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Starting Up Your AMI Jukebox Post-Pandemic

Starting Up Your AMI Jukebox Post-Pandemic 750 504 GAD Vending


AMI is working hard to make sure both operators and venues have the information and tools they need to re-open successfully. When preparing your post-pandemic re-opening checklist, here’s a few items we’d highly recommend adding to your list of to-do’s.

1. Implement Restart Procedures 24 Hours In Advance

To ensure your AMI jukebox is fully operational for a re-opening event, it’s important to implement jukebox restart procedures at least 24 hours in advance of customer engagement. For procedure details, click here.

2. Share Cleaning Recommendations with Staff

How to Clean an AMI Touchscreen: AMI touchscreens do not include a film as is used in resistive and surface capacitive touch technologies.  The touch surface is glass and any disinfectant or cleaner recommended for glass surfaces may be used to clean and disinfect the touchscreen. 70% rubbing alcohol (ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol) can be used as a disinfectant. Always spray the disinfectant/cleaner on the cloth or towel and not directly on the touchscreen.  Glass cleaner sprayed directly on the screen could possibly leak inside and cause damage.

How to Clean an AMI Currency Panel: The door panel is made of plastic. We recommend cleaning with a mild cleaner and disinfecting with rubbing alcohol using a soft cloth to avoid scratching the surface.

3. Connect Your AMI Jukebox to Outdoor Speakers

Per CDC recommendations, many bars and restaurants are being cleared to re-open, but with outdoor seating only. It’s simple to connect our jukeboxes to outdoor speakers or sound systems and extend the jukebox experience to all customers. Please refer to the “Sound System Setup” section of your jukebox manual for guidance. Plus, with the AMI Music app, patrons can easily select music right from their seat and without touching the jukebox. Outdoor banner artwork is available for download.

4. Use Ad Manager to Promote Critical Safety Guidelines

Inform patrons of safety precautions your venues are taking to help demonstrate their compliance with CDC guidelines for COVID-19. Templates are available in the “Public Health” category via and your AMI Co-Pilot app, and cover safety, health, cleanliness, and more.

5. Make Use of Promotional Material: Promote Mobile

Our mobile jukebox companion app, AMI Music, already allows patrons to use the jukebox without touching it, and helps them maintain a six-foot distance. Our jukebox promo loop features videos that promote the app’s touchless component. Posters and banners promoting the app are available for download to be printed at a vendor of your choice. Plus, mobile app promo cards give patrons free credits, encouraging new users to go mobile when playing the jukebox.

6. Set Your Jukebox to Mobile Only

Looking for a solution to limit surface touching but still allow patrons play the jukebox? Simply disconnect the touchscreen controller cable (serial or USB) as well as the bill acceptor(s). The jukebox will continue to play music, including selections made by patrons via the AMI Music mobile app, as well as background music stations. We recommend attaching one of these flyers (Option 1 and Option 2) to your jukebox UI screen to inform patrons how to make music selections by using the AMI Music app.

AMI’s music promotions will continue to run on second screens where applicable (i.e. music video jukeboxes). Please note that if you do have music video enabled on any of your jukeboxes, disconnecting the video wire connection to the UI screen can lead to disruption of video to external music video displays.

7. Send a Re-Opening Notification to Jukebox Users

Using your AMI Co-Pilot app, you or your venue’s location manager can send a customizable “we’re re-opened for business” message directly to the smartphones of every AMI Music app user that has purchased music on its jukebox since Nov. 2019! Check out the video tutorial, plus step-by-step instructions are also available in this online FAQ.

Consider upgrading your existing AMI jukeboxes to Win10. Microsoft is phasing out support of the XP operating system and highly recommends this upgrade.

AMI now offers an SSD/Win10 Upgrade Kit for refreshing your jukebox. This new operating system has faster processing speeds, more reliable performance, and will allow AMI to add new and more dynamic features in the future. Plus, the new hard drive comes enabled with Music Video On-Demand (MVOD)! This means that your jukebox will now be capable of video playback for AMI’s full library of over 25,000 music video titles. Simply connect your jukebox to a TV using an HDMI cable that connects to the on board HDMI port of the motherboard.

Other questions about your AMI Jukebox in NE, IA, KS or MO – call GAD Vending. We are authorized distributors in the Midwest and happy to help with servicing existing equipment or setting up new.