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CES 2021 Highlights: 79 Gadgets and Glimpses Into the Future

CES 2021 Highlights: 79 Gadgets and Glimpses Into the Future 547 899 GAD Vending

[Wired.com] WELCOME TO OUR CES 2021 liveblog archive! The WIRED crew wasn’t in Las Vegas this year; the show was moved online due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. But even a global health emergency can’t stop the march of consumer technology. There were still plenty of gadgets, apps, electric vehicles, smart-home appliances, brain-training headsets, and sex tech to tell you about. These are all our musings from our team during the show, including photos, written dispatches, trends, and, of course, more than a few lulz.

Stern Pinball Shows Led Zeppelin a Whole Lotta Love

The last of the great pinball manufacturers, Stern makes machines with modern themes like last year’s Stranger Things and old-school classics like that campy Batman show. But the company’s real forte is music machines. Whether it’s the Beatles or Iron Maiden, each machine is chock-full of meticulous details that’ll make any fan swoon.

Stern’s latest entry is a triple threat of Led Zeppelin nostalgia. There are three editions, each complete with real concert clips and all the glamor and bombastic lighting of a live show. Rock along to classics like “Immigrant Song” and “Kashmir” as you roll through replicas of the band’s iconography, including a prominent winged Icarus logo and the legendary Zeppelin itself.

Boone Ashworth