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Play Together, Apart

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Miss your leagues? Dart league? Golden Tee competitions? Playing pinball with your friends?

COVID has changed the way we socialize, at least for now. With the internet we can adapt to a wonderful way to get our competition without compromising our health. And, GAD Vending has a number of great games that connect to your internet for hours of fun with others.


The G3 Fire Dart Board is available to connect to your internet for remote play with friends or to join a remote league. All from the safety and comfort of your home.

Tournament King software is already on the G3 series dart boards. Learn more here. 

And, we stock many of the dart models for you to choose from – and pick up! Call us to discuss options and pricing.


So many great options popping up for pinball users to connect!

  1. IFPA – going strong with crowning a champion:
  2. Deadflip – the channel for all things pinball on Twich TV:
  3. Stern Insider – join Stern’s insider program ($29.99 a year – what a deal!) and get up-to-date information on what’s going on:
  4. Pinball Promoters Database – an extensive list of podcasts:
  5. To play remote tournaments, there are a couple options available or coming soon. Talk with GAD Vending about your options on new machines and retrofitting.

Golden Tee

A long history of remote tournament play! Golden Tee has offered various tournament play across machines versions for years.

GAD Vending has the home version as well as commercial games available for home purchase. And – Golden Tee is very strong at software updates. Buy your equipment today, upgrade as needed. GAD Vending stocks the common parts for Golden tee to keep you playing!

Endorsements and Cautions

GAD Vending does not endorse any particular tournament or provider of internet competitions. We are happy to talk with our equipment owners about our personal  experiences and help you find associations and remote tournament directors.

GAD Vending also suggests supervision of children while playing live on the internet. Please help prevent cyber bullying and other cyber crimes.