7 Creative Ideas for Your Home Game Room

7 Creative Ideas for Your Home Game Room

7 Creative Ideas for Your Home Game Room 1080 1080 GAD Vending

In the middle of the hustle there creeps in the thought of what are we going to do as a family come the school break? How are we going to keep the kids entertained and home? (The spouse can get just as grumpy.) How to engage the entire family without it just being more screen time?

Here are 7 creative ideas to change your home into the fun house:

  1. Make a dark, boring corner into an exciting Foosball challenge destination.
  2. Add a ClassiCade multicade cocktail table to your basement lounge. Doubles as a table when not being played, so you don’t loose floor space.
  3. Add a shuffleboard table to a long wall that had no function before.
  4. Add a variety of games – to create a game circuit! Make a fun map to follow around the circuit to keep score. Have prizes ready for the winners.
  5. Use chalkboard paint instead of regular paint. Make sure to have a rainbow of chalk colors to keep score.
  6. Get a pinball machine. Choose your favorite band, movie or characters. Pinball’s now can be connected to the internet for family/guest play to keep score.
  7. Darts are an amazing single, double or team sport. The new digital dart boards make scoring fun and easy. The great part of darts is its an active game that everyone can play.

So, you are convinced that adding games is a great idea but you don’t think you have the space. Here’s a list of where you can carve out space to make this happen for your family:

  1. Convert all or part of the garage.
  2. Take over an extra bedroom.
  3. The basement.
  4. Update the attic.
  5. Add a Golden Tee PGA Home or Classicade upright in a niche of a stairwell.
  6. The dining room – why not? If you don’t eat in there very often, this space is usually in the hub of the house.
  7. Shed.

And, don’t forget this tips:

  1. Lighting is important! It creates the mood, allows for best game play and is especially important for pinball and pool!
  2. Use curtains to create zones, block off areas you don’t want others to see, and create ambience.
  3. Consider a theme like classic 50’s arcade, movie genre, contemporary, sports or colorful fun house. Use posters, artwork, colors and other décor items to create your environment.
  4. If you have a large enough area, create zones. TV relax zone. Basketball zone. Pinball zone.
  5. Let your creativity come through! Add a swing or hammock. Add a memory board or digital frame to add photos of parties. Hang a disco ball or speed bag.
  6. Make the furniture part of the action. Use comfortable seating for games. The tables are arcade game tables and board games.
  7. Don’t forget to use the walls! Add a climbing net for smaller kids. Put up magnetic white board to create various games like tic tac toe.

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Here’s even more ideas: