much-talked-about hairstyle, whose mullets are judged for a chance to win the Mullet Mega Money Pot.
  • 2021 US Air Guitar Championships: “Musicians” use invisible instruments to perform songs for judges in hopes of becoming the US Air Guitar Champion.
  • World Chase Tag USA 2021: World Chase Tag (WCT) combines the dynamic athleticism of Parkour with the age-old game of tag.

Complete Your Game Room with the Arachnid G3 Fire

Complete Your Game Room with the Arachnid G3 Fire 578 1000 GAD Vending

Whether your game room is in your home, office, arcade or bar – the Arachnid G3 Fire is the dart board for you!

Forget the creepy little dart board hanging on a nail in the dark of the basement, the Arachnid G3 Fire is an explosion of fun.

Light up the cabinet. Synch the internet. Get set for a lot of fun! With auto flip boards. Interactive leagues of the internet. Large 24″ monitor. New games. The G3 Fire is ready for a party.

Pinball Skills: Microflipping

Pinball Skills: Microflipping 684 429 GAD Vending

Playing pinball for fun is great but why not add a few skills to your game play? Quick and easy explanation for how to micro flip.

This series includes videos on how to drop pass, ski flip, aim shots and more! Enjoy your play.

Get These Games Before They’re Gone….

Get These Games Before They’re Gone…. 400 401 GAD Vending

Great games are coming in all of the time from our various, creative gamers but there are also some we are sorry to see go.

Here’s a few you want to get before they are gone.

Golden Tee Live 2021

Golden Tee Live 2021 commercial version is being replaced with Golden Tee PGA Tour with shipments starting to arrive in August. This game console is designed for commercial arcade, bar, restaurant and business use – and can be purchased for home game rooms.

GAD has the Home Version Golden Tee 2021 arriving in September.

Call GAD for a conversation about the unique differences in these games, pricing and exact deliver schedules.

Digital Darts

With the Arachnid Galaxy 3 Fire’s in stock, GAD also has some used Galaxy 3 and refurbished Galaxy 2.5’s coming in. There are features available with the G3 Fire for tournament, commercial and heavy users will appreciate. For general or home use, the Arachnid Galaxy 2.5 may be at a better value.


Stern’s catalog has gotten large over the pandemic, so we expect to see a few models beginning to be phased out. The latest announcement is Stranger Things Pro in final run. We may still have stock/and or orders coming in. Check with your GAD representative to find out more.

Check our games inventory for monthly updates. GAD is always happy to give a complete price – pick up, delivery, sales tax, etc. – quote on request.