10 Little Known Foosball Facts

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10 Little Known Foosball Facts

10 Little Known Foosball Facts 750 500 GAD Vending

Foosball, what you didn’t know and maybe didn’t want to know, but here goes anyway.

  1. No one is sure who invented Foosball, but Harold Searles Thornton got the first patent in 1923.
  2. There are 4 distinct styles of game play and tables: American, French, German and Italian.
  3. European tables typically have a 3-man goalie setup.
  4. In the 1950’s, the Belgians created the first league.
  5. The longest marathon playing foosball as doubles Guinness world record is 61 hours and 17 minutes.
  6. The first American made foosball table was created by Hayes and Furr in 1970.
  7. The ball can move up to 35 mph.
  8. In 1972, Lee Peppard held the USA’s first tournament at Eight Ball Billards in MT.
  9. The highest tournament prize was $1,000,000 at the World Championships in 1978.
  10. Foosball has long been under consideration for the Olympics. But as for 2021, foosball is an Observer status along with pole dancing and poker.

Foosball tables are an easy add to an arcade. Easy player rules. Quick games. Low contact if two players. And, lots of fun!

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