6 Tips to Play Pinball Like A Pro

6 Tips to Play Pinball Like A Pro

6 Tips to Play Pinball Like A Pro 940 788 GAD Vending

Always wanted to be a pinball wizard? Seek to impress your friends with your pinball skills? Love the game and want to improve?

Pinball is like any other game – it takes practice and strategies to become a better player. Try these 6 tips to become a better player and always remember to have a great time playing.

  1. Each pinball machine is different. Even the same exact game iteration. The balance of each machine is unique to the floor. Time of play on a game can change they way it performs. Each game is not maintained the same causing the gears and rubber pieces to perform differently.
  2. Read the rules of the games from the manufacturers.
    • All of the games have something posted on the internet about the games rules and how to activate certain advanced features.
    • The flashing lights and frantic sounds are trying to tell you something. Decoding the action will help you take those risky shots for high rewards.
    • The rules also give you the scoring rhythms. This will build your strategy for the order of shots you’ll want to make.
  3. Take tips from any (or all) of these YouTubers.
    • Dead Flip
    • Abe Flips is a good channel to watch. His videos help you understand the angles and how to use certain techniques to improve your score. For full clips, be sure to visit AbeFlips on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AbeFlips¬†
    • Home Leisure Direct has a full channel of various games including pinball. Try this article to hit the pinball highlights.
  4. Learn the game.
    • Think one to two moves ahead.
    • Never have both flippers up at the same time.
    • Master the plunger.
    • Have a strategy for each ball. By score or by special feature achieved.
  5. Use the game’s scoring apps to help you track the various games you are trying to master. This way you can determine what is working best for you and track your scoring. It also helps you set goals for improvement.
  6. Don’t freak out! Mastering pinball actually takes time and practice.
    • Work on your hand-eye coordination.
    • Practice your flipper timing to maximize each ball.
    • Take the time to practice an extra game to learn the game idiosyncrasies before you play for a score.

And, if you want to talk with a pinball enthusiast about buying your own game, more tips and tricks, and where the best places are to play – GAD knows Pinball.