Stern’s Win Streak Continues

Stern’s Win Streak Continues

Stern’s Win Streak Continues 678 330 GAD Vending

Congratulations to Stern Pinball’s Godzilla for continuing the winning streak for Stern.

TWIPY Awards:

Achievement unlocked! Stern Pinball’s domination of the awards circuit continued this past weekend at the Texas Pinball Festival, host of this year’s TWIPY (This Week in Pinball) Awards, honoring pinball’s greatest. Insider Connected won Favorite Accessory, while Godzilla claimed its namesake as King of the Monsters, winning Game of the Year in addition to:

  • Best Playfield Gameplay and Layout
  • Best Toys and Gimmicks
  • Best Animations and Display
  • Best Lightshow
  • Best Theme
  • Best Theme Integration
  • Best Artwork
  • Lyman Sheats Award for Best Rules
  • Best Callouts
  • Best Music and Sound Effects