New for the Holidays! Stern Pinball Star Wars Comic Art

New for the Holidays! Stern Pinball Star Wars Comic Art 960 500 GAD Vending

Classic Star Wars Comics Come to Life as a Stern Pinball Machine

Pinball machine company Stern Pinball has announced the release of a classic Star Wars Pinball Machine based on the artwork of artist Randy Martinez.

(CBR Review)  Pinball machine company Stern Pinball has announced the release of a classic Star Wars pinball machine based on the artwork of comic book artist Randy Martinez.

Stern pinball Star Wars Comic Art machine.

The Chicago-based pinball company released a launch trailer along with several promotional images of the flashy home pinball machine. The game’s machinery is covered in images of characters from the original Star Wars trilogy rendered by artist Randy Martinez (Star Wars: Rebel ForceDarth Vader: Sith Lord). Underneath the glass, the playfield includes a pinball ramp hooked up to a custom sculpted Death Star on the top left hand corner and an interactive TIE fighter that bobbles when activated on the top right hand corner of the fashionable cabinet. The game includes audio clips from the original trilogy during play.

With many top dollar pinball machines already created by the company — from Star Trek to Stranger Things — Stern Pinball offers this exclusive Star Wars rendition at a more affordable price. In a press release from the company, Chairman and CEO Gary Stern stated, “We are pleased to bring these pinball machines celebrating the [Star Wars] galaxy and adventures to our fans with beautiful new comic artwork.”

For pricing and availability, contact GAD Vending.

Stern Pinball Factory Virtual Tour

Stern Pinball Factory Virtual Tour 1073 595 GAD Vending

Take a look behind the scenes at the Stern Pinball Factory in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Best ever filmed! Host Jack Danger of Dead Flip Pinball Streaming on Twitch shows you how we make pinball machines from scratch here in the worlds largest pinball factory! This content was originally shown LIVE on Twitch for the 2020 Chicago Pinball Expo.



Fox News: Coronavirus leads to spike in pinball popularity

Fox News: Coronavirus leads to spike in pinball popularity 1816 1011 GAD Vending

From Fox News: 

Pinball machines have become a popular pastime as more people look for non-conventional forms of at-home entertainment in the midst of the pandemic.

And with additional pocket money to spare this year due to the reduction in traditional expenditures like travel or dining out, pinball machine sales have surged amongst first-time buyers.

As the largest manufacturing pinball makers in the world, Stern Pinball has been a direct beneficiary of the upswing. The Chicago-based company has grown five-fold over the course of the pandemic, with its current backlog orders at record levels.

“It’s a challenge to entertain everybody when your options of going out have been removed,” board member, owner and Vice Chairman and EVP of Stern Pinball, Inc. Dave Peterson told FOX Business. “People quarantined at home are looking to entertain their families, and pinball is a terrific way to do that. Now our real challenge as a company is to scale our manufacturing up in order to work off those backlogs and meet that demand.”

Read the entire article here. 

Hot Wheels Review

Hot Wheels Review 1250 662 GAD Vending

Straight Down the Middle: Avengers Infinity Quest

Straight Down the Middle: Avengers Infinity Quest 1271 652 GAD Vending

Another exciting review on the new Stern Pinball title Avengers: Infinity Quest.

GAD Vending knows Pinball! We are happy to share locations to go play Stern Pinball. What games we have in stock or quick ship programs. Let you know pricing for a pinball game, pick up/delivery and tax. GAD Vending is very proud to be a long standing distributor of Stern Pinball.

GAD Vending sells Stern Netflix TV show Stranger Things Pinball

IGN Review: Stranger Things Pinball 6 Radical, Hi Tech Features

IGN Review: Stranger Things Pinball 6 Radical, Hi Tech Features 300 168 GAD Vending
We unbox Stern Pinball’s Stranger Things Premium machine featuring a projector, an interactive demogorgon toy, and a fancy Eleven telekinesis ball lock. This machine comes in several models, including the Pro model that lacks the projector. Under the hood Stranger Things also represents something special: Designer Brian Eddy, made two of pinball’s best games ever, Attack from Mars and Medieval madness, way back in the 90s. This is his first game in over 20 years, and it feature a lot of the same elements: Central interactive toy, fan pattern shots, and fast, smooth, fun gameplay. When it’s safe to go out again in your area, we hope you’ll get some quality time with Stranger Things. Until then, this Premium model is available now from Stern Pinball for an MSRP for $7699.99. So maybe you could land one in *your* garage and save some quarters.
See the entire review:

IGN Video

Review: Stern’s Pinball Avengers: Infinity Quest

Review: Stern’s Pinball Avengers: Infinity Quest 518 755 GAD Vending

Pinball News gave a complete review of Stern’s newest release – Avengers: Infinity Quest

Here’s an excerpt: 

Stern Pinball today announced their new ‘cornerstone’ game title, Avengers: Infinity Quest, designed by Keith Elwin with artwork by Jeremy Packer a.k.a. Zombie Yeti.

A ‘cornerstone’ game is an in-house design which comes in the familiar three variants; Pro, Premium and Limited Edition. In this case the Limited Edition is limited to 500 machines.

This isn’t the first Avengers game from Stern. The George Gomez design was produced at the end of 2012 with the usual Pro/Premium/LE full-size variants – with the LEs available in two versions – followed by a The Pin home model in 2013.

As with BatmanJurassic Park and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stern Pinball have returned to a previous theme for their new game title’s inspiration.

This new Avengers: Infinity Quest game is an all-new design, based on the Marvel comic book series rather than any of the popular movies. It is a six-ball, three-flipper game with the third flipper half-way up on the left side of the playfield.

Read the entire article at Pinball News

Want to Buy Pinball? Here’s Answers to a Few Common Questions…..

Want to Buy Pinball? Here’s Answers to a Few Common Questions….. 2083 2083 GAD Vending

Pinball is a unique hobby that in the digital age, is a physical game that is an immersive experience. Lights, music, action that everyone easily can enjoy. Find the pinball hobby as a socially distancing activity!

GAD Vending gets questions daily about pinball for home. How to participate locally in tournaments. Where to play pinball – adult and with the family. What pinball do we stock, and why!

Where to play pinball?

There are several pinball simulators and video games, such as The Pinball Arcade.  You can download these onto your phone or tablet and they are great ways to get access to a lot of machines to figure out what types of games you enjoy.

However, nothing is better than playing a real machine.  To find some near you, a couple resources you can use are the Pinball Map app for your phone, or you can look at the Pin Map on

I think I found a machine for my house – but I’ve never played pinball before.

So you found a machine, or even better, a group of machines to try.  Once you’ve found the locations of these games – just put your money or tokens in, or if it is a fancy place you can pay with your phone.  Most machines have a start button on the front of the machine, push it and play!  Want to play against friends or a random person you just met?  Put in enough money for two credits (or three or four) and push the start button twice (or thrice, or four times).  For one credit, on most modern machines you will play three balls per game, while older games are typically a set to five balls.

How many different pinball machines exist?

Thousands.  Check out the Internet Pinball Database to find specific machines.  There are a few different eras of pinball machines:

  • Electro-mechanical (EM): 1947ish-1978ish
  • Solid State (SS): 1979ish-1989ish
  • Dot Matrix Display (DMD): 1990ish-2012ish
  • Colorized Displays: 2013ish-current

The years aren’t exact because different pinball manufacturers implement changes at different times. But you get the general idea.

How do I go about buying a pinball machine?

Decided on the game for you? That’s great! Figure out your budget, where you’re going to put the machine, and how you’re going to move the machine.

Like a car, newer machines (or machines with less play) will require less maintenance than older machines.  That isn’t always true, but is a good rule of thumb.

So, how much does a pinball machine cost?

Somewhere between $25 and $25,000.  As a point of reference though, brand new machines cost $5,000 and up, and you can find nice DMD/solid state games for about $1000 at the low end.

Call GAD Vending. We are able to price multiple machines, the various versions available and give you options on what you want.  We generally sell new machines and service existing games. If we have something used in stock, we post it online and we’ll let you know what we have available.

Hot Wheels Pinball – Deep Dive

Hot Wheels Pinball – Deep Dive 1600 435 GAD Vending

What a deep dive into the newest American Pinball Hot Wheels machine?

Here’s an excerpt from This Week In Pinball Deep Dive:

Hot Wheel Multiball Modes

Six multiball modes are featured in Hot Wheels pinball:


Shots to the Track Builder lane build increasingly more complex tracks. Build a complete track to start Track Multiball. This is the easiest multiball to achieve, as it only takes four shots to start it (the first time). Track Multiball starts as a 2-ball multiball, but if you shoot the right saucer in time, it becomes a more lucrative 3-ball multiball.


Race your way from 13th place to 1st place and it’s off to the races for Victory Lap Multiball. Build the Super Jackpot all the way up before collecting it for some seriously lucrative points!

There are four main shots used to advance through the race, each with an arrow insert and three race position inserts. The value of each of the four shots increases as each shot is made; 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, and adds that value to the Super Jackpot. The Super Jackpot has its own multiplier, which is based on the highest shot level each by all four of the main shots, so if you have made two shots on each main shot, then the Super Jackpot multiplier is 4X. Complete the next on each, and the Super Jackpot multiplier is 5X.

One unique feature is that the main game music soundtrack is tied to racing. As you advance race positions, the music advances with you, and additional musical elements of the soundtrack are added, making for a more dramatic and suspenseful gameplay experience – a very nice touch!


A heart-pumping timed 4-ball multiball with unlimited ball save time in which the goal is to complete all lit mode shots before the timer expires. When Redline Mania ends, your car will shift up a gear, increasing the value of the Tach for the remainder of the game. The color of the Tach inserts reflects the gear (white, green, yellow, orange, red).

Read the full article: 

Learn More About Crane Vending Cashless Touchless Options

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Crane is the industry leader in cashless, touch-less options for vending and game machines. GAD Vending is an authorized distributor for Crane in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.